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Idaho Near Top In Lack Of Gov’t Integrity

Idaho made it on another National List recently, placing near the top of the “Lack of Integrity In Government” survey. Probably won’t see any press releases from Team Dave, the Commishes, or Guv. Butch’s spinmeisters on that one.

THE SURVEY by the Chicago-based Better Government Association examined open records laws, open meeting laws, whistle-blower laws, campaign finance requirements and conflict-of-interest laws. It then created a government “integrity index” that put Idaho near the bottom of the list–or the top when it comes to LACK of integrity in government.

Here at the GUARDIAN we see it all the time. Boise City nearly doubles the appraised value on desert land they took in trade, and claimed a 4 year old public hearing was legal authority to trade citizen owned property.

Twin Falls urban renewal agency does a land deal contingent on purchase of property from an urban renewal board member closing 2 weeks after he leaves the board to make it “legal.”

Cities violate the constitutional mandate to seek voter approval for debt and when they get caught they just try to change the constitution rather than comply. Boise and Canyon County try to claim they are “saving up for pay as you go” long term projects rather than allowing citizens the vote.

The citizen who asked for e-mails on a county zoning issue over a sign was charged tens of thousands of dollars for documents until a 4th District Judge stepped in with common sense and ordered the insanity stopped.

The rank of 42th best (or 8th worst) on the integrity list sure makes sense.

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  1. Tom Anderson
    Nov 15, 2008, 11:02 pm

    Perhaps since rural Idahoans are so stuck on the Republican party, maybe we should start a new party to balance the Republicans.

    It could be the Paranoid Party. They would be against the secret UN plan to take over the world, against the plot to take away your guns, and generally against anything at all that would mean change of any sort.

    The Paranoid Party could give the Republican Party some real competition and maybe get a few folks into politics who can challenge our current ‘lifers’ that are responsible for the lack of integrity.

  2. I hope no one is surprised. We are a one party State. Seems anytime one group is in charge for a long long time they become dishonest. Idaho’s a prime example.

  3. Carrie Eschler
    Nov 16, 2008, 10:11 am

    I would like to know why Idaho like many other states allow, in their communities ignorance like the KKK to disrupt our democracy with terrorism they are no different than those who bombed New York on 9/11. Can we even trust the CIA and FBI to protect our president. I wish we did have vigilantists I am sick of the uneducated redneck rhetoric in this country you know what take your guns and move to Russia or where ever you can find your communistic buddies. No offense to China in anyway.

  4. You mean we don’t get high marks for closed door legistative meetings by our republican deciders, poor responses to public records requests, abuse of executive sessions by local elected officials and a general lack of tranparency?

    An Attorney General who turns a blind eye to all this junk by claiming he is powerless to enforce laws and bad behavior of the State and local officials is also a problem.

    How could an outside outfit do this to us? We should have been rated dead last!

  5. I think what’s so disheartening is many government agencies reliance on the technicalities of the open records law rather than the spirit of the law.

    After all, the taxpayers have already paid for the information and the culture should be one of how do we get the most info to the people in the easiest way rather than what can we hide from them. The latter is the technical part of the law, the former is the spirit.

    Maybe this report will be a wake up call. Hopefully some change will come to ACHD. At least I’ll try.

  6. Carrie, (can I call you Carrie, because I am going to say silly things about you)?
    What in the hell’s canyon are you talking about? When was the last time you heard of a KKK meeting in Idaho! Sure, there’s that idiot up north, but he is one jerk! I find the vast majority of Idahoans to be much more understanding, and smarter then you!
    Your “vigilantes” should go after who? Anyone you decide is a “redneck”? Just what is a redneck? Someone who can’t justify paying $6 Bucks for a cup of coffee? Someone who couldn’t care less who’s name is on their britches as long as they are comfortable? Someone who would rather take a Saturday afternoon to go fishing with the family instead of playing golf with the neighbors? And you want US to go to Russia? I got a better idea. Why don’t you pack up and head back to Manhatten, cuz your never gonna be happy here CUZ!

  7. I am sick of the one-party argument. BG cites 3 examples from the city of Boise, which clearly is a 2 party city. Both parties are guilty of not serving in the best interest of their constituents. Straight shooting politicians are few and far between.

  8. Tech Jockey
    Nov 17, 2008, 1:24 pm

    Well said Clancy… No matter which party is in charge, they are corrupt.

  9. Two party system!

    Serfs and Politico’s

  10. The Idaho two party system:

    Those who PARTY,
    and those not invited but expected to pay for it.

  11. […] Idaho Near Top In Lack Of Gov’t Integrity. […]

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