Banking On Christmas Dinner

We got word from the Idaho Food Bank that Thanksgiving was a a huge success in the turkey acquisition department. Times are tough for many folks, just look at the crowded parking lot at the plasma center on Overland.

The IFB is looking for Christmas help now with both turkey and ham. OR If you want to make a tax deductible donation or even offer some free labor, contact IDAHO FOOD BANK. Tell them the GUARDIAN sent you.

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  1. Good on ya Mr. Guardian.

    I’d just like to add…make sure your next door neighbors have something for Christmas too. If we all looked out for our next door neighbors, we’d all be better off.

    Even folks in big fancy houses may be out of job, not making their mortgage payments, and will be down and out for the holidays. You never know how they are really doing unless you talk with them.

  2. One little caveat I’d like to plug into the season’s adverts for tax deductibility of donations to worthy causes is this: a lot of us, including yours truly, are not able to take tax deductions for anything (except the measly one ID allows to anyone for gifts to state educational institutions, maxed at $100).
    Those of us who cannot itemize are NOT allowed tax deductibility for charity giving.

    I still donate –but it really annoys me when the common understanding seems to be that donations are tax deductible. Yes, if you are rich enough!
    Bah humbug.

  3. Good point Serendipity. Same goes with mortgage interest.

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