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End Of Year GUARDIAN Review

Believe it or not the GUARDIAN has been on line going on four years.

As the year winds down we want to offer a refresher course in the “theme” we use to offer that different SLANT on the news.

–We take credit for creating the words “GROWTHOPHOBE” and GROWTHOPHILE.” No better confirmation for our claim than the world authority on words–GOOGLE. Just put “growthophobe” in the search engine and see where it takes you…repeatedly.

With no reflection on the deep respect and awe we hold for dedicated servants , the GUARDIAN has nicknames for the likes of Mayor Dave Bieter, the Board of County Commissioners, the Governor, Supreme Court Justices, The Idaho Daily Statesman, and Police.

We end up with TEAM DAVE, THE COMMISHES, THE GUV, SUPREMES, the DAILY PAPER, and of course COPPERS. No doubt they reciprocate with admiration for the dedicated efforts of the GUARDIAN.

It is time for you, the readers, to offer up some thoughts on the past year and contribute some writing on topics near and dear.

In the Past year we have covered:
–Foothills dog laws and worked “poop” into more stories and headlines than any other media outlet.
–Poop plant personnel changes, poop dumping ordinance.
–Team Dave’s silly train fetish.
–The firemen fighting with firemen at the strip club, reported months AFTER the event.
–Councilor Clegg’s feud with Park Dept. over daughter car towing.
–Merits and demerits of Farmer’s Market on city land at 2900 Fairview.
–Plans for a decent bus system in Boise.
–The “no parking” sign installed AFTER the guy got a ticket.
–The antics of the Canyon Commish toting a gun at the airport.
–The antics of the Canyon Commish using county computer for lowbrow racist humor.
–Ongoing efforts of the Chamber of Commerce to control Idaho politicians.

Use the search engine to jog your collective memories and offer up some “story of the year” nominations.

Our apologies for not offering much new material, but it is cold, the economy is rotten and we haven’t had many offerings from readers. On the positive side, the GROWTHOPHILES seem to be in remission at least for the present.

Comments & Discussion

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  1. The Boise Picayune
    Dec 16, 2008, 4:14 pm

    Happy Merry Chrismahanukwanzakah

  2. Tom Anderson
    Dec 16, 2008, 10:26 pm

    I would hope in the coming year the Guardian finds a new cause as stimulating as his anti-growth stance. My former home of Orange County California was a great place that grew into a smoggy, overpopulated, crime ridden cesspool. Its descent caused my move to little Boise Idaho in 1990, so I am VERY ANTI-GROWTH.

    I would hope in the new year that more people would explore our world energy situation in depth and find that oil depletion has some ugly surprises for any of those who think business as usual, AKA “The American Dream 1.0” has any chance of continuing.

    I fervently pray that Boise forms a ‘Peak Oil Task Force’ like so many other cities around us such as Portland, Spokane, Oakland, and so many others. We need to figure out our strengths and weaknesses and how to mitigate the effects of ‘Peak Oil’ or we may face a darker future than any can imagine.

  3. Santa, I may not have been the best this year,(maintaining that image you know), but would you please bring us a mayor and city hall that responds to what we really need? (see the list above)
    Thank You, and if you don’t get around to it, I understand. After all, there are certain things even you can’t give!
    Merry Christmas to all! (even you, Mr. Mayor)

  4. As I have tried to argue numerous times, apparently unsuccessfully, suburban growth is caused in part, by a flight from inner city slums. Of course Boise’s slums are nothing compared to other slums, but slum is a relative term.

    I’ll give you one small example. I complained to the assessor last week about a garage having been converted into living space (a residence) but was still being assessed as a garage. In other words, a property similar in age, size and location was assessed nearly the same as my single family property, yet it is being used as a tri-plex. I forgot to mention the basement apartment.

    The assessor’s excuse was that no permit had been pulled, therefore the garage was technically not living space. Meanwhile, across the street is the exact same situation. Two houses on one lot, no building permit to be found for the secondary unit, but that property’s assessment shows 2 residences, and therefore pays its fair share.

    Why is this important? Why should I poke my nose into another’s business? Because it’s my business too.

    I’m going to convert one of my single family houses into a duplex. I’ll will go by the book and get the proper permits. Long story short, I will end up with significantly higher property taxes. Billy Bob, down the street, with his illegal conversion, and Tijuana quality construction standards, pays less property taxes. How can I compete? I will have to charge more rent to cover my higher property taxes. Therefore, why should I bother to improve my property?

    If growthophobes want to squelch suburban growth, they might do well to start with cleaning up the slums by advocating more stringent code enforcement. The proposed Urban Renewal District for the Fairview/Main corridor, yeah, growthophobes might want to swallow their pride on that idea, and support it.

    With all the talk of bailout money, and fiscal stimulus, how about a grant program for inner city owners of older homes to remodel? Add a 2nd unit? This would solve the need for more roads, lessen the demand for oil —etc etc.

  5. I keep hoping the big spenders of our tax dollars figure out the “little people” do not appreciate funding pork projects with scarce dollars in the current economy.

    The SMILEY FACED elected officials who insist we can spend our way into prosperity are wearing thin. The property taxes on my home are now more than my mortgage was before it got paid off. I now make my “mortgage payments” to the county treasurer.

    It boils down to this..what do we want, what do we actually need, and what are the voters willing to pay for via bond elections. Urban Renewal laws are getting full on abuse all across this valley and in other parts of the state.

  6. and the Guardian always featues great pitchers.

  7. One story that did not make many headlines. Team Dave negotiated for “single stream” recycling. Beginning early in 2009, all recycables in Boise will be picked up in one container. Gone are the days of sorting.

  8. Your right Clancy! Gone are the days of sorting. To be followed shortly by the days of free, or nearly free re-cycling!

  9. Looks like Team Dave has solved the unemployment problem:

    “Team Dave negotiated for “single stream” recycling. Beginning early in 2009, all recycables in Boise will be picked up in one container. Gone are the days of sorting.”

    We can all get jobs sitting out at the dump or wherever separating the cans from the newspapers from the magazines from the junk mail, etc.
    Minimum wage and all the Playboy mags you can slip inside your shirt.

  10. Too bad recyclables are now worth next to nothing. Some cities are having to pay to have their recyclables hauled off. Will they raise our sewer and trash rates again to cover this boondoggle. Who will report about it?

    google “Crash in Trash” and “Recycling myths debunked”

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