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City Job In Future For Ada Commish?

A couple of cynical GUARDIAN readers sent us a message today noting the City of Boise is advertising in the Sunday Daily Paper for an Environmental Director at the Public Works Department with a salary starting at $72,000 on the low range.

They predict TEAM DAVE has created the position to take care of Ada Commish Paul Woods who lost a reelection bid to Sharon Ullman by about 6,000 votes. If that is true, the job listing is a mere formality to “legitimize” the hiring.

The GUARDIAN did some checking and was informed there have been several retirements recently at PW, so there may indeed be an opening in an existing position. If the job description has been changed, we will wait for the hiring results before offering any “Chicago comments.” It is no secret that Woods and Team Dave have similar political values and cash has been exchanged in the past for political purposes.

Woods worked for Boise City as the Foothills coordinator prior to his election two years ago. He has a great reputation as being a “decent intelligent fellow.” If he follows the pattern of other politicos, you will find him working for SOME Idaho government to protect his retirement plan, despite being voted out of office.

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  1. costaprettypenny
    Dec 21, 2008, 4:57 pm

    Adding Paul Woods to any organization would be a positive move. He is a smart young professional. I and a whole host of others including every Mayor in the county are still wondering how in the world Paul lost this election. It wasn’t from a lot of hard work, because he worked his tail off. The only thing I can point to is name identification. Paul does not have a slash and splash approach in solving the public’s issues and he damn sure did not draw attention to himself by making off the wall pontifications or newsy sound bites. His training as an engineer and his ability to get the facts before he made any statements or decisions did not generate the attention of the news media. Grandstanding, making innuendos and the sheer lack of facts seem to draw the attention of the press but that is not nor will be Paul’s style, too bad for the county but terrific for any future employer of this very smart young man.

  2. When you look at the city’s website, you find that this job is managing one of five (5) departments under the umbrella of public works. Let’s assume that each department head is paid $75,000.00. That’s $425,000.00 to MANAGE the Dept. of Public Works. Now, let’s consider that the Director of Public Works receives, say, $85,000.00. That’s a cool $500,000.00 to RUN the place! Whew! For a second there, I thought that times were tough and we should all be tightening our belts and sharing job loads to save money. I am so relieved that we don’t need to do that in Boise! We must still be flush with cash!
    I don’t think there is anyone who would question Wood’s credentials. But after looking at the mission statements of the five different departments and how intertwined they are, it would seem the #1 job responsibility would be that ability to win TURF WARS!

  3. This is one of the most irresponsible posts I’ve seen on the Guardian. To imply some kind of “fix” based on ZERO research is not only an insult to your readers who respect the Editor–at times–for his insightful and well documented posts, but also nothing more than a slimy attempt to denigrate a well-respected and highly ethical public servant like Paul Woods.

    I’m sure this kind of post is perfect red meat for the tinfoil wearing posters like Cyclops–who see conspiracy and corruption at every level of government.

    What’s next…jet contrails are controlling the weather, 911 was a US government plot, secret U.N. signals on the back of road signs? Or maybe just bring back the Cigarette Smoking Man and the Lone Gunmen. At least Dana Scully was pretty hot. I’ve seen Cyclops and he’s no Agent Scully or even Foxx Mulder.

    Please, Dave (I mean Editor), have a little class before you go after someone of Paul Woods integrity.

  4. Nepotism won’t be tolerated unless you are a friend or a realtive.

  5. Hey “costaprettypenny” – how in the world Woods lost the election was that he got less votes than his oppononent….that is typically the way it works. Voters must not have thought as highly of him as yourself and “a host of others including every mayor in the County” and thus he lost. Guess if y’all thought so highly of him you shold have dumped more effort and cash into his campaign….eh?

  6. Cronyism has long been a part of Idaho politics, and sometimes it works out well. Spending some petty cash to keep a player on the team can be money well spent and Paul Woods is an asset that, in the long term, will be well worth the investment.

  7. Melvin Yorgelpretzel
    Dec 22, 2008, 1:28 am

    A little research would reveal that Woods outspent his opponent almost 9 to 1 and still lost. I personally have several North End, hard-core liberal friends who voted for his conservative opponent because they didn’t really seem to think that Woods was doing a good job. Did you see the signs for Woods’ opponent up at the Hollywood Market, for instance. That was amazing. As far as personal attacks. the Guardian didn’t say anything derogatory about him, nor is Dave “going after him.”

    Nick, is there consipiracy at every level of government? That is always an interesting debate. But if you can’t see corruption at every level of government, then you aren’t paying much attention, and need to pull you head out of the…..sand.

  8. Nick, you mean to tell me the tinfoil hats really work? Damn! All these years!
    Nobody here is going after your boy, or questioning his ability to do the job. It’s just that if you look at the other folks doing essentially the same job, it looks a little crowded in the mid management area. If you don’t think favoritism is in the political vogue, maybe you could offer an alternative scenario for the mayor being where he is.
    On the Scully thing, you are absolutely correct. But next time we see each other, I would invite you to introduce yourself. I promise not to have the “others” take you away!

  9. Huh. The post does seem to imply something underhanded without basis. From what I know of Woods Boise would be lucky to get him back, and best of luck to the short memories of Ada County. I’m not sure if there’s any basis for implying partiality in the hiring process. As one who stirs the pot occasionally I see where you’re going, but its little more than rumor and speculation. I reckon should he happen to apply, not a hard guess since he’s looking for work, and gets the job, possible since he was a valued employee, you might do a little crowing for your keen sense of prognostication. But really, would it be a surprise?

    EDITOR NOTE–Nothing wrong with prognosticating that which may become reality.

  10. costaprettypenny
    Dec 22, 2008, 11:34 am

    Nick Adams- Well said!

  11. “Nothing wrong with prognosticating that which may become reality.”–well I pondered that for a minute Dave, and I have a concern that if Paul Woods applied, and he was indeed the most qualified for the postition, that this kinda speculative rumination might cause a decision maker to cast away what would be best for Boise.

  12. Why wasn’t a new Public Relations position created for him? Or do you have to be a former media entertainer for that type of gig?

  13. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 22, 2008, 8:20 pm

    Doesn’t Team Dave have a Press Secretary who can talk all day long without saying anything meaningful? We could ask him or her.

    Actually, I’d like to apply for that job, if it pays $85K and all I have to do is deny, deny, deny.

  14. I have worked with Paul Woods on a professional level and he is a great individual and professional. If he were applying for a position at my place of work, I’d try and get him on the team.

  15. He sounds like a intelligent fellow that’s why is he seaking a goverment job. $75,000 a year? The private sector in Boise might offer him $40,000 No benifits and expect 50 hr work weeks.

  16. You want to know why Woods gets this job? It’s because he’s a DIRTY COMMIE!


    How do I know? Because I can read between the lines.

    EDITOR NOTE– We are allowing the “name calling” on this one only because we figure it is sarcasm aimed at the GUARDIAN.

  17. If he was a republican he would not get the job. Just that simple.

  18. Hopefully the new Public Works Director will use this opportunity to get new blood into the position and start moving the environmental group to a professionally managed operation. I know there are three sycophants that are direct reports to this position that desperately want this job. None of them are capable of building effective working relationships with others and most especially with their peers. The petty backstabbing and less than honest dealings of these three certainly will provide a challenge to the new manager.

  19. wouldlikethetruth
    Jan 2, 2009, 11:35 am

    Other well qualified people applied for that position and were denied even an interview-now to hear it went to Paul it makes me question the validity of it all. The post was a mere formality-they even used a California HR firm to filter the applications. Paul is an intelligent person, but so are others seeking high-paying positions in this valley. It’s still the good-ole-boys network!

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