Idaho Records More Moves OUT than IN

Idaho and Missouri are the only states west of the Mississippi River to have more people moving OUT than moving IN, according to records of the highly credible and scientifically astute Atlas Van Line

The moving company keeps records of all their moves and came up with the data indicating the GROWTHOPHOBE movement apparently is catching on in the Gem State as they tallied 470 moves OUT and 364 IN. Hopefully the Chamber of Commerce and Team Dave will put out a national media release about this development.

The GUARDIAN felt this vital information was worth noting in light of previous media stories that Idaho was second only to Nevada when it came to building, moving destination, new jobs, etc. They cited sources such as U-Haul and other moving companies as well.

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  1. Atlas Van lines is the choice of company paid moves and more likely reflects the migration of good paying jobs than the average Joe Shmoe that rents a U-Haul. The prices of U-Haul rentals has long been the bellwether of migration and a quick check shows the one way rental from Idaho to the California bay area is $286 but the opposite, the bay area to Idaho is $745, indicating a continued inbound pressure.

    The net change (-106) of the in and out migration reported by by Atlas is less than .075%. Not particularly statistically significant.

  2. Where in Idaho are people moving from?
    This is important to the air in Ada County, should the moves be from other areas.
    Please let us know…

  3. I’m going to assume that Guardian posted this tongue in cheek – referring to Atlas Van Lines as “highly credible and scientifically astute” – and not take it too seriously.

    EDITOR NOTE…just like all the other “reports” generated by magazines, moving companies, chambers of commerce, surveys by cities, or “visions” by the Daily Paper.

  4. The Boise Picayune
    Jan 11, 2009, 4:28 am

    Shh… Listen… Here that sucking sound?

  5. Just in looking at the report it doesn’t tell you much. You need more detail. Could be be a ton of folks are moving out of Northern Idaho, and the Boise area is growing some. Don’t know. Need to get more details Mr. Guardian.

    Logic would tell me that Boise has grown.

  6. PS Mr. Guardian… Is your picture of people moving in… or moving out.

  7. Let's Help Them Pack
    Jan 11, 2009, 10:18 am

    ericn1300 has an excellent point in that Atlas tends to move people when a company is picking up the tab. When individuals pick up their own tab, they typically use a lower cost alternative such as U-Haul. So, the atlas number probably do represent a net outflow of good jobs but may not give an accurate take on the big picture.

    Still, if there is any merit to the trickle down effect, it is that low paying jobs tend to follow the high paying jobs after a delay of a few months or years. To that end, the Atlas numbers may be viewed as a leading indicator of what will happen in bigger numbers in months to the lower echelons of the local economy.

  8. Mr. Logic, the .075% figure is the net change when viewed against the population of Idaho and is probably high.

  9. My bride is completely addicted to yard sales. She is out every weekend looking for deals she can sell on e-bay. She tells me that around 50% of the sales she attends are in upper middle class neighborhoods and she reports that about 50% of those are either “moving back to…” or ” we don’t know where we are moving.”
    Not very encouraging in either case.
    This certainly isn’t scientific, but significant in my opinion.

  10. Ericn1300’s comment is an excellent one. (According to ericn1300, Atlas’s move is largely based on company paid moves, and not on other factors.)

    It would be interesting to get “the whole picture”, although hardly anything critical at this juncture

  11. Cyclops’ bride makes an interesting observation. Makes me think that those people are getting ready to walk away from their property.

  12. -Ericn1300 observation of Atlas’s client base is on target.
    -Atlas’s report is not scientific,just observations.
    -Check out the forum over at, people are still interested –
    -Uhaul’s migration report comes out in April, so we can then observe if the numbers match.

  13. Rod in SE Boise
    Jan 12, 2009, 11:20 am

    Here in Boise, if you are laid off from a good paying job at one company it’s a good bet the others aren’t hiring and you have to move out of state to find a job. That happened to me in the recession of 1980.

  14. Let’s all hope the pro growth people take a good hard look at the mess created in the past ten to fifteen years. Poor planning and letting every developer do anything they want wherever they want is not “PLANNING”. It is creating sprawl and infrastructure nighmares for those of us who live here.

    There is no amount of perfume or lipstick elected and appointed officials can put on the development PIG in this valley. We can all live in hope they take a good hard look with 20/20 hindsight at their collective handiwork and never let this happen again.

    Now all we have to do is figure out how to clean this mess up.

  15. Hey Clancy, did you see on the site you posted, someone posted the Forbes report from today which puts Boise as one of the 25 WORST cities for housing, apparently Forbes is predicting a 32.2% decrease in housing values in the next two years.

  16. What kind of pot is Mr.McQuade smoking when he continues to raise our property values? Must not be the good stuff.

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