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Inauguration or Coronation? Will Obama Succeed?

Much of the world is rooting for our new President and if the scenes from the Capitol Mall are any indication, there is certainly a new enthusiasm for American unity. Does it carry forth to Idaho?

The GUARDIAN notes the BBC was particularly effusive in its coverage of the ceremony, with a decidedly racial slant on much of the coverage. In past months we have also found fellow travelers also are eager for a change in USA politics.

Day job still dominating things here, but we can share thoughts on more than the economy for a few days.

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  1. Mr. Obama appears to be concerned about how to get out of this mess rather than a political ideology. I watched the pre election debates and came to the conclusion either candidate could be President for different reasons.

    The one thing that has struck me is Mr. Obama trancends the old white guy or radial left agenda. Proof of this are the appointees to his administration to date. Of particular note are Stephen Chu to energy from the Lawrence Labs in the Bay Area and Mr. Gates a Bush appointement that he is keeping.

    Lets give this guy the opportunity to put his agenda out there and see what he has to offer. We are in for some really rough treatment at all levels in this country. Cash may not be king if it proves to be worthless.

    I just retired and hope this turns around in a couple of years. For the first time in my life I am genuinely concerned about not only my financial future but of everyone about to retire or who may already be in retirement. Our statements realtive to retirement income have evaporated into the electronic cosmos.

    The way out of this mes (and we will evenutally get out of it) is for the people we voted for to figure out how to make government actually work for the citizens of this country. The Red/Blue stuff has to go away.

  2. We’ve had 8 years of destructive leadership one that thought only of greed and power.
    Lets get behind new leadership, new idea’s and give that control back to the people of this country. We all need to pray that this man can do that for us.

  3. Robert, how about we pray not for “what this man can do for us”, but rather “what we can do for our country.” It always shocks me that President Obama can say that we need to take responsibility for ourselves to achieve the American dream and in the same breath add that we cannot do it on our own, but that we need to suck at the teet of Momma Governemnt in order to succeed.

    I recognize the love-affair for President Obama, and I pray that he really does inspire hope with a true foundation. I pray that in spite of any government policies he puts forth, that the renewed hope the so many now feel is a hope that leads them to action, creativeness, ingenuity, charity, and responsibility. I’d hate for it to be a hope entirely based in aspirations that government will supply our every want and need.

  4. Tom Anderson
    Jan 21, 2009, 12:06 pm

    Paul said “The way out of this mes (and we will evenutally get out of it)…”

    I wonder how many Roman citizens said this exact same thing?

    26 empires have fallen across the globe during the span of human history. The American Empire will fall, the only question is whether we are currently witnessing it.

    The community of energy experts says basically that since America peaked in domestic oil production in 1970, and domestic natural gas production in 2002, we are running out of the cheap, abundant energy the made our current living arrangements possible.

    Obama has arrived at a very critical moment in our nations history. Bush was well aware of our pending energy crisis, so chose to take Iraqi oil as the solution. The energy community is praying that Obama will point America on a new low energy trajectory that does not involve stealing others resources.

    Obama is smart, energetic, thoughtful, and a has the powerful presence to be able to do what is necessary more-so than probably any leader in many generations.

    The energy community has great hope, but cautions that ALL OF OUR RESOURCES going forward need to be allocated at creating a future that will work with very low energy inputs.

    We need to forget about maintaining the car culture, it will die soon because roads will continue to deteriorate, they simply require too much energy to maintain.

    We need to focus on creating a local, sustainable, low energy farming culture that produces safe, healthy food right here in the valley. The Treasure Valley currently only produces 1% (one percent) of the food we eat. That has to change immediately.

  5. Guardian, if you think Obama’s inauguration was a coronation what do you think Reagan’s inauguration was? As I remember, it was over the top with the wealthy of the world falling over their furs and jewels.
    You are old enough to remember that. I thought the Regan coronation was over the top and a disgusting show of arrogance and the worship of greed.

  6. I didn’t vote for President Obama… but he’s my president and I’m deeply interested in seeing both Pres. Obama and my country succeed!

    The man can deliver a “pep talk,” that’s for sure.

    I have more confidence in Obama’s ability to lead, than in my country’s willingness to follow. We remain ideologically divided. A large group will NOT want to continue to grow government. (Put me squarely in that camp.) But it seems to me that a VERY significant percentage of his constituency is totally dismissing that advice given 48 years ago in another inagural address: “Ask NOT what your country can do for you…” And ironically they are lined up to ask, “What can our country do for US??”

    I hope and pray President Obama can dodge the land mines, and make sound choices for the betterment of this country, rather than the preferred special interest groups.

    Okay… somebody else’s turn to get on the soap box…

  7. The Coronation ran over $170,000,000 or 4 times as much as Bush’s. I was reminded of a Roman Triumph with Obama in that Chariot being cheered by adoring masses before he had done anything at all or fought his first battle, and I did not see the fellow also on the Chariot whispering in his ear “remember, thou art mortal”.

    EDITOR NOTE–Jim you have to understand that you get what you pay for! Your argument confirms that $40 million is “chump change.”

  8. This is not an attack but Tom’s comments always lead to “peak oil”. They kinda work but they are getting old.

    And bikeboy summed up my sentiments precisely in regards to Obama.

  9. I look at the excitement generated at this particular inauguration as being for two DIFFERENT things. The first thing being that we are happy that we have elected a President and we are holding the customary inauguration festivities, and the second item is the additional fact that it also happens to be noteworthy that we have elected our first Black President, and that in and of itself is remarkable and worthy of some celebrating. Putting those two things together may have made some people think that it looks like the new President is being considered a Messiah or King. That is not it at all. It’s just a double dose of excitement and cause for celebration. So chill.

  10. Let's Hope for the Best
    Jan 21, 2009, 11:02 pm

    It is too early to tell if O will rise to the level of greatness. My sense is that he will do well.

    However, even if he is only mediocre, that will be fine. After 8 years of incompetence, at best, and abject disaster as a rule, even mediocrity looks pretty good.

  11. JIMV, For some reason the media is reporting the total cost of Obama’s and only the entertainment cost of Bush’s. In 2005, the Feds spent 115 million on security for the innaguration. More can be read here- http://mediamatters.org/columns/200901170003

    I always double check others “facts”. As Reagan use to say to Mikal -“Trust but Verify”.

  12. “EDITOR NOTE–Jim you have to understand that you get what you pay for! Your argument confirms that $40 million is “chump change.”

    Juvenal wrote long ago “… Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man,
    the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time
    handed out military command, high civil office, legions – everything, now
    restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things:
    bread and circuses”

    Tuesday was the Circus…lets hope for the bread.

  13. It will be best for our Nation if our President does succeed. So far it appears that he has at least given us hope; the hope which was taken from us over the past 8 years.
    He certainly presents better than that other guy! I don’t cringe when I hear him speak. I am not offended nor cringe by his gaffes (as he has not presented any).
    I do agree – if he is nothing more he is better than the other option we were given (which was to be 4 more years of international shame).

  14. JimV,

    Check your sources for Bush innaugural expenses. Obama’s included security. Most Bush v Obama comparisons circulating on the net are not taking this into consideration. Also Bush never attracted somany people, especially the second time. Sorry, Bush still sucks.

  15. Clippityclop
    Jan 22, 2009, 12:57 pm


    Less than 48 hours in office and he has restored the Right of Law and the meaning of America by ordering Gitmo closed within the year. I am SO PROUD to be an American again. This is what this country means — ask any WWII vet who did nothing less than save the world 60 years ago, honorably, like an American.

  16. Lib.Redneck
    Jan 23, 2009, 1:50 pm

    Foreclosure notices up 81% since 2007 (yes, not yet foreclosed and they have yet to hit the market). Massive lay-offs (just watch Squak Box any morning and watch the crawler). Significant unemployment benefits being paid out of shallow accounts. Two to three year inventories of homes (just in the Treasure Valley). Very little need for any new construction. Degrading dams on all of America’s rivers. Containment ponds with heavy metals leaching into drinking water around every coal fired powerplant in America (and sloughing into cute little mining towns, too). Too cheap of fuel to really motivate Americans to change their habits. Piss poor construction practices nationwide (I can personally tell from my utility bills). Failing dikes. Sick forests. Communities across the nation making their money buy manufacturing Meth. Prisons that might shift to a ‘for-profit’ status (crime will pay) Neglected Superfund sites in our own state (would like a Silver Valley Lead Sandwich?). High mercury levels in 22 Idaho counties and measures taken so people will not consume more than one fish per week as to not exceed the recommended daily allowance of heavy metals.

    I’d say America can float and maintain for about three more months off of our personal saving and family. By this summer things will seem even more bleak.

    I have another way America can save significant sums of money. Shut down a few hundred military bases around the world and give the land back to the people there. Bases are vestigial structure of our grandfathers generation. They are a drain on resources. Give all of Gitmo back, too. Wow, talk about holding a grudge against some old revolutionary.

    I would also like to say that the current finacial mess should blamed on the consumer. Just because I am offered some great cocaine does not mean I can blame the dealer for ruining my life. Just because a sale(person) talks me into purchasing a very fast car does not mean I can blame that person for my speeding ticket. This whole finacial mess is the fault of the consumer not educating themselves. If you don’t like losing money….don’t gamble.

    I am not happy with the O-team reaching in and stopping the State managed wolf plans. What the hell do people from the midwest know about how Idaho should manage its wildlife? And, I think the O-team will end up working some kind of Gun Control in the next couple of years. Not a good idea. The gun crowd is already a bit edgy… One visit to a rod and gun club will give your quite a bit of enlightenment of the O-team conspiracy. (insert sarcasm)

    I’d say there is enough to keep the O-team busy.

  17. Just where will the fellow put those 250 or so hardened killers? Not in my neighborhood I hope.

  18. Tom Anderson
    Jan 23, 2009, 8:23 pm

    So, does this mean that all of the Democrats are going to be flying flags day and night until they are in tatters with a huge spotlight on it while the Republicans talk about what an evil country America is??

    Noam Chomsky says that the R’s and D’s are nearly identical in reality but the Democrats are worse since they give you a nice drink with your bitter pill, whereas the Republicans give it to you dry.

    Another little theory is that now we have the (D)savior in office, all of the loyal little Demo’s stop really paying attention, as the Repub’s are snapped awake and start noticing the realities of Corporate Occupied America.

    Clancy: Sorry to overload you with reality. I hope you dream of neverending oil fields tonight.

    “It is natural for man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts… For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it.”
    -Patrick Henry

  19. The R’s got 8 years to make the largest increase in government in memory and run us farther into debt than ever before (and they’re the party for smaller government and fiscal frugality. Huh?),and get most of the world to either dislike us or hate us.
    So, now the D’s get at least 4 years, maybe 8, to try to reverse the whole thing.
    Good luck!
    And I wonder long it will be before any reporter can actually type President Barack Obama without adding, “the first African-American president” …
    And, Guardian, you said “you get what you pay for!” If you really believe that, are you saying you think this free news blog is worthless? If so, I strongly disagree. It’s done a lot of good.
    Some years ago, some young artists decided to test that theory. They arranged to hang some of their paintings in a gallery, with prices listed at $10 to $100. Very few sold. Later, they showed some of the same works, with prices in the thousands — rich “art collectors” snapped them up.

    Just raising the price on something doesn’t necessarily make it worth more (check out the prices on some of the pressboard-and-staples McMansions around town).

    EDITOR NOTE–I was just jabbing JimV a bit. My thoughts were we spent less on W and didn’t get much for our dollar. Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Thanks for the compliment too.

  20. “EDITOR NOTE–I was just jabbing JimV a bit. My thoughts were we spent less on W and didn’t get much for our dollar. Tongue firmly planted in cheek. Thanks for the compliment too.”

    Besides, if we get what we pay for how can we explain education in America? Lots of money flushed down that rat hole with very little effect.

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