Trash Talking Commish Sharon

Newly re-elected Ada Commish Sharon Ullman has started her COMMISH BLOG and vows to turn over a new leaf when it comes to dealing with the media.   She has hit the ground running just like Team Obama who also know a thing or two about public opinion via the internet.

Her first entry is interesting as it discusses an attempt by Allied Waste to get an extra 10 year extension on their county contract without going through a new bid…they say a new bid will make it “cost more,” according to the Commish.  She lays out some pros and cons for seeking new bids for the next contract period.

She offers her direct phone number with no screener and direct e-mail.  Talk about OPEN GOVERNMENT!

As for the media, she wants them to attend meetings and have total access to records and she is steering clear of press releases and the petty stuff that got her unelected the last time around.

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    (A link to it was posted on her victorious campaign website. I’m sure Sharon will do some stuff that I agree with, and disagree with, during her tenure. But I’m happy to see somebody there to upset the status quo apple cart. For that same reason, if perhaps no other, I welcome the Obama administration… although I’m a bit concerned about all the insiders and retreads he’s surrounded himself with.)

  2. Clippityclop
    Jan 28, 2009, 10:59 am

    There is no greater champion of open government than Sharon Ullman. This is exactly what this county (and the rest of the State) needs. Citizens, get involved. You now have a real voice.

    Fred and Rick, are you paying attention?

  3. Tom Anderson
    Jan 28, 2009, 11:29 am

    ** GO SHARON ** The other commishes will likely make it their full time job to lay traps for her and attempt to discredit her at every turn. I for one am very happy to have Sharon back in government. She’s sharp as a razor, and honest as a banker (the kind we had 100 years ago).

  4. Wow. Nice. I like it. In the spirit of Sharon’s openness, I sincerely hope she tells Allied Waste that they can get their fat contract if they promise to wine and dine the commissioners and other key VIP’s on a regular basis.


  5. WOW! finally a commissioner willing to share information and not stay huddled up in the bunker. She may actually get idaho a better ethics in govt. rating better than 44th place we currently enjoy.

    No media “talking head” to deal with either. More of this please.

  6. Damn the torpedoes!

  7. You go girl!

  8. Sharon gets a gold star for the blog, but the mother lode still awaits. Now we need to see all the county records, pay stubs, contracts, development applications, etc., published online.

    Good start Sharon. Don’t stop.

  9. Well, what do you know! A candidate states they will do certain things if they are elected, and then they promptly start to deliver on those promises once they have taken office!
    There may be hope left after all!

  10. I’m not as easily impressed – you all have forgotten her past record more quickly than I can.

  11. Antiphobe, I remember perfectly her past record. Why do you think she was elected? We need someone to “shake up” and flush all this dung we have been fed for the past few years!

  12. witchhunter
    Feb 26, 2009, 4:35 pm

    could it have something to do with the gentleman who owns SSC being Sharons good buddy? Hmmm.

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