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Arabs, Jews Have Message For Team Dave

When the Wall Street Journal ran a story over the weekend reporting that both Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem were united in their opposition to a light rail tram in that mideast city, we were instantly notified by a local reader.

The JOURNAL STORY says both sides call the project a “dumb idea.” Sounds like the current mayor of Jerusalem has been reading the GUARDIAN as he calls the project “too expensive, too inflexible, and too disruptive.”

Perhaps the Arabs and Jews can impart some sense into the Catholic Basque leadership at Boise’s Team Dave…Or maybe it will come from the Idaho Legislature.

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  1. I see some similarities to Boise’s quest for a train, but the Jerusalem train has a very unique set of circumstances for the high cost. What the article forgets to cover is the need for a train. Jerusalem’s population(746,000) could probably justify the train, if they did not have to worry about religion,international treaty/law and bombs.

  2. Kind of funny that The Guardian would consider those folks mentors. Maybe we should follow their example in other things, too — you know, build a wall to separate people who disagree; fight over which religion should be allowed to use which sites; maybe make sure that the various religions, sects etc. dress in ways that make it easy to tell them apart. Shucks, maybe could even lob a few rockets at each other once in a while.

    And, no, before anyone becomes offended — I’m not making fun of those folks (I am, however, poking a bit of fun at the trainophobe Guardian).

  3. Gene Fadness
    Feb 5, 2009, 11:54 am

    Great post, Gordon. What a stupid analogy this was in the first place.

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