ACHD TO Allow Public Comment Thursday

After the GUARDIAN contacted the Ada County Highway District in an attempt to secure “equal time” for the public at a Thursday 11:30 a.m. meeting, ACHD Commish Carol McKee said she would allow citizens to speak, even though the joint meeting with the Boise City Council is not an official public hearing.

There are actually two related issues: #1 The trolley and planting steel rails in the streets and #2 closing 10th street for a transit station.

Since the joint meeting is an advisory “planning session,” (no decisions will be made) there is no official mandate that members of the public be heard. However, if anyone wishes to weigh in on the issue of the “Trolley Folly” being put forth by Team Dave, they are welcome to speak.

The GUARDIAN figured it would only be fair to have all voices heard instead of just the proponents.
Too bad citizens can’t pay for their own pitchman instead of just funding the one for Team Dave and CCDC.

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  1. Even if you get to speak in front of ACHD and the “Club Boise” leaders they could care less what you have to say.

    I was personally in an ACHD meeting where Ms. Huber said – after hours of testimony in which citizens literally quoted the ACHD policy manual – and I quote “let me explain to everyone that we don’t even follow our our policies”.

    Whether it be traffic loads on local streets or street cars it is all about power and control and the “Club Boise” team will do whatever they want regardless of what the citizens want, or say or makes common sense.

  2. Sure, why not? After all, they spent thousands of dollars tearing out the ones that were already there. Must be time to put new ones in (to be torn out later, then replaced even later, then torn out, then … ad infinitum).

  3. P.S. Good job, getting them to open up a little bit more. Congrats.

  4. It would be interesting to know if the predetermined outcome has EVER been altered by impassioned public testimony at a hearing.

    A choo-choo would be a nice thing to have, I s’pose, if we were swimming in black ink. (I’m far from convinced it would solve any traffic problems, but it might be a novelty for downtown visitors, tourists, etc.) Since we’re skittering along on the edge of insolvency, it smacks of a “let them eat cake” attitude on the part of the local aristocracy.

  5. Hopefully not too far off topic…

    Called the Ada County Commissioner’s Office yesterday to heap praise on a county employee I felt had gone above-and-beyond in assisting me (Heather @ the Coroner’s Office).

    Was directed to a voicemail where I left a pleasant message, figuring that’s that.

    Amazingly, about an hour later I received a call back thanking me for my feedback and time.

    The caller was Commissioner Sharon Ullman.

    Damn, I’m glad we voted her in!

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