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Missing Buses Located With BPD and BFD

The buses are all present and accounted for, but the manner in which possession of the government property has been transferred between agencies has caused concern for managers.

The coppers have a couple of the exploding buses at a desert location where they will be used for–EXPLOSIVE training–and some SWAT team exercises. Boise Police command staff said they were unaware of the buses and explained they were acquired by an officer within the ranks.

Same is true with the two buses the fire department has at the airport training facility. A captain in charge of extrication accepted them on behalf of the department, but apparently never made it known to the white shirts.

Bottom line, the four “missing buses” are now accounted for. It does look like all the agencies involved are now aware they need to do a better job of record keeping and making the folks at the top aware of what items are coming and going.

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  1. Gee! Isn’t that just the best thing! The missing buses have been found.
    Next question!
    What in God’s name are line officers doing entering into agreements with city/county entities and not letting their bosses in on the practice? Does ANYONE communicate with each other in our city/county agencies? This situation has surpassed laughable and is rapidly approaching being criminal!

  2. How do you lose a bus? They are awfully large, you know? The people in charge must be blind or nearsighted. Kind of like Mr. Magoo??

  3. explained they were acquired by an officer within the ranks.

    Cool. Next time I want to sell something, I’ll just talk to a cop or firefighter or whoever, and not bother going through all that legal crap or dealing with the top brass.

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