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Wendy Coddel
Debby Mayer (roommate)
BPD: I thought that I should give you a call to let you know of an incident that occurred at my
home last Friday. My house was broken into; my car was stolen and abandoned after a highspeed
chase and the officers impounded it. The gentleman broke back into my home when I
wasn’t there and barricaded himself in the bedroom, where he had a standoff with the officers
for seven hours. After seven hours, they shot at my house with seven canisters of tear gas and
he actually passed out from an overdose prior to that. I can’t seem to get any help; my house is
destroyed and my car is gone and no one seems to want to talk to me. I just don’t know quite
what to do.
Action Taken: left msj

Patty Raino
Earth Hour: I have an enquiry whether the City of Boise is going to be doing anything to
observe Earth Hour which is going to be happening March 28th from 8:30-9:30 pm in the
evening. I just wanted to know if there were any activities around it. I’m the Greenhouse Gas
Action Team Coordinator for ITD and I had an employee ask about sending this information out
to other employees, but I thought I would also find out if there is going to be something
additional happening with the city. Thank you.

Matt Laurance
Masonic Temple Building
215 N. 10th St.
Transit Center: The Masons are a not for profit organization, but we do own storefronts on
Bannock and 10th Street. We’re really concerned that we just will not be able to lease those
retail spaces to retail spaces if the new alternative location for the public transportation project
goes in. In my opinion, site H, the one that’s already gone through environmental impact
studies and what not, is a far better location. So, basically established businesses seem to be
up against one large speculative developer on this issue. These established businesses are
retail and we’re all very fragile financially; we’re in a tough economy, and I personally really
support public transportation in Boise; I think it’s desperately needed. You do need to do
something and site H is the right spot to do it in. I hate to think of a person who is the owner
behind the Rafanelli and Nahas proposed developments as having so much individual power
that they could make a speculative development more important than smaller established retail
businesses. I really would love to talk to somebody in the Mayor’s office about this or the City
Council. The complete issue is lack of parking. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Rick Flores
Allied Waste: I have a concern. I’m in the 1100 block; the 1200 block between Pueblo and
O’Farrell on 8th St. there’s an abandoned refrigerator that needs to be picked up by BFI. A sign
is on the refrigerator for them to pick it up; it’s been there for quite a while. I think it needs to be
picked up because there are some safety issues. If you have any questions, please call me in
the afternoon.
Tickets: I have a revenue generating idea for the city. I know that the Police Department is
going to increase the number of tickets it issues. I think that’s a bad idea; however, there’s one
area in which tickets could be increased where there is a gross violation going on. There are a
very large number of vehicles running around with expired license plates. I have noticed a great
number of them on the Boise State University campus and that’s easy money and all those cars
are just sitting there lined up for you guys to go look at. Perhaps you should write some tickets;
won’t have to raise my taxes maybe. Bye.
Solar Concepts
2053 E. Fairview
LED Lights: I’m calling with regards to the Solitude product and other high-efficiency energy
products that I think could save the city a lot of money over the long-term as far as lighting
costs, as well as getting buildings lit with more natural light. In specific, I was looking at the
stimulus plan and if the money is going to be spent, how it could be spent on items that are both
helping the economy and paying for themselves as far as energy savings. I think this is one
product that is very easy and quick to install, helps the local economy, and ends up making all
of our public buildings more efficient. I wanted to bring that up, and I can provide you with any
information or questions that you might have regarding the product. You can give us a call or
visit our website at
Action Taken: contacted
Sharon Lewis
2013 W. Dorian
Boise, ID 83705
Club Red Fire: I’m calling because I’m extraordinarily concerned about a business that’s
opening at the corner of Columbus and Overland; the name of the business is Club Red Fire.
It’s going to be a youth social club for kids 16-18 who will dance, play music, play pool, and play
video games. After midnight it will be open to kids over 18, open until like 2:00 in the morning.
The website for Club Red Fire is already making a big deal about how noisy it’s going to be.
This business, even thought it’s in a zoned area that allows this use, is right smack dab in the
middle of a big old residential neighborhood. We like our neighborhood; we don’t want Club
Red Fire in the middle of it. I don’t care if they open a Club Red Fire, but they can do it down at
Hillcrest Shopping Center; there’s plenty of empty space down there, but not in the middle of a
residential neighborhood. I’ve talked with the Planning & Zoning people and there’s nothing
they can do because it’s an allowed use. I can’t believe that there’s nothing that can be done to
prevent this business from opening at this location. There’s got to be something that somebody
can do about it, besides call the police every time I hear a peep out of them, which is what I plan
to do. Anyway, that’s not a good use of police time either. So, if somebody could call me back,
I would appreciate it; I voted for you Dave, I don’t want this business down there. Thank you.
BPD: I’m a resident of Boise and my zip code is 83709. I would like to register a complaint on
the Chief of Police’s new policy of increasing revenue by giving more tickets. I’ve had two
family members who have received tickets in the past three days and it’s obvious that it’s just an
excuse to increase revenues. I think this is a poor use of their time. Thank you.
Sherry Eck
Manager at Latah Village Apartments
3905 Alpine St. 83705
Utility Billing: I have a bit of a concern; I think we’re being treated unfair on our garbage trash
pick-up. Ten days ago we sent a check which paid us off in full and today I came back to work,
I had a death in the family, but I have to come back and take care of this garbage problem.
They refuse to turn our service back on for the current because we owe a current monthly bill,
but I haven’t even received an invoice for this bill. When I ask for an invoice, they keep sending
me statements. They refuse to turn it back on until the current is paid, which I don’t have a bill
for. I just think that’s being unfair; the bill is paid and all we owe for is the current month and
they refuse to turn our service back on until we pay the current. Again, as I said, I think it’s
unfair and something should be done about. This is one of Jim Tomlinson’s properties and he
has 30 or more properties just locally, and he pays his bills, and I honestly don’t know what
happened with this one, but they won’t work with me at all. Thank you Mayor.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. If I did all that damage I don’t think I’d want to talk to you either. Dang did a real job did they.

  2. resident of 83709. Well good for the police. Maybe your family members need to take a drivers training course. Oh Ya there were framed Huh!

  3. I love the “Earth Hour” message, from the ITD’s “Greenhouse Gas
    Action Team Coordinator.”

    1) Is that a paid full-time position? (If so, it gives me GREAT comfort to know my taxpayer dollars are going for something so useful… NOT!)

    2) Regarding “Earth Hour” – is it a celebration of environmental awareness, for people who are committed, but haven’t quite risen to the level of commitment it would take to do “Earth Day”? Earth Hour would be much easier, if they choose a time when ‘most everybody is asleep… just thinkin.’

  4. My sympathy to 83709. This is 83704. For the past two weeks I have observed both motorcycle and patrol taking turns lurking on Northview at the Mormon church, waiting to pounce. What a total waste of manpower. Usually I see them around noon. Only two days I haven’t seen them. They usually stay until they get their bust (quota) and then off they go. What a waste. Try a school zone or a red light intersection if you want to be useful.

  5. The poor woman does not understand how government works. There is zero expectation of any police responsibility for any damage. ever

  6. Hey, am I the only one who thinks that “the gentleman” who broke into the house and OD’d should be held responsible for the damage?

  7. i think that the comment about the new club red fire is completely ridiculous. i am a youth of this particular neighborhood and i think it will be a great addition. too many kids are out on the street getting into trouble and doing illegal things . i would know first hand because i live it every day. this will be some place where we can go and let loose and have fun. without being judged and without being hassled. leave us alone. with people like you in the world, your the reason Americas teens are the way they are.

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