Transit Guy Stands To Gain From Decisions

Once again the Daily Paper’s Cynthia Sewell has come up with a GOOD STORY about developer Jim Tomlinson’s land holdings being considered as parts of a downtown transit scheme.

The story accurately points out that Tomlinson is a member–and currently president–of the Downtown Business Association which is an official agency created by Boise City government. Sewell reports that records show Tomlinson has traveled out of state with transit officials to look at various systems.

The really sad part of having an insider on the committee is no one in officialdom thinks it is wrong. They defend his involvement, saying he has recused himself and doesn’t vote on the issues which directly could benefit him. Which begs the question–why the hell have a guy on a committee at all if he can’t vote on the key issues at hand?

This type of conduct by our “officials” at Valley Transit, COMPASS, and Boise City does little to foster public confidence. To the best of our knowledge there were no homeless people, students, low income or other frequent transit users on any of the trips with the CCDC, COMPASS people or Team Dave. These folks aim to come up with a plan and then “sell” it to the public.

The public was precluded from commenting at a recent joint Boise City/ACHD meeting and COMPASS used tax money to wine and dine legislators at a private lobbying party with no citizens invited.

Citizens have no reason to trust their elected and appointed officials when they conduct themselves in such a manner. Their entire focus has been with “development and growth” rather than moving people from point A to point B and taking direction from the citizens who pay the bills.

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  1. The meeting will come to order.
    OK!OK! Here’s what we are gonna do.
    Remember that transit example we all went to see? It was really cool, Right?Right?. OK!OK! We can do that on 10th. St. like we discussed on the plane. We can do it where my property is. Right?
    Point of order?
    Won’t you be considered to have a conflict? And if so, what will we do when that brat Sewell starts nosing around?
    OK!OK! this is the really cool part! OK!OK! City hall says all we have to do is for me to recuse myself for the actual vote! Cool! Huh? They say they do it all the time with no problem! After all, everyone knows the real business of the city is conducted in that now very notable “Back Room”!
    Brilliant! So that’s our plan right?
    The citizens? We will just ignore them and hope that Guardian guy doesn’t run with it! Besides, that Sewell lady is turning into a real pain!
    Is that close to how the meeting went guys and girls? God! I am really getting tired of our “officials” treating us like we are 12 years old!!!

  2. Mike Murphy
    Feb 28, 2009, 5:56 pm

    Back-in-the-day a guy was picketing the Admin Offices at Fordham University – about what I don’t remember – with a sign that read:

    “Get your BS, MS and PhD Here:
    Bullsh–, More Sh–, Piled High and Deep!”

    Seems like they’re handing out BS’, MS’ and PhD’ at City Hall alot these days.

  3. OK, we obviously have another conflict of sorts:
    Cyclops must be a secret member of the group, for he has transcribed the discussion word for word (except he got one extra “OK” in it).
    Right, group?

    Well, even if that wasn’t the conversation, think about it this way:: If you had a project to build, and three or four people wanted it on or near their property, and one of those people was a co-worker and/or friend of yours, and the others were ones you didn’t know or maybe did know and maybe don’t like, how objective could you be?
    It’s a bit like when a prosecutor tells the jury that the defendant in a rape case has a long record of assaulting women, beating children and stomping on the heads of little puppies and kittens, and the defense objects, and the judge tells the jurors: You will disregard those last remarks.
    Wanna hear the discussion in the jury room later?
    Sort of like:
    Juror 1: Jesus! That guys a totally rotten bastard. I’d bet a bunch that he did this rape, too.
    Juror 2: Yeah, I would too, but, still, just cuz he did all that other stuff doesn’t necessarily mean he did this one, does it?
    Juror 3: Well, no, but it sure makes it likely. Besides, even if he didn’t do this, the bastard ought to be locked up!
    Juror 4: Hey, the judge said to disregard those remarks.
    Juror 5: Fine, let’s disregard them, hang the sonofabitch and get out of here.
    Jurors 6-12: Amen! Right on! Let’s go home! Guilty on all counts, whatever they are. Guilty! Yeah!

    In other words, recusing, disregarding, etc., don’t make a damn bit of difference.

  4. Corrupt, all the way to the core.
    Feb 28, 2009, 9:46 pm

    Gee, I thought it was refreshing that, for a change, it was someone other than a Simplot, or Bodo, that was getting the benefit of an inside deal.

    It still stinks, but it is nice to see them sharing the booty.

  5. Rod in SE Boise
    Mar 1, 2009, 11:50 am


    What we need is an organization chart for all these “agencies” created by the Boise City government, and a description of their function. Downtown Business Association, CCDC, etc. Sounds to me like all these agencies should be privately funded by the Chamber of Commerce, since they seem to act for the benefit of business and against the interest of average Boise citizens.

  6. Why does this surprise anyone? It’s the status quo. There’s not much we can do about it except perhaps stop patrionazing local businesses, which would be a shame. Only when the tax dollar base starts decreasing (as it has) will changes be made or perhaps more taxes will come about? Who knows how these people think???

  7. I am for a straight forward and honest government. But Mr Tomlinson is in an awkward position. He is a property owner of many downtown properties and resides on the DBA board. He may stand to gain from any decision, but so would any other property owner. There in lies the difficulty for all parties involved. It may be impossible to find any property owner that would not have a conflict of interest. Just think how much property the Carley’s own.

    With or without the CCDC/DBA, we still owe our wonderful downtown to those that have taken the risk to make it what it has become.

  8. Silver City
    Mar 2, 2009, 9:58 am

    This is abit off subject, the chairman of Ada county P & Z also a developer, with conflict problems?
    Downtown still has a fair number of vacant commercial properties haven’t been there for a couple years!

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