GUARDIAN Primer On Local Governments

A recent reader comment requested that we post some sort of organizational chart explaining local government.  We will give it a go, but space will limit detailed explanations.  We will be glad to made additions based on reader comments from those in the know.  

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  1. Thanks for the primer Guardian. This is living proof that if enough levels of “insulation” are enacted in government, no one is reponsible for ANYTHING! What a total crock!!!

  2. “The greatest contribution Boise’s Shadow Government apparently makes is to provide City Hall with insulation and plausible deniability”

    Be sure to read between the lines of any city organizational chart. The various components of the Shadow Government are very quick to assert their status as individual governmental entities and fiefdoms – quasi or otherwise – of varying construct; but even the Blind Man and the Fool can see through the smoke and mirrors nowadays.

    Nearly no accountability nor representation. We deserve better!

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