County Does Marketing Survey For Deli

 We got a message from a county worker who thought it a bit strange that official county e-mail was used to conduct a marketing survey for the deli located on the first floor of the Court House on Front Street.

The county source sent us a link, but we were unable to open it.  Here is what the worker says is the text of the follow up message.

“Last month, the Board of Commissioners invited you to take a brief survey designed to help them better understand your likes and dislikes as they relate to the Pot Belly Deli’s menu selection and overall operation.  The feedback you provided has been very helpful!

CLICK HERE to view the deli survey results.

The Commissioners would like to thank everyone for their participation and feedback.  The survey results have been shared with the Pot Belly Deli owner who has agreed to consider implementing some of your suggestions. ”

Neither the employee  nor the GUARDIAN sees anything wrong with the county using the deli for juror lunches etc., but doing their marketing using the employee e-mail list seem a bit over the top.

At least they didn’t send Obama jokes or keep kiddie porn like some counties…

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  1. That’s what happens when the County gets in the commercial real estate business. They lost one tenant there and likely don’t want to have to go get another one. It’s the only retail tenant after all. 😉

  2. I read it as the county trying to look after their employees by finding out what they liked and sending it on. After all the county employees are at least 50-75% of the buisness there.

    I dont see a bit of marketing at all. Marketing would be the county posting the latest special on a roast beef sandwich.

    Hardly “over the top”.

  3. I don’t see a big problem with this, but wonder why the deli didn’t just put a suggestion box for its customers to use on the premises.

    That way, they’d get feedback from proven actual customers, instead of … oh, reminding non customers to pay a visit.

    Still, I don’t see it as a big deal.

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