If Voters Say NO, Go To The Feds!

Those sneaky fellas at G-BAD (Greater Boise Auditorium District) got turned down twice by voters for a convention center.  Now they are stepping up to the welfare line in Washington, D.C.

Every deal they have tried has failed and now one of our vigilant GUARDIAN readers offers up this little tidbit.

“I found this tidbit in the non state agency list for stimulus request.
64    Boise Auditorium District       Idaho State Convention Center               new convention center in downtown Boise  $ 30,000,000.00
More HERE and HERE.

Looks like they just changed the name to Idaho State Convention Center and buried the project in the “non state agency” list of requests.  Is it shovel ready?

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  1. Great move by G-BAD. I hope they get a chunk of the stimulus money for a convention center. It’s shovel-ready, will put people to work and help us bring in business. For those of us who earn our living inside this local economy, the center would be a great thing. I applaud G-BAD and the state for promoting our economic interests and putting in that request.

  2. badge's? we don't need no stinking badge's
    Mar 5, 2009, 10:16 pm

    I noticed Elaine Clegg and her husband requested money for start up business’s totaling over $500,000.00.
    Also, Cartwright Ranch missed the deadline for their request of $1,900,000.00 for a sewer request to connect to the Hidden Springs sewer.

    EDITOR NOTE–This is NOT our beloved Boise City Councilor. It is a sister-in-law who just happens to be named Elaine. Our Councilor had no knowledge of the request and is not connected with the business.

  3. So WHO put it there? How did it get there? Let’s see who the best investigative reporters are?

  4. So if it is the STATE convention center then shouldn’t all the voters in the state get to vote on it? If it is the STATE convention center shouldn’t the legislature be involved? i think I will call my state senator and see what they think.

  5. Did anyone notice that Bishop Kelly High School asked for almost $3M in stimulus money. Give me a freaking break!

  6. And the Rats crawl out of the wood work.

  7. Total Disconnect
    Mar 6, 2009, 10:44 am

    Interesting that all four of our legislators voted against the stimulus bill, claiming it wouldn’t work.

    However, just about everyone in the state with a word processor and the governor’s address asked for a piece of the pie thinking it would work well, really well, for themselves.

    There are four guys in DC who ought to talk to their constituents.

  8. Pork for all…

  9. From the few Stimulus requests I have read, political trickery prevails. For instance, U of I sending news releases to mainstream media outlets about budgetary concerns over extension services. Then teaming up and having the Department of Agriculture request (Obama) stimulus funding to build a new “Animal/Dairy research Lab and Facility”. In 2007 the legislature appropriated 10 million dollars for this facility; However, do to current economic conditions, neither the “Independent Dairy Environmental Action League Foundation” nor UofI endowments have been able to come up with funding they committed to. Appears our Cowboy – Butch – Governor will get his research center. Which should help expand his private interest to both ends of the cow? So much for the governor turning down stimulus money…

  10. “Badge”

    Before you demonize Elaine Clegg of Boise City Council fame, you may wish to note that her husband, according to the City Council Bio, is Brett.

    According to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office, The Elaine Clegg requesting so much money for a private business (GCS Distributing) is B. Elaine Clegg of Idaho Falls as GCS Distributing, LLC. Her other party listed is Gregg D. Clegg.

    Take a look at the business search tool at the Idaho Secretary of Ste’s office at You will find it very educational.

  11. Clancy Anderson
    Mar 7, 2009, 1:40 am

    Astro- What makes you think the Univ. of Idaho and Butch are connected? The University of Idaho has a great tradition of research in agriculture. Agriculture will play an ever increasing role in Idaho’s future without the likes of Micron and other tech companies.

  12. Brad.. thank you for doing the background work. I wish I had the sense to have done the same.

  13. Clancy Anderson,
    I don’t think Univ. of Idaho and Butch are connected necessarily. But, Butch owns lots of cows. Your correct, agriculture will play an ever increasing role in Idaho’s future. Just saying the Governor has considerable vested interest in cows. He feeds them and now he wants to make power from the by-product of feeding them. Our Governor isn’t at fault here: The Stimulus package, opens the door for all Governor’s to go on a self serving political shopping spree.

    Another “Joint effort” with “U of I” seems to be a waste of time and money. U of I already has an agriculture center in Caldwell that was suppose to be sold to fund the Magic valley project. I’m just suggesting to use the Caldwell center until the economy gets going; Or, property values increase. Not a lot of job creation comes from a farm or Lab.

  14. Thanks for the link Guardian. I read the whole list line by line and WOW. What more than WOW. It woudl imagine to me that some common sense would prevail when agencies, businesses and indiviudals sak for some of the amounts and reasoning why they want the money. Is it too late to submit for my request of $15k to buy a new motorcycle for therapeutic investigation of the human psyche?

  15. If we don’t get a convention center like they want some way, we will never get Antiques Roadshow to come to Boise. The folks at WGBH are willing to come here but the way the show is set up, they need a full-scale convention center with no posts.

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