Guardian Sucks Up To Governments

We need to offer up some kudos to the local government types.

First, the Ada Commishes  will hold their first Town Hall meeting of the year on Wednesday, March 25 at 6 p.m. in the Meridian City Hall. Aside from a short presentation to begin the meeting ( there is no set agenda) they are intentionally keeping the meeting wide open to hear from Ada County residents.

They have also decided to NOT offer up a “state of the county” cheerleading event like Boise City does for the Chamber of Commerce to raise money for the private commercial lobbying efforts of business.  Instead, they are posting on line where highlights show they are holding the line on expenditures, building permits and related services are down more than 40% and there was an additional 70,000 tons of trash dumped at the landfill.

Over at City Hall, Boise Councilor Alan Shealy did a good deed at this week’s council meeting when he opposed irresponsible expenditures of federal money–and city funds as well–for a downtown transit center.  Jim Tibbs joined Shealy, but three others decided to spend –anywhere–or loose it.  The bus and transit deal is still a mess.

We got a message from a downtown business man with a sales letter from CCDC promoting that stupid trolley  Team Dave is trying to sell.  They have a “committee” of 34 members trying to make a case for burying steel tracks in the ACHD streets.  More  wasted cash and still ignoring the dismal failure of the current bus system.



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  1. Whenever you don’t want something done…appoint the largest committee of people you can to handle it!

  2. It’s amazing to see how much cash Boise give to the bus system and then gripes about VRT is managed. The City of Boise controls VRT!!! They write the check that pays the bills. They tell VRT where to put buses and bus stops. They told VRT what the outcome of the downtown circulator study should be. They tell COMPASS and VRT what to request for earmarks. Then they have the audacity to criticize VRT for their actions? Bieter, Clegg and Jordan are all on the VRT Board and get the agency’s information spoon fed to them every month. Did they not oppose 10th Street when they were at the VRT Board meetings? Do they never talk to their colleagues about what goes on at those meetings? It’s sad that the Statesman never exposes this and just plays along with their “Oh, poor Boise” attitude. The transit system in Boise is “embryonic and disjointed” as Alan Shealy said at the meeting because of the City of Boise.

  3. Can you publish the list of 34 who think they know better than the rest of the city?

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