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Thomas Thacker 

Old Houses: My concern is on north Maple Grove just north of Ustick Rd there are two old houses on the east side of the road that the fire dept has used for training and cut the roof up and everything and they did this several months ago and the houses and lots are just sitting  there. People have gone in there and vandalized them and torn part of the brick off. They are an absolute disgrace the way they look there. I don’t know if the city has them or whoever donated them to the fire department are responsible for clearing them out. They’ve been this way for several months now and this is really a blight on that area so if this something you’re not aware of, someone should check into it. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks, bye.


Action Taken: contacted


Ron Peterson

6212 W. Lucky Ln.

Boise, ID 83703


SB 1100: I’m concerned with Senate Bill 1100, which is supposed to be heard by the House

State Affairs Committee sometime this week. It’s already passed the Senate, and basically it

would cut the revenues to the public access TV station, TVTV by 30% and according to the

Mayor of Pocatello, it would cut franchise revenues by 25%. In the case of Boise that amounts

to a mere $250,000. Anyway I would like you to take a closer look at this bill. Thank you.

Action Taken: contacted


Sharon Cook

1831 Danmore Dr.

Boise ID 83712

BPR: My concern is that it’s March 16th and I just drove by Julia Davis Park and the sprinklers

are going. Its still winter and there’s still a chance of freezing that could hurt the pipes. But it’s

also been pouring down rain all night and day. So I’m really concerned how our tax payer’s

money is being spent when it’s just a waste of water and money. Thank you. I just wanted to

bring this to your attention.

BPR contacted


Tom Conn

1419 Camelback Ln


867 1413

Parking: Across the street from Dawson Taylor Coffee Shop on 8th St. just shy of Bannock

there’s a silver two-door Mercedes Benz SL500 has a personal plate – 3736J that parks there

everyday. We all look at it. It never gets a ticket. Something’s wrong here.

He’s calling back w/ a tag number

Action Taken: contacted



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March 14 – 20, 2009


Ron Peterson

6212 W. Lucky Ln.

Boise, ID 83703


SB 1100: I called yesterday about Senate Bill 1100 that is scheduled to be heard by the House

State Affairs Committee. I got a phone call back in the afternoon from a Ross person who said

that that bill had been pulled. When I called the legislative secretary today for that committee,

she said that it was still on their web page, so as far as she was concerned it hadn’t been pulled

yet. Anyway, I would like some clarification, I guess. I am definitely opposed to it as it would

cut funds to TVTV by 30%. Thank you.


Ron Peterson

6212 W. Lucky Ln.

Boise, ID 83703


SB 1100: I’m calling again about Senate Bill 1100 which may be at the House State Affairs

Committee. Yesterday when I called, the gentleman from the Mayor’s office called back and

told me that the bill had been pulled; however when I called the secretary for that committee,

Ms. Marcia Walker whose phone # is 332-1145, she told me that it was still on their web page.

So, I guess I’m confused is the bottom line. So if you could get back to me, you can leave the

information on my answering machine. Thank you.


Tom Conn


Parking: Called yesterday; the silver Mercedes Benz SL500 has a personal plate – 3736J. We

sit here in the coffee shop every day and we never see anybody write a ticket on there. We sit

in here for hours; the car never gets a ticket. What’s going on? Thanks.



Fred Schuerman

6134 Emerald St.

Boise, ID


Old Trolley Bar: Mr. Mayor, I have purchased the Trolley Tavern that is on Rosehill. The city

wanted that moved or demolished, and I would rather save this piece of Boise history and

restore it, but I’ve run into a real impediment in the City Planning & Zoning Department, mostly

in Code Enforcement. A woman named Dena Gambrel says I need a permit and so does Bob

Archibald. They have provided me with the Zoning Ordinance that applies to demolition of

buildings; this is not a building, this is personal property; it’s a rail car. I am adamant that this

does not apply to personal property, a rail car. The city wants it moved; I am trying to help get

this done and I’m extremely dissatisfied with the attitude of the Planning & Zoning Department.

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March 14 – 20, 2009

Rather than try to give me the benefit of the doubt and assist me in getting this benevolent

action accomplished, they are negative and just try to find a way to say “no”. I would appreciate

a response. Thank you for your consideration.


Action Taken: contacted


Ron Peterson

6212 W. Lucky Ln

Boise, ID 83703


SB 1100: I’m extremely upset with the Mayor’s office and the City Council. A spokesman for

you guys told me a couple of days ago that Senate Bill 1100 had been pulled. When I talked to

the legislature lady, Marcia Walker at 332-1145, she said it’s still on the agenda and has not

been pulled. This is crap. I hate being lied to and I will work diligently to get all you a holes

voted out of office the next go round. Good bye.


Keith Palmer

2807 Kerr St.

Boise, ID 83705


Landlord/Tenant: The reason I’m calling is we live in a rental unit that is upstairs/downstairs

duplex; the owner bought the unit three years ago; we’ve lived here 8 years. She’s tried to raise

the rent because her adjustable rate mortgage went up. She didn’t give us a lease, she gave us

a document that asked for additional deposits which we paid when we moved in – pet deposits

for pets that we’ve had for years that she’s accepted. We responded and told her that the unit

needs to be repaired. The front and back doors are warped and leak air around them, they

don’t hang right in the frames; there are electrical outlets that don’t work; the back deck and

stairway are real rickety, in fact I fell through the stairway when it collapsed last week. She

came in and inspected and agreed that those things needed to be fixed, but instead of making

any repairs, she gave us a notice that was not an official notice; it just said “eviction” for us to

get out by the end of March. We want to move, but evidently when we list her as current

landlord, she’s telling people that we’re moving because we’re being evicted, so she’s trying to

sabotage us so we have no place to live. We just want to move but she should fix her place

anyway. I didn’t know who to call, so if somebody would give me a holler, it would be greatly



Action Taken: contacted

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March 14 – 20, 2009


Ron Peterson

6212 W. Lucky Ln.

Boise, ID 83703


SB 1100: I had called the lobbyist lawyer guy, earlier this afternoon and what he said agrees

with what you said in your message to me that the bill has been pulled; however it will, since it’s

been printed, it will still show on the web page for the rest of this session. It’s just that it won’t

be heard by the House State Affairs Committee. This is different than what Nancy Walker; the

secretary for House State Affairs told me which was that it was still out there. I will need to call

her tomorrow and let her know that sometimes when a bill is pulled it still shows on the web

page. Anyway, I need to apologize for my very vitriolic phone call to you; it’s just that I had

called you twice before about this confusion and you hadn’t gotten back to me on it after our first

call on Monday. So, well I got pissed off is the long and short of it. It almost always happens

when I act rashly, I regret it. Anyway, again my apologies. Also, according to the attorney

lobbyist, the bill is dead for this session. Thanks for returning my call; have a nice day.


Shay Seemers

World Relief in Boise on Fairview

323-4964 Ext. 108

Bed Bugs & Cockroaches: I’m calling on behalf of a client about a complaint at their

apartment. I need to know who to get in contact with. I have a pretty serious case of bed bugs

with a one month old child in the home and specific action has not been taken yet so we were

wondering what to do. We’ve been transferred to like three or four different numbers and we

ended up here. So, please give me a call back. Thanks for your time.

Action Taken: contacted

Lady from Sacramento called: 3/14/09 am, 3/15/09 pm, 3/16/09 am, 3/16pm, 3/17am, 3/18/09

am, 3/18/09 am, 3/19/09 am, 3/19/09 am, and 3/20/09 am

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