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Mike Teague

Regarding the economy – In these times the Police Department, Fire Department and teachers are sacrosanct. We cannot eliminate those jobs and we even need more of them. The city can’t survive without them. It’s up to rest of us to take care of ourselves, but we can’t do without Police, Fire, and teachers.


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Hillary Cosho Haymond

2716 Camas St. 05

343 5706

Dogs Off Leash: I reside close to Bowden Park, which is a very small neighborhood park beside South Junior High. It has become inundated with people with their dogs feeling that this park is an off leash park. They also find it a wonderful place to let their dogs out of their cars, run around, do their business then hop back in their car without cleaning up. I’ve gone ahead and called the parks dept and asked who I contact about this and they said call dispatch. When I called dispatch they said they don’t deal with people breaking the law and so I’m supposed to call the humane society, which I’ve done. I’m constantly calling the humane society and leaving

a message on their recorder of license plates of the people who are bringing their dogs, off leash to the park next to South Junior High while school is in session, but the kids are off for lunch. I’m really wondering if this is a law. 


I just mentioned this to someone who had their dog off leash, I said I’m going to call about you doing this, they said, “why would you do that?” and I said because it’s the law and again they said, “why would you do that?” Alright, I’m doing that because big dogs have bitten my children and big dogs have bitten my little dog. So the real question is coming to me, is the city enforcing the leash law. If there is no enforcement, get it off

the books or you become liable or not enforcing the law the next time either one of my children, myself, or my dog get bit because you’re not enforcing the leash law. 


Apparently people are laughing at the law because their dog wouldn’t do anything wrong, and their dog doesn’t have to be on a leash. So I don’t care about the foothills. I don’t live up there. That’s the big stink for you guys. I care about the park, I care about going to the depot and sitting down and finding out, oh look, there a little dog mess and nobody picks up, because again I know you don’t have the manpower. I know the leash law is a big pain, but who do you call and what do they do? Thank you.


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  1. Have we become so sterilized that we can’t handle dogs running around playing and dogs doing their business?

    Good god, it’s dog crap. It’s really not a big deal. It’s not like our parks and foothills are so saturated with the stuff that we can’t walk or breath without encountering it.

    While I certainly think that owners should be responsible with their pets, I also think you people need to grow the hell up and deal with life – it’s a little messy and smelly, and sometimes you get bit. Get over it. It wasn’t that long ago we had cattle and horses and pigs and chickens living in our towns.

    Life will go on and you’ll be okay, I promise.

  2. Tj – last I noticed a dog bite is not the same thing as dog poop.
    Feels different in that it may hurt and cause physical damage to a the being bitten. But perhaps you have never had a child bit by a dog and had to take them to the ER. Not fun. Lots of work to get that child back to not being afraid of dogs.
    Also not fun to have your own dog bit.
    Dog bites and chicken bites are also not the same. I’ve had both of them – they are not the same.
    So dogs on leashes are not the same as dogs pooping, I promise.

  3. At the risk of being attacked, I must say that I whole Heartidly agree with Mrs. Haymond. I too have had ugly encounters with free roaming dogs and I could easily show you the scars on my arm and leg…..and if I had a nickel for every disgusting pile left in my yard, I could hire someone else to pick it up. We now purchase cayenne pepper by the bulk in pounds every month and spread it all around the edge of the yard. You don’t want your dog’s nose destroyed? Keep it out of my yard!

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