CCDC Blinks On Ada Parking Policy

It looks like Boise’s urban renewal agency, the Capital City Development Corp., is backing down on its proposed draconian parking policy at the Ada County Courthouse. It would have eliminated a 10 minute free drop and a reduced rate for jurors and coppers.

Previously the Commishes ponied up $18,000 a month to give citizens first hour free parking. When the CCDC demanded $42,000, Commishes balked and stopped paying the monthly fee. Presently the county pays a reduced rate for jurors and coppers, but there is no “first hour free.”

There has been some behind-the-scenes action between the CCDC and Ada County which will probably result in an indefinite postponement implementing the new policy. For the time being the showdown between the Commishes and the CCDC board at the April 13 meeting has been averted. The GUARDIAN was anticipating some good copy from that meeting too. For background check our PREVIOUS POST.

Next step will be some lengthy negotiations toward a “final resolution” of the overall funding mess between the CCDC and the county. It is more of a mess than we can explain, but we have a sense that Ada Commishes are ready to acknowledge the financial debacle and work toward outright county ownership of some, if not all facilities.

The big question: “Is CCDC using revenue from the county facility to pay for other downtown debt?”

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  1. Without the first hour free, the result to the public is the same either way – no break for them. A ten minute grace period (if it even exists) is insulting since you can’t do anything in the ten minutes allowed other than go into the lot, say oops, I don’t mean to be here and then drive back out.

    We are required to go to the Courthouse to perform certain functions we can’t do elsewhere. There should be an hour free parking. The County should continue to pay the $18,000 and the CCDC should accept that all the while both sides moving towards an acceptable solution to the PUBLIC’s needs.

  2. The CCDC produces and oversees (Max Clark) user unfriendly (BoDo, City Center) garages with all the appeal of Hitler’s Bunker (Capitol Terrace), contract-managed by a private out of state firm (Republic Parking Northwest).

    And then, the question always begs to be asked: How come literally everyone (St. Luke’s, St. Al’s, BSU…) BUT the CCDC manages to build aesthetically pleasing, spacious parking garages with security features like emergency call boxes?

    It’s time to thank the CCDC for its service, disband it (absorbing its functions into existing city agencies), and turn its parking facilities over to Stu & Crew @ Boise City Parking Services.

  3. At Capitol Terrace, CCDC arbitrarily does away with the 1st hour free AND jacks the hourly rate to $2.50.

    Tony Soprano never had it so good.

    Justice and public service do not seem to be priorities for this “public” agency.

  4. How does one blink when there is no “vision”??

    EDITOR NOTE–A keen observation from a pirate who understands what he asks!

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