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Cody Human
Mid-week Market Support: I live in the North End of Boise. I wanted to leave a message for
the Mayor to let him know that I am supporting a mid-week Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays. It
would be great if it were at the Capitol Park at 6th and Bannock. The reason that I think it’s so
great, we love living in the North End, we love this part of town, but we have very small yards
and we can’t grow our own gardens, and we believe in supporting local businesses, and in
supporting sustainable communities, and eating locally grown food that is also organic. It would
be great to have a mid-week farmers market that is easy to get to. We can’t always make it on
Saturdays. We love the Saturday Market, and I have to say too the Saturday Market is so
packed, it’s hard to get in and out of there. It would be great to break it out and get people
downtown during the week. It’s a great little park right there and we totally support it and we
hope you can approve it and pass it. Thanks.

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Linda Moore
Code Enforcement: I’m calling about a code violation at 310 Chester Dr. There has been a
case number assigned to this. Joe Veneman is the officer in charge of the file or code violation.
My neighbor has moved in a railroad storage trailer car into a residential neighborhood. He is
defacing our neighborhood. This is the second time I’ve called; I’m going to continue to call until
some kind of action is taken. This happened in January and we are still waiting for things to
happen. Thank you very much.

Dr. Robert E. Di Grazia
1894 Tablerock Rd.
Boise, ID
Parking: Recently I was at the Idaho State Legislature to testify on a bill and the meeting
started at 1:30; I get there about 1:00 and all I could put in the parking meter is 2 hrs. 20 min.
As you know, those meetings are not on time and there’s no respect for anybody’s time. I’ve
come out of there twice and had to pay a $12 fine for doing my duty as a citizen, which I think is
unfair. It’s denying people who can’t afford the $12 to go and park, or some older people who
need to go and have to park a long way away. I got into a situation the other day where I came
out and the car parked in front of me was a lady who didn’t look wealthy at all and she was
crying because she had a $12 fine. Obviously she got into a committee meeting that went over,
nine times out of ten they do, and she couldn’t afford the $12. So I gave her the $12; I knew the
issue was there but the point with me is the city should be a little more compassionate about the
parking around the State House for people who need to go into the Legislature and into the
committee meetings, or do the business of the people within the state. To be blunt, I think it’s
like the city is making money off the Legislature because it doesn’t run on time. I don’t think it’s
fair; it’s a bad image for Boise that we’re charging $12 for basically being an hour over. My
suggestion would be to allow people to put money into those meters in close proximity to the
Legislature that will at least cover the afternoon, and make it reasonable. I would like to hear
back from you on this and I’m sure you’ve heard about it before. Thanks for letting me have the
opportunity to comment. Thank you.

Mary Wills
10 Harold St.
Boise, ID 83706
Mid-week Market Support: I was just calling to ask for the Mayor’s support in having a
Wednesday Market at the Capitol Park. I think it’s important that we support our local growers’
sustainable communities and healthy food. Getting it only on Saturdays isn’t enough for both
producers to sell and also for those of us who to get fresh produce. Please call if you have any
questions, but please, Mayor Bieter, let’s support the Wednesday Market. Thanks.

Jill Weigel
2901 Tartan Pl.
Boise, ID 83702
Mid-week Market Support: I’m calling to express my desire to have the mid-week market at
the Capitol Park. So, that’s it.

Raine Saunders
823 E. Washington St.
Boise, ID 83712
Mid-Week Market Support: I want to express some needed support to use the downtown
Capitol Park at 6th and Bannock for a Wednesday public market which would allow local food
growers and farmers to sell their foods there in order to support the local economy and
community and bring healthy food to our city. Apparently there has been some kind of decline
issued by the Boise Parks and Rec. Department, so I’m responding to a request for people to
call in to the Mayor to try to get this put through. I have a couple of reasons why I think the park
should be open for the market to take place on Wednesdays. The parks are public and it makes
sense to have them used by public activities such as a market as a gathering place in order for
us to obtain our food. Because the park is located in such a convenient location for everyone
that lives in the downtown and surrounding areas, and it isn’t too far away from the Capital City
Market that’s held on Saturdays, it just makes sense to use that space, and I think it makes a lot
of sense to use it for something that is definitely needed in our community and to help the
economy, and to help people keep their health up during tough economic times. The last thing I
think that is very important is that we all need to recognize, take action and do what we can to
support sustainable communities. We’re starting to see so much in our world about the
economic downturn affecting everybody in such a negative way, and this is one way that we can
put our heads together, get our food from our local communities, save gas, and make food
healthier for everybody to eat while we’re helping to support the merchants and farmers so they
don’t go out of business rather than trying to bring stuff in from hundreds of thousands of miles
away that gets shipped in on trucks and all kinds of other things that waste precious resources
for your environment. I am a health writer and an educator and have a website that is If you want more information about what I do, I’m working all the time to
educate people about sustainable foods through traditional and whole foods. I’m also working
on the Boise First Council with the education committee to get local food recognized as a more
valuable resource to our area. I also work for the YMCA; I do a nutrition class on Tuesday
afternoons for children and we’re working on the school lunch reform program as well. I would
appreciate some feedback and/or hopefully this initiative would get pushed through to let the
market be there on Wednesday afternoons at Capital City Park. Thank you.
Justin Ahlin
1003 S. Vista Ave.
Need to Beat
Boise, ID
Mid-week Market Support: I am calling to express my desire for the mid-week market. I think
it’s a great idea; give it a try. The other item that I’m also calling about is all the transients and
the loitering that is taking place down by the skate park. I understand that the Corpus Christi
House has issues and that they take care of a lot of people, but those people need to be moving
on. Hopefully it won’t turn Boise into the same situation that all these other large cities are
having. Thank you.

Noel Weber
1402 E. Washington
Boise, ID 83702
Mid-week Market Support: I’m calling about our mid-week market; I think this project makes
perfect sense. Give them a season to prove themselves. I think this project would not only
benefit the local growers but also the health of our community. I hope you take this into
consideration and I look forward to your decision. Thank you very much.

Lucy Weber
1402 E. Washington
Boise, ID 83712
Mid-week Market Support: I am calling in support of the local farmers’ market at Capital Park
on Wednesday, which is at 6th and Bannock. I think there’s a demand for this type of market
more and more all the time. It would really be helpful to a lot of people if you would honor the
request to have the market at 6th and Bannock. Thank you.

Bill Lawley
9778 W. Linstock Ln.
Boise, ID 83704
Policeman’s Funeral: My dad recently passed away; he used to work for the Boise City Police
Department back in the 50s, early 60s when there were only 9 patrol cars. He just recently
passed away and I don’t know who to get hold of, or if anybody ever remembers him. His
funeral is going to be May 8 at the Veteran’s Cemetery and I just wanted to pass it on to see if
anybody was interested and if they remembered him. His name was Alfred K. Hall and he was
one of the youngest police in the State of Idaho; I can’t remember which department it was, or
what town or city it was. Anyway, if anybody remembers him, I don’t know if Vern Bisterfeldt
remembers him, I know they used to know each other. If somebody could pass this along, I
would greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.
Lady from Sacramento called: 4/10/09 PM, 4/11/09 PM, 4/12/09 PM, 4/13/09 PM, 4/14/09 AM,
4/14/09 PM, 4/15/09 AM, 4/15/09 PM, 4/15/09 PM, 4/16/09 AM, 4/17/09AM, 4/17/09 AM,
4/17/09 PM,

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  1. This phone in campaign looks like the result of an afternoon latte at Dawson’s.

  2. actually I know people in the North End who have gardens in their very small yards. The land has to be built up as it is river bottom clay, but it can be done.

  3. I agree with slim jim – a person can grow a lot of food in a very small area and I mean very small!

    We get enough tomatoes off of 4 plants to feed ourselves and still have left overs to donate to the Senior Center.

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