Daily Paper Wins Dope Award For Bad Taste

When a couple of inhumane lowlifes relieved themselves on a “sleeping man in the area of 6th and Main in downtown Boise, it was more than the Daily paper could resist on their website.

Complete with a mug shot of one of the offensive offenders, the Daily offered the DETAILS of the police arrests which generated plenty of comments on their website. Also generated on the website was the following series of advertisements which appeared below the comments. Hence the Daily has taken the lead in GUARDIAN “Dope editor” awards for the month.



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  1. Now Dave. This is news. News that we need to know.

    This isn’t like sending reporters to government meetings to cover what goes on at those meetings. That would be boring and not news.

    You know that there really aren’t any reporters at the Statesman anymore. And those that are left are needed for news like this. Important news. News that we need to know.

  2. Blazing Saddle
    Apr 23, 2009, 5:08 pm

    Guardian, that was not bad taste. It was destiny. People have been using the legacy media to train their puppies and paper the cage for, well, forever.

    The Statesmen was probably thrilled, and amazed, that someone other than themselves took a whizzing. They could no more not publish such a thing than a cow not make a pie.

    Yup. Destiny. That’s what it was.

  3. No different than when the Guardian had ad space a couple of years ago. Advertising along side the growthophobic articles was Kastera Homes.

    EDITOR NOTE–Great point Clancy! That’s why I got rid of them. There was no way I could afford to lose control of my website content like the Daily Paper has, but they apparently need the few cents the ads generate. News today looks even worse for those folks with losses 9 times worse than expected.

  4. Am I the only one who sees irony in your reporting here?

  5. I wanted to state something that had significant context…but wait a minute…, I’ve got to go!

  6. Those ads are probably generated automatically with no human input.

  7. It’s interesting that the victim refused to press charges. Evidently, the police were not in a mood to persuade him to, either.

    I’m just surprised that the victim wasn’t charged with “camping”.
    WHY should this victim be required to press charges, when he could have been arrested for “camping” on the witness of the officer alone. The article states there were several witnesses.

    With this requirement of a victim to press charges, how can anyone be arrested for murder?

    Oh, wait — I just remembered. In this city, “camping” is defined as “sleeping in a temporary shelter”. If you’re sleeping in a car, you’re a criminal. If you’re sleeping in the street, that’s fine.

  8. Concerned Bronco
    Apr 28, 2009, 3:38 pm

    The Statesmen deserves another “Dope” award for their collusion with the Boise State University Athletic Department! It is my opinion that BSU and the Idaho Statesmen have worked together for years covering up any story that might be less than flattering for the Broncos.

    I have been a proud Bronco fan for as long as I can remember. Part of that pride came from the deep respect I had for Gene Bleymaier and his ethics. Now it appears that Mr. Bleymaier’s ethics may be in question. The University, Mr. Bleymaier, and Head Track Coach Mike Maynard are being sued for discrimination by a former assistant track coach. Being sued isn’t a conviction and I am confident that the truth will come out in the end. However, my concern is the fact that this story has been essentially shut out of the main stream media. The Idaho Statesmen reported the lawsuit on September 30, 2008 with a brief statement. There has been no investigation or subsequent stories.

    My concern for the lack of reporting was peaked when I read an article from the Boise State University newspaper The Arbiter. The Arbiter has been publishing a series of investigative articles on the lawsuit and its claims. The Idaho Statesmen is being “scooped” by the school newspaper! The third article in this installment entitled OFF TRACK was published last Thursday. Look for the fourth installment to be publish this Thursday 4-30-09. I encourage anyone who is interested in keeping the honesty and integrity in Bronco Country to visit and read the articles. Don’t miss out on the comments…some of them are priceless!

    Hats off to the real investigative reporter Mary Albl, the Arbiter’s Sports Editor!

    Go Broncos!

  9. Yo dog, G-man, guess what? Now the word “dope” means cool. “Sick” means awesome. Just tryin to help an old square get up to speed with the new lingo.



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