Would Be Track Operator, Mr. Lucky Isn’t

No trifecta, no quinella, and no daylight for Dave “Mr. Lucky” Parrie until he ponied up $10,000 to get out of jail. He bet on a long shot and lost.

Seems the guy who wanted to operate the Les Bois Park race track had only bad luck Thursday and lost his bet–along with a bid to operate the track. Parrie met with an Ada Commish to respond to concerns about his character and other factors in connection with his bid to run the horse races.

When the meeting ended, Parrie left the Commish’s office where he was met by Ada County’s finest who offered him a ride to the County jail in a sheriff’s car to post bond for a contempt of court warrant. The case has been sealed by the court, so no details of the original charge are available. Bond was posted late Thursday afternoon.

Perhaps the worst investment for Parrie will be if he chose to park in the CCDC garage next to the courthouse. Let’s see, get someone with a car key to get down there and pay the $2 per hour or take a cab back and get the car the next day…

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  1. This is too rich! 🙂 Now I wonder who’s on the lookout for the shysters from Alabama.

  2. Half of success is just showing up.

    A $10K warrant does not make him public enemy number one. It has to be something pretty small to have a defined bail set at $10K.

    I say rent the track to the guy and let the races begin. 100% of some rent is better than no rent at all.

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