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Caldwell Urban Renewal Blatantly Misuses Public Money

Our sister blog, the CALDWELL GUARDIAN, has done some grat work recently uncovering irregularities in public agencies. First it was the county DMV embezzlement scandal, now editor Paul Alldredge has found problems in the URBAN RENEWAL agency.

Note the understatement on the City Seal of Caldwell.city_seal_1525

By simply publishing the minutes of their own meetings, Alldredge has shined the light of public scrutiny on a public agency that uses TAX MONEY to fund a private family membership in the local YMCA for Caldwell’s mayor. A member of the urban renewal board, Nancolas made a public display of virtue when he abstained from voting on the measure that used PUBLIC MONEY for his $880 recreational membership.

Urban renewal agencies are out of control statewide, but Caldwell has to be the poster child for abuse of the system. Note to Canyon prosecutor: You need to request an investigation/audit into the workings of the Caldwell Urban Renewal Agency. The Idaho State Controller will be happy to assist you on this one. It’s her job!

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  1. Mr. Watcher
    May 2, 2009, 9:08 am

    Here’s the truth about taxes. People in government have very little to zero clue what is behind the tax loot that they take in. These people work at a job that doesn’t need to make a profit to keep the lights turned on much less the front door unlocked during business hours.
    I was thinking of the guy who fixes cars that I know who just got hit with some new fees and taxes. These new taxes to government parasites are nothing but a number. To the guy that is elbow deep in grease with busted knuckles. That money is hard work and many repair jobs. The parasites sits in the nice clean and climate controlled offices and have zero clue what its like to do real work in the heat and cold and even in the rain. Decent hard working citizens that pay taxes many times do not have “sick days” with pay like government parasites. So the hard working and productive citizen take some cold meds and fights the weather and goes to work to have a nice chunk of that money taking from them by bottom feeders who have zero respect for their hard work that earned that money the old fashion way, hard work.

  2. This just shows you that local officials are just as corrupt as our elected officials in Washington, DC. The taxpayers need to take our government back.

  3. This shows the difference between Caldwell and Boise. We pay for Kushlan to belong to the Arid Club, they buy a membership to the “Y”.

    With both cases, I guess these are the perks of screwing the public!

  4. “The Idaho State Controller will be happy to assist you on this one. It’s her job!”

    Isn’t that Donna Jones (R)? The woman with a GED education? What do you expect?

  5. Did Kushlan ever pay taxes on that membership? I will just assume that Nancolas has been paying state and federal income taxes on his.

    I completely agree that these “urban renewal” or whatever agencies are completely out of control. Been that way for years. Ripe pickings for a whole bunch of state and federal tax crimes, among others.

  6. nobody says.
    You know I’ve known a lot of people with less than a GED and they were pretty dang smart people.
    Heck of a lot smarter than a bunch of college grads in fact. What are you?

  7. blackfootgirl
    May 5, 2009, 10:07 am

    Congrats on your terrific award at the Idaho Press Club!

    Web News General Excellence: second place for the Boise Guardian. In the whole state. Round of applause for Dave, readers.

  8. Boise Guardian: Whenever you run a story involving the Caldwell Guardian, why not put a link to that site at the bottom?
    Yeah, I know, I can Google Caldwell Guardian and get it, but since it’s something weird, I never remember it.
    (I wonder why he wasn’t able to get as an address??? It doesn’t seem to be in use.)

    A link would seem logical.

    EDITOR NOTE–You old print guys! When you see a blue all caps word or two in a story, that IS a link…as in URBAN RENEWAL in this story. Also we have a link in the list at the right column with a CALDWELL GUARDIAN link as well. You are correct, a link was in order.

  9. Yep there’s blue type on URBAN RENEWAL, but not on CALDWELL GUARDIAN.

    That was my point.

    What, you want me to go to the list on the right and hunt for it? Geez, man, you think I’ve got all second?

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