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Caldwell’s Official Land Speculators

Did Caldwell Urban Renewal buy land with the idea of selling it for a profit to the Feds?

Our sister blog, the CALDWELL GUARDIAN,continues to review past minutes of the local Urban Renewal agency and its questionable actions. This little gem is 4 yrs. old, but it speaks volumes of the mentality–and wisdom– of this public agency.

“Chairman Waite informed the board that the Huston property at the airport, which is located in the ‘squash zone’ and consists of 13-15 acres @ $50,240/acre, is on the list to be purchased by the FAA in several years. URA has the opportunity to purchase the land now for re-sale to the FAA in the next several years. Potentially the FAA will reimburse owner at market value, however it is not known whether URA will qualify for the full market value reimbursement. Motion to authorize Chairman Waite to put together a package for URA approval: Beebe/Fouts M/S/P”

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  1. and with a clear link to your Caldwell compadre!


  2. These urban renewal agencies or whatever you want to call them are perfect little delivery devices for half-witted, desperate-to-please politicos and amoral, money-hungry private interests to coalesce and play a game of high finance with taxpayer money, aided by the financial wizardry of some greenhorn staffer with a poly sci degree. It’s just sick. I sure wish the House would turn its attention to these leech-like entities. A motivated person could assemble a huge dossier of nonsense to fuel the crusade. Taxpayers are getting hit in so many ways by so many different people, many of whom are virtually unaccountable.

  3. Wait and watch for the city to rezone the area destroying property values and then do a property grab paying the new, and greatly reduced, ‘fair market value’….

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