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Dale Keys
3496 Forsythia
Boise, ID 83703
Grass Blowing: Today I watched a guy mowing at Veterans Park with a gas-powered leaf
blower bungee corded to the front of a riding lawn mower. He was using this to blow grass off
of the sidewalk. He had a riding lawn mower carrying a 2-cycle gasoline engine just to blow dirt,
dust, and grass off of the sidewalk. This is all on the taxpayer’s nickel. After all the bru-ha-ha
over our electric lawn mowers and trying to save on our air pollution in this town from yard work,
and I applaud that, it seems to me that we of the city need to step back from all this insane
amount of grass that we keep planting and lawn and sod that we keep laying down and talk
about digging this stuff up by the acre, as we can, and replacing it with Xeriscape and native
plants and cut all this lawn mowing in half. To see a leaf blower strapped to the front of a riding
lawn mower just to blow grass out of the way in the middle of the day is just insane to me. I’m
just giving you my two cents worth; I would like to see us lead by example. Thank you.

Capital City Public Market: This would be from the wrong execution of the right-idea
department. Actually, according to Idaho Code 18-711 it would be the illegal execution of the
right idea department. I was enjoying the Saturday Market today with friends when we were
accosted by an actor dressed as a British police officer and hired by Karen Ellis of the Saturday
Market to direct both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The actor, not a certified traffic flagger or
peace officer, mind you, was blowing a whistle incessantly, mockingly mimicking people who
were crossing slow, or as was the case with me and my friends, he jaywalks himself to meet us
in the middle of the intersection to yell at us and blow his damn whistle right in my face when we
chose to cross against the light when there wasn’t a single vehicle in sight. Certainly there is a
need for a crossing guard of sorts at that intersection during the market, but an obnoxious actor,
with apparently few people skills and even fewer traffic control skills, is not the answer. I look
forward to reading this transcript in the Boise Guardian, and the notations as to how your office
will almost assuredly pass the buck on this issue to the CCDC, GBAD, and/or DBA. Thank you
for you time; have a wonderful day.
Karen Ellis / Capital City Public Market
Carrie Nichols
Marriage Ceremony Request: I’m getting married August 1st….inaudible…and I was
wondering if the Mayor does that. Would you please call me back? Thank you.
May 16 – 22, 2009
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Tom Little
Boise River: I would like some attention paid to the footbridge that joins the Parkcenter Blvd.
area to Warm Springs Ave., the Arch Bridge. In the summer, I know that it’s posted that you’re
not supposed to jump off of it and I really don’t have any problem with everybody breaking that
code, but when there are 30 or 40, or 10 or 15 kids standing out there in the middle of the path
and they won’t yield when bikers or walkers that want to come through, and they’re really
belligerent, it really irritates me. What’s going to happen is somebody’s going to get hurt out
there; the city’s going to get sued, and I’m going to have a nice hike in my tax bill to pay for the
policy. I would like that policed just a little bit so that at least it can be used by other people
other than a bunch of smart alecks. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted
Jeramy Henderson
Green Meadows Neighborhood Watch
(Edson St., Phillippi St., Curtis Rd., & Scott St.)
Graffiti: We have been in touch with the property managers of Hillcrest Shopping Center, which
one property manager is in San Francisco and one property manager is in Spokane, but there is
no local property manager. We have been in touch with them for four months now to remove
graffiti from the southwest corner of the Hillcrest Shopping Center and to this day they still have
not covered that up. It is gang-related graffiti and I have been in touch with them numerous
times and they seem to not care about covering it up. Hopefully, maybe the Mayor will have
more sway with these property managers. The shopping center is owned by Collier’s
International and the property mangers are Curt in Spokane (509 624-4627) and the other
property manager in San Francisco is Jennifer Scarlet, I believe, but I don’t have her number at
the moment. Please call me at any time. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted
Barney Barnett
10222 Poppy
Boise, ID 83704
Code Enforcement: I called two or three weeks ago with a concern that I contacted Code
Enforcement about a junk vehicle that needed to be removed because according to the City
Code they weren’t suppose to have it on their property in disrepair and unlicensed. The lady
from the Mayor’s office said that they would contact Code Enforcement and have them check
the situation out. The gentleman that I was originally referred to when I turned the complaint
into Code Enforcement was, I think his last name was Brown, but I think his boss called me and
said he would talk to him about it. That’s the last I’ve heard from them and that’s been two
week. Now, I would like to know before I go on up the chain what’s going on, if someone would
let me know. If it’s a rule in the City Code, then they need to enforce it; if not, then they need to
May 16 – 22, 2009
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take it out so we can all bring home junk cars. I would appreciate some input on this and have
something done about it. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj
Mike Lavey
1995 Rockridge Way
Boise, ID 83712
Curb-It: I am kind of bent out of shape. I just heard on the news this morning something about
a new trash service; I’m supposed to call and get something, a new type of a container. Well,
I’ve called the Boise City number in the phone book and I’ve also called the trash service and I
get directed to some line that never answers. First off, I guess I’m concerned – when in the
heck did this happen and who’s in charge of this? It sounds to me like we’re going to get less
service, probably pay the same and then there’s some deal about over-charging for extra bins
or barrels. What am I going to do with the trash cans that I’ve got now? Now, this sounds like a
crock to me. When in the heck did this thing get put through and why? Particularly since it
sounds like we’re going to get less service. Where am I going to put this thing? It sounds like
it’s a big giant wheeled cart. So, listen I need a call back, and I’m going to keep calling these
other pin heads at this other number and try to figure out what in the heck I’m supposed to do. I
can’t believe it’s in 5 days and this is going to happen and this is the first I’ve heard about it on
NPR this morning. I don’t know what in the hell is going on down there, but somebody better
get a hold of something because this is crap; this is the kind of stuff that makes me so upset, as
you can tell. So I would appreciate a call back from somebody in charge of this trash thing. If I
could ever get through to them, I’d give this message to them myself. I’m going to try one more
time. It’s about 8:30 in the morning, so let’s get something going on down here and have
somebody answer the damn phone.
Breck Lee
2019 S. Pacific
Boise, ID 83705
Code Enforcement: I have a neighbor across the street at 2020 S. Pacific; their yard is a foot
and a half tall; I can’t get any kind of response from the City Code Enforcement. The property
management company told me to get lost, and I don’t know what else to do. Most of the people
in this neighborhood try to keep a nice lawn and this is a mess. By the 4th of July it’s going to be
a tinder box and nobody has responded yet. I would like to see what can happen.
Action Taken: contacted
Lady from Sacramento called: 5/15/09 PM; 5/16/09 AM; 5/16/09 PM; 5/17/09 AM; 5/17/09 AM;
5/17/09 PM; 5/18/09 AM; 5/18/09 PM; 5/19/09 AM; 5/19/09 AM.

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  1. What’s up with this “Lady from San Francisco?”Did I miss something?

  2. Timm: Yep, you’ve definitely missed something if you’ve never read the calls from the Lady from Sacramento (no, Timm, that’s not the same as San Francisco).

    As you can see by the times listed, she calls *a lot*!

    The Guardian used to run the transcripts, but they were incredibly long, and none of us could ever figure out what she was talking about … just ramble, ramble, ramble.

    Guardian: I’d like it if you’d occasionally run a sample of her calls, so new people can get an idea of what they are, and the rest of us can have fun trying to make sense out if them.

    — gp

  3. What stuns me is that the City actually takes the time and wastes taxpayer dollars transcribing them, if indeed that’s what they do. Do they transcribe them Dave?

    EDITOR NOTE–They do transcribe them. Some of our very best stories come from the weekly memo. If they didn’t transcribe them, councilors would easily ignore the VOICE of the people. The HOTLINE is a very popular feature and prevents the thing from being just a
    “placebo” to make folks THINK the Mayor is listening. Our first world wide GUARDIAN story came from the hotline caller complaining about the ZAMBONI trip to Burger King at midnight….Boise got world acclaim on that one!

  4. I guess I should have made myself clear. I was wondering if they transcribed the lady from Sacramento because if they do, that would be a real waste of time and taxpayer’s dollars to pay for that time.

    So my question again, Dave do they transcribe the lady from Sacramento?

    EDITOR NOTE–They DO NOT transcribe her and we don’t publish the stuff anymore either because it is just “out there” and makes no sense.

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