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State Workers Targeted By Boise Parking?

Complaints from several state workers have reached the GUARDIAN regarding the following memo circulated among staffers regarding parking tickets from Boise City. They characterize the enforcement action as the work of Nazis, but we think it is just the Parking Czar’s people enjoying a fresh crop of cherries to pick.

Concerning on Street Parking

Please be aware that Boise City is actively enforcing Boise City Code 10-11-4B3 which states it is a violation to park within twenty feet (20′) of a crosswalk or a bike/pedestrian curb ramp, as defined in Section 10-14-1 of the Boise City Code, except at an intersection where a traffic control signal is in operation, or in a parking meter zone.

The City is issuing a $37.00 ticket for parking less than 20 feet from a crosswalk. Unfortunately the curbs are not all marked / painted or signed, so visitors to the Capitol Mall and employees of the Capitol Mall are receiving tickets for not parking 20 feet or more from a crosswalk. Boise City states they have publicized their enforcement of parking too close to crosswalks, however many citizens have not heard
about this.

Now if they would just get aboard the folly trolley there wouldn’t be a problem.

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  1. If it takes making parking completely illegal between 16th and 1st., Bieter will do it to FORCE the use of the BFT!! This city will still be a great place to live in spite of team Dave, not because of him!!

  2. This business of so many feet from each different thing it what is known as the “DOLLAR COLLAR”. They know most folks don’t know the regs.

    Scoff law people need to be cited but give us a break. If we are not supposed to park there then paint the curbs red the desired distance we are not to violate.

  3. The city’s publicity campaign to let people know about the 20-foot distance consists of giving them tickets when they break this law. I got nabbed last week. If the city wanted to get the word out in a highly effective way, I suggest they could exercise the option of putting a warning on offenders’ cars, instead of immediately fining them $37 for breaking an obscure law on an unmarked curb.

  4. Can you park there just long enough to get out a tape measure and find out where you’re supposed to be? Ridiculous to enforce it but not paint the curbs red, or something.
    I guess it’s cuz they figure pedestrians and bicyclists can’t see past the parked cars to see whether other traffic is coming.
    But then, “except … in a parking meter zone.”
    Oh, it’s OK to run over pedestrians and bicyclists if their view is blocked by a car that’s paying to park there, apparently.
    Are the officials nuts, or just plain stupid?

  5. Gordon, I vote for both! It is truly a scary thing to deal with people that are too dumb to realize how insane they are!

  6. Oh please, scary, dumb, insane? This IS the warning, something they didn’t have to do. And ACHD owns the streets, blame them for the lack of markings. Geez, if you think this is a maaaaajor issue, you should be parking in a garage and walking to your destination. I suspect that’s part of the intention here. Downtown is getting too crowded for all the traffic.

  7. Makes crossing the street a bit safer… Hmmm, but I thought state workers can park where and when they want… after all we need them to keep the system running right? LOL!

  8. Insane- very foolish, extravagant.

    Dumb- to make or become less intellectually demanding

    Scary- frightening

    Yup Sisyphus, all three! Not a maaaaajor issue, but certainly symptomatic of the ineptness in government.

  9. Drivers Ed 101
    Jun 16, 2009, 4:32 am

    Before being issued an Idaho drivers license, isn’t there a test based on having memorized the contents of the Idaho Drivers manual? Content like on page 2-8:

    No-Parking Zones
    Parking is not allowed:
    • Within 20 feet of a crosswalk.

    That being said, there are certainly more serious traffic laws listed in that manual that should get enforcement priority.

  10. Are you forgeting that Boise (aside from needing the money) is having lots of people and bikes run over, thus keeping crossings and such clear of obstructions is a safety thing too.

  11. Meanwhile, over here in abandoned West Downtown, people park on the sidewalks all day long every day. I’m talking about you Buck’s Bags, Italian Tile and Marble and Bronco Motors.

    Then there’s the granite counter top place that has their granite on the planting strip on 17th next to the Cabana. A couple of junk trucks and trailers populate the vacant lot behind the Cabana too.

    /pulling my hair out

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