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Mayor Hotline June 13 to 19


Peggy Natchi
Bike Safety: I think we need to have a Towne Hall meeting about bicyclists and public
transportation and cars. I think it’s vital that it happen soon and if I can help organize that, I
would love to do that. It is very vital that we take this into hand because of these recent bicycle
deaths that are unaccounted for. We need to come; we’re not Amsterdam; we are not set up for
bicycles and cars, and there needs to be a Towne meeting about that.

Margaret Woodward
Harris Ranch
Bike Safety: I’m calling in response to the Mayor’s call for more money to be spent on the bike
lanes. I agree with Governor Otter that we should not be spending money on that right now
because a lot of the bikers choose to not use the bike lanes, at least in East Boise. There are
beautiful bike lanes on the Greenbelt along Warm Springs and time after time bicyclists use the
main Warm Springs Road, putting everyone at risk, and then even on the Mesa Road, they ride
on that where cars have to stop and wait to go around them. Continually, even yesterday after
this most recent tragic death that we are all very upset about, a bicyclist was riding in the middle
of the road across the river by Barber Park. That is very narrow; there is a perfectly good bike
lane on the Greenbelt on the side and he wasn’t using it and cars were backed up behind him. I
don’t understand and there should not be any money spent if there’s not money allotted for that.
Thank you.
Bike Safety: There was an article in the morning paper where the Mayor said, “We must do
more to educate motorists about bicycle safety.” How about educating the bicyclists? I am
retired but I spent most of my working years in insurance connected things, settling claims, I did
a lot of safety work, I did a lot of management work, and bicyclists are the most disrespectful
bunch of people I have ever seen. I can’t tell you why or what, but just this week I stopped at a
stop sign, the other car stopped at a stop sign on the cross street, and just as I was ready to pull
out, here came two bicyclists through full tilt and they didn’t stop or slow down or care. I had to
hit my brakes. I just don’t know why they think they own the road; if they’re going to drive on the
road, they ought to respect the rules of the road. There are Letters to the Editor this week and
one of them says let cyclists help pay for the paths; register bicycles; adult cyclists should act as
better road models; courtesy and road rules apply across the board. About them racing through
stop signs, and they do, just constantly. They’re the most disrespectful bunch of people I’ve
ever seen, and I used to do committee work with the ACHD and I think we’re absolutely right.
When you drive to your work and around, notice the number of bicycles you see. How many do
you see a day – 5 or 10? You’re spending way too much money and too much emphasis on a
splinter group. And speaking of splinter groups, that water park you’re putting in Boise for the
paddlers, they get together and organize and you always pamper to these splinter groups. Look
at the whole of Boise, how many people are here – 200,000 – 250,000, and how many of them
are actually water kayakers? I’ve always been a boater and a water person all my life, but this
little splinter group, you keep pushing those and I don’t know why except that it’s good publicity
in the papers for you. I voted for you the first time, but I will never vote for you again. You’ve
just gone off on these little splinter groups that don’t represent the whole of Boise, and Governor

Otter is right and the ACHD is right, and you can just do all you want to do to get your name in
the paper and be for somebody, but that doesn’t go with the bulk of the people. Think about it.

Buster McClain
6135 S. Snapdragon
Boise, ID 83716
Ironman: I’m commenting on the Ironman traffic fiasco. Volunteers have zero idea what they’re
doing, as does the Boise City Police Department. No one has alternative routes, nor do they
have any direction to which way to send people. I spent 45 minutes trying to get to my home in
Columbia Village because they tried to tell me that I had to go from Gowen Road to Warm
Springs Ave. to find an alternative route by coming up the back way into Columbia Village. I feel
that this is a waste of my time, my money; alternative routes should already be established and
they should not have to close the entire roadway system on the southeast side of Boise to have
a run. I understand this brings in quite a bit of money, but you know we also have businesses
up here, infrastructure; you everybody needs to be able to use these roads, including the
runners and bicyclists, but I don’t feel that it’s a positive way to shut down the freeway access
as to getting to Micron or any of the businesses up in the Columbia Village / Parkcenter area;
this is just ridiculous. I don’t understand how you can do this, and if you can do it, not to inform
the people that are trying to get to where they need to do, whether it’s flyers, alternative maps or
something like that. If there were an emergency and I needed to take my wife to the hospital, it
would be impossible for me to get access to a road. This is just unacceptable and I don’t
understand why things like this happen with no access to any of the subdivisions. Nobody has
any clue on what’s going on, volunteers or the police officers that I spoke with on the bikes.
They’re telling me I have to go way, way around; I’m wasting my time, my gas, and I’m getting
very frustrated with this. Thank you for your time.

Adam Kuhl
Ironman: I just have a concern. I was just in traffic 45 minutes trying to get to my home. I am a
great fan of the city; I am a great fan of Mr. Bieter, but I’m quite unhappy with the way things
were organized today for this event. I could not find my way back from work to home; all I was
trying to do was get from Capitol Blvd. to my home on Boise Ave. and I have had such a difficult
time. I have been in traffic for about 45 minutes along with many other people. I just wish to
register my complaint and hope that it gets handled better the next time an event happens. I
thank you very much. Again, I am a great fan of the city and a great fan of all the wonderful
events that you put on, but this was disorganized; this was not organized in a good way. Thank

Buster McClain
Ironman: I left a message earlier in regards to the Ironman. I just received the letters that you
sent out on Saturday afternoon after I got home being stuck in the Ironman traffic fiasco. A
suggestion would be to maybe mail those out just a little bit earlier. Thank you.

James Bruder
Ironman: I’m calling concerning the Ironman. I had very important business that I had to get
taken care of in Idaho City today. Unfortunately Highway 21 was entirely closed down; I was
unable to get up there and take care of that business, thus making my whole day a wash. I
understand how important it is that we do these activities, but I cannot believe that we closed
the entire Highway 21 down just for this event. I don’t know where the funding is coming from to
support all the police officers and all the other personnel that were there, but I’ve got a pretty
dagone good feeling that it’s coming out of my tax money. So, if all that money is coming from
me and my fellow constituents, I feel that I should be able to get up highway 21 to take care of
my business. As you can probably tell, I’m extremely frustrated and I realize that we have to
make cathlations, but there has to be a better way than closing down the entire road for the
duration of the day. If we could get a little forethought into this and maybe think of some other
options instead of closing that entire road down for the duration of the day, I think that would be
best served for all involved. Thank you very much for your time.

Steve Hulme
4623 Camas St.
(Right across the street from Cassia Park)
Parks: It’s just a couple of minutes before midnight on Saturday night. For the last couple of
Saturday nights I have had wrecker trucks that are coming and towing away cars that
apparently have been left in the park after hours by Boise citizens, and the only reason I’m
calling, I’m a little perplexed why suddenly this is such a huge problem and it hasn’t been in the
18 years we have lived here. Second of all, the wreckers, I’m sure they’re trying to be as quiet
as they can, but it still creates quite a commotion, these big diesel trucks that pull in and they’re
dragging chains around and stuff. It’s been going on for about an hour tonight, I think there are
four cars over there. There are currently two wrecker trucks and what’s the big deal? Do you
have a friend in the wrecker business or something? Exactly why does this have to happen? I
don’t see that this is a public hazard or a problem. Anyway, I’m just a little concerned about
that. I don’t know that somebody has to call back, but I just wanted to express my concern and
mild annoyance over this. Thank you.

Dan Lawrence
430 Mobley Dr.
Boise, ID
Streetcars: I am against the Mayor’s idea for the street cars in downtown Boise. I think that the
money that is allotted for the street cars would be put to better use in upgrading the bus system
and making a viable transportation alternative as to the bus system in Boise. Thank you.

Chris Smith
Minuteman Way
Boise, ID 83706
Ironman: I’m calling because I want to complain about the planning for the Ironman Triathlon on
Saturday. We get off at 7:30; we work on the Bench and we live in Southeast Boise. We tried
to get home and we couldn’t. Thousands of other people were also stranded on Federal Way
and on the feeder roads to Federal Way and couldn’t get off the Bench. The police were at the
large intersections, mainly to make sure nobody turned down and got off of the Bench. There
was no help about what route there might be to get down from the Bench into the lower area of
Boise. Whoever planned this route did a really lousy job of it because this inconvenienced a lot
of us during a major rain storm and I don’t care if the athletes were also in the middle of a rain
storm. We also live here and pay taxes. I don’t want this to happen like this again. Our
neighbors tried to get from the Fairgrounds back here to their home and couldn’t; they couldn’t
get through town, they couldn’t get across town because everything was blocked off. If we’re
going to have a Triathlon event here, it needs to be on roads with minimal impact, not major
arteries, and you need to be able to go from North to South and East to West. So, please talk to
the planners about this, this was really ridiculous. Thank you.

Ironman: This is a citizen of Boise, Idaho and you guys are doing your Ironman, and it’s bull
crap because we can’t get to our house because they’ve closed off the left lanes. So, I’m
putting in a complaint that this needs to be changed somehow down the road if you guys ever
decide to do it again. Have a great day.

Ironman: I just wanted to complain about the half of the Ironman run or race or whatever. It
was half-assed planned with the traffic off Federal Way onto Burgeson; you totally closed it
without any remedy except the cop yelling at me that I should have turned on Broadway. Why
wasn’t there a sign that said, “If you want to go on Burgeson, turn on Broadway.” Crazy, huh? I
would have called your hotline except I never get any response there. You know that hotline
thing you guys got going, that’s poor shit too. I’ve seen lots of races all over the Northwest and
the West Coast, San Francisco, and this is probably the worst planning I’ve ever seen in my life.
You have cops yelling back at people where to go instead of directing traffic. They’re standing
there yelling at people. Instead of having signs up, you’re planning for this Ironman Race, which
is going to be a washout because the weather’s crap, it’s really terrible. So whoever did it did a
really bad job. Once again, first time around maybe? Maybe they’ll figure it out, I don’t know.
You guys did a great job on the River Festival, didn’t you? Remember that one? Yah, that went
to shit too, didn’t it. Bureaucracy, we love ya. And Bieter, guess what, we’re going to vote you
out this next year cause you suck. See ya.

Sharon Freund
5684 S. Nastersium Pl.
Boise, ID 83716
Ironman: I’m calling regarding the Ironman Triathlon event that took place on Saturday, June
13th. I was rather upset because when I went out to run my errands and came back home, I
was unable to enter my subdivision. I was sent by the police on a wild goose chase back out on
the Interstate to try to get into my subdivision, which is Columbia Village. I finally went onto the
Interstate, went towards Boise, got off at the Broadway exit, went back onto Federal Way, went
past all the roadblocks and finally made a left turn on a street that was barricaded (I can’t
remember the name of the street, it’s the street that the Post Office is on and there’s a daycare
on that street also), but I turned left on that street to get home. After I did that about ten or
fifteen cars followed me. There was no notification sent, except we did get something in the
mail when our mail was delivered that day between 4 and 5 pm, so I guess the notification was
sent, but it was sent very late. Again, I can’t imagine that you would block off access to
someone’s home for some type of sporting event like this; it doesn’t make sense. It would be
greatly appreciated if you would return my call. Thank.

Lael Haile
True Paint Ball off of Harvard St. (off of Gowen)
3131 W. Harvard
Boise, ID 83705
895-7902 (store) 695-0524 (cell)
Ironman: I’m calling in regard to the road closure that occurred on Saturday due to the Ironman
competition. There was no alternate route given to my business, therefore, I lost 3/4 of my
revenue. I was assured by Sgt. Christensen that people would be able to get through;
unfortunately that did not occur and people were turning around. If you could please return my
call, I would like some information on who coordinated the Ironman and who pulled the permit
for the road closure. I would like to be compensated for my lost revenue. Thank you.

John Kirtland
Ironman: I’m calling concerning the Ironman contest that you had going in Boise this Saturday.
I left near Capital High School around 6:00 or so to go to the Shakesphere Festival. I drove
downtown and all of the traffic, because of the Ironman contest, is pushed to the right or toward
Boise State. I drove by Boise State, all the time trying to stay in the left-hand lane so I can
make a left-hand turn and go to Warm Springs. I couldn’t do it at Boise State, up the hill to the
train station, onto Federal Way, there was traffic like you can’t believe. Everybody was trying to
do something along the lines that I was trying to do – get to the left. Of course they can’t then
people start doing U-Turns in the middle of the road and you can see the tension rising in the
aggressiveness of the drivers. I hear all of these ads on TV that they’re going to prosecute
aggressive drivers. What’s happening is because whoever put this race together didn’t allow for
anybody to make a turn to go to the left, you are the cause of the aggressive driver and people
making a big-time mistake. To make a long story short, when all was said and done, I drove all
the way out to Micron Technology before I got turned around back onto the freeway and sent
back to Boise. While at Micron I pulled over and asked one of the officers who were kind of
standing in the rain, why there was no place to turn to get to the Shakespeare Festival or to
Broadway. The one officer asked me why I would want to go to see the Shakespeare Festival
in the rain. I didn’t need any of her humor at that point and I wasn’t very happy with it, but
somebody needs to really take a good look at this because it was extremely poor planning at
best. I can’t imagine the frustration I would have felt had I been trying to get to St. Luke’s or
something like that the way it was handled. So, it was a poor effort at best on the part of
whoever set that thing up. When it was all said and done, I normally arrive an hour before and
have a nice dinner and watch the program, as the guy was telling us, I missed a clean show and
slammed down my food; needless to say I wasn’t very happy. Like I said, whoever put it
together didn’t use very good judgment because there needs to be a way to get from one side of
the town to the other and I don’t care what the event is, least of all an Ironman event. So, take a
look at it and see if you can’t improve on it. Thanks.

Kristi Hansen
4118 E. Trekker Rim Dr.
Boise, ID 83716
Ironman: I’m calling to express my frustration on the road closures for the Ironman race on
Saturday. An entire area of Southeast Boise was cut off from our homes and residents for
many hours on Saturday. On Federal Way, you couldn’t turn left; there was no reasonable way
to access our homes. I had run downtown to what should have been a quick trip to the grocery
store; it took me an hour and a half to get home and when I did get home, in my mail box on
Saturday was an impact notice which I don’t know if the timing of that was strategic to deliver
those on Saturday when it was too late for the public to voice their concern over the extensive
road closures. I think especially the Southeast Boise area was hit especially hard with those
closures and I don’t think that competition justified the inconvenience to the public, and I think it
raised issues of public safety. It took me so long to get home that I wondered what would have
happened if I had been home and had an emergency and been completely cut off from the rest
of the city due to a thousand people wanting to race. Certainly somebody made money off that
and I think that the inconvenience to the public far outweighed a for-profit company running
these races. I hope next year and in future years the good of the public is taken into account
when planning these races and neighborhoods like Southeast Boise are not cut off from their
homes. Thanks.

Chelsea Volington
Ironman: I’ve lived in the Boise area for about six years now in the 83712 Zip Code. I am
calling concerning Saturday’s Ironman race. We were coming home on Saturday from town and
we collided with several blocked roads, detours, quite a few turn-arounds and confusion in
where to go and who to contact to tell us how to get back down to our street that we live on; we
live off of Warm Springs. We drove around for about an hour; I contacted the non-emergency
dispatch to ask what roads were open. They forwarded me twice to the same cell number of an
Officer Christensen, which he never answered nor returned my message. Approximately an
hour later we took the freeway back out to try the Garrity exit which was blocked; we ended up
at Blacks Creek Road on Highway 21 where we talked to somebody standing in the middle of
the road directing traffic and they thought that Highway 21 was open down to Warm Springs,
which it was. My complaint is that there wasn’t any solid information and we had to drive
around for an hour to avoid the Ironman competition. I appreciate having them here in town and
it’s quite interesting to watch, but it was a huge inconvenience and the lack of information was
more than frustrating, and the fact that the only person who apparently knew anything wouldn’t
return or answer the cell phone. I’m not sure if there’s a different route they could pick the next
time they’re in town or why the decision was made to have them run directly through town to cut
it in half. Traffic was a mess, people were driving erratically, it was dangerous, and the weather
was bad which made it increasingly more dangerous. I would hope that in the future there will
be better communication.

Cheri Elms
I’m calling regarding the current bicycle issue. As a driver I don’t really have a clear
understanding for what the rules are for bicycle riders. I try to be very vigilant and watch out for
the bicycle rider, but I do see some really odd things going on and as Boise grows and more
bicycle riders are out there, I have kind of been involved in a couple of things that scared me
and I don’t think the bicyclists were very vigilant themselves. I see a lot of bicyclists going
through red lights. Now it’s my understanding that a bicyclist can go through a red light,
however I’ve been told that they need to stop and look. Every bicyclist that I’ve ever seen that
went through a red light, they already have a momentum, they’re going fast, and they don’t want
to stop, they want to continue. They just blast right on through. That is a scary proposition for
people coming the other way. Another situation that I’ve been involved in, there are two or three
lanes going the same direction, the light is red, all the lanes have three or four cars in them, and
let’s say two or three bicycles are behind that in a lane, not a bike lane; they do not stop, they
just worm their way up between the cars and they’re not even in a lane, they’re in a nondesignated
place. It’s like they shouldn’t be there, somebody might not even see them sneak
up there and then if a person needs to turn right or left, all of sudden there the bicyclist is and
they should be way back waiting for the light to change with the rest of us. I can see very big
possibilities of accidents happening in those regards. I would like to see some education for the
bicycle riders; I know probably most of them do the right thing, but maybe education for the
bicycle rider as well as the driver as to what’s appropriate. I think most people would be
appalled to find out that the bicyclist, and I was told the motorcyclist, can go through a red light.
To me that’s absolutely ridiculous; if they can go through a red light, I as a car driver, am just as
capable of stopping and looking both ways and going on myself. I think it’s asking for trouble; I
think that law needs to be changed; I think there needs to be a massive blitz for bicycle riders to
do the right thing and not just want to go fast and get wherever they’re going. If someone would
like to call me back, that would be great, but I would like there to be more safety for both the
driver and the bicycle rider. Thank you.

Brian Jain
I work at the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired
334-3220 Ext. 125
Parking: I want to complain about the city parking agency. They’re being very heavy handed.
We have had to struggle ever since I have worked here 17 years ago trying to find parking
places for our employees and our clients. The city parking people at this point are just issuing
tickets for $37 right and left to our clients and our employees in this time of recession. They
don’t have the “No Parking” zones marked to start with. If they would put yellow zones there,
okay we can deal with that. We’ve parked in these places for the last 20 years without
repercussion. It’s a struggle to find parking places here. Instead of lining the parking spaces so
we don’t continually have three spaces taken by two cars, they just start slapping out tickets.
They have a very poor attitude; they have employees running around with rulers and hiding
behind ticket books. I’m obviously very irate. You’ve stuck four people from my agency; I talked
with another gentleman who works across the street today and he said it’s exactly the same in
their agency. These people run around like they’re answerable to know one. They are also
public service employees, just as I am, and they’re doing a very poor job with a very bad
attitude. Thank you.

Sally Halbach
Ironman: I’m calling regarding the traffic tie-up as a result of the Ironman competition this past
Saturday, June 13th. It was something that went on far longer than I think it should have and
many, many people, including our family, were inconvenienced by downtown being so
inaccessible. I would hope that next year the organizers of this event would take that into
consideration because to be tied up from 3:00 until the early evening was far too long. Thank

Anonymous Male
Parks: Hello; it’s about 6:30 in the morning on Tuesday and I want to report some people
sleeping in the park at the corner of Hays and Harrison Blvd., the small city park there. I just
want the city to know that that seems to be pretty routine now; I see people there early in the
morning, late at night lying in the grass with sleeping bags, backpacks, tarps and things like
that. Thank you.

Frank Glodowski
4243 E. Afrodite Ct.
Boise, ID 83716
Ironman: I have an issue the way the traffic was handled for the Ironman out at Columbia
Village east of Federal Way. They didn’t allow any left-turns period. It was a traffic nightmare
and there’s no reason why they couldn’t have allowed traffic to turn left when the bikes weren’t
in the area. Some of the traffic control people were on the ridge side as well. One last
comment – I got the Ironman notice of road closures Saturday afternoon after I got home from
fighting traffic out there. I didn’t have a choice of how to avoid getting around there because I
live in Columbia Village. So, I’m sure it was beneficial to the city, but it’s got to be handled just a
little bit better. Thank you.

Jay Yost
Bike Safety: My friend, Will Lindsey and I spent time with the Mayor and explained to him a
couple of years ago about the bicycle situation and I’ve been thinking about this since the first
guy got hit a couple of weeks ago. We came up there and we told him in advance that this kind
of thing was happening; we saw it getting worse and worse and worse. We would like to know
why the Mayor did nothing and the police officers did nothing for two years when we knew the
problem was there. We could have started an education process two years ago, maybe three
years ago; I can’t remember the exact date when we went in there but we do have a record of it.
We just want to know, we want the answers. I would like to know why the Mayor didn’t do
anything. We ride bikes, we’re out there every day; we want to know why nothing was done in
advance, then these kind of problems wouldn’t happen. With forethought and the laws that are
enforced, that haven’t been enforced and aren’t being enforced, why is it happening? Because
people did nothing to educate and that’s what we wanted to have done and it never got done.
Why? Why? Why? Thank you.

Carol Huteson
6111 N. May St.
Boise, ID 83714
Bike Safety: I’ve just been listening to the news reports about all the cyclist accidents lately and
it just occurred to me – why not make the sidewalks wider and then create a marked-off area on
the sidewalks just for bicyclists, just like it is on the streets? They’re supposed to be walking
their bikes across the intersections anyway; that shouldn’t be a big concern, then that gets them
off the streets which may cut down on the accidents. I don’t know, it’s just a suggestion, it’s
something that just occurred to me. Thanks for listening.

Leslie Hayes
(503) 267-3492
W – 947-7548
Parking: I’m calling with a concern about parking tickets and the parking office in the City of
Boise. I feel like I’m being unfairly targeted by a specific parking meter lady, Badge #92266;
she’s given me several unwarranted tickets that I’ve had to call to be voided, and she’s also
given me tickets that I feel would constitute more of a warning as opposed to a full-fledged
parking violation. When I called to talk to her manager, Stu, about these parking violations, he
has repeatedly referred to me as the girl who used to have Oregon plates, as a direct quote. I
am a recent transplant from the Portland area, so I did used to have Oregon plates, but I have
Idaho plates now that I reside here in Idaho, and it’s been over a year since I’ve had my plates
transferred, so I don’t understand why he would continue to refer to me as the girl with the
Oregon plates. I would like to speak with someone on this matter, and what form of recourse I
have. I am to a position where I don’t feel comfortable driving to work or attempting to park in
the downtown area any longer because every time I come to work I feel like I receive a ticket, so
I’m stuck walking or biking, which is not an issue in the summer but it can be an issue in the
winter. If you would give me a call back, that would be wonderful. Thank you so much for you
Action Taken: contacted

Ironman: I’m an old Idaho native; I was born in 1948, my folks came here in 1935, my dad
helped create the labor unions and was a good Democrat. Any rate, I’m not really in favor of the
Ironman tying up so many of the roads. Also, Barclay Bay is closing that; the parking pass is
there through the quirks of the engineers, and the Spring Shores parking passes are through
the Parks and Recreation. It would be nice if it was publicized if the parking passes would be
honored in both locations. That was also during free-fishing Saturday; not very many people
were affected, probably because of the weather, but I hope that doesn’t become a yearly event
in which everything is tied up. Also, concerning the streetcar issue, I’m not really in favor of it;
it’s probably another pork spending for Boise. You have to tear up a lot of signal sensors, lay
track, $30-40 million for this in relatively a small are in Boise. What is it going to encompass, 30
blocks or so? We’re not San Francisco. I think the propane buses serve us quite well, and are
we going to have a bunch of electric wires overhead for the streetcars? I do remember traveling
Capitol Blvd. and going over all those tracks in the 1950s and it was nice to have them out of
there. I don’t think Boise really has wide enough streets in the downtown area to really make a
streetcar very effective any more. I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Thank you.
June 13 – 19, 2009
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Cathy Graves
180 Parkway Dr.
Boise, ID
Park Bridge: I have two comments and two issues. One is for all the biking safety that we’re
trying to promote and we’re hoping that Mayor Bieter is behind us all the way. The other
concerns the orange bridge which I bike across frequently. I continue to see every day kids
jumping off the bridge; I know there are signs posted everywhere saying that no jumping is
allowed, but there’s no enforcement. Somebody’s going to die, but we all know that and I just
get very concerned when I keep seeing kid after kid after kid jumping. It’s not just the low part
of the bridge, they’re up on the high part of the bridge and I’m concerned, very concerned about
it everyday that I bike by there. Thank you for listening.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. Mr. Yost
    It is really quite simple. The mayor did nothing because he is a “do nothing” mayor!

    EDITOR NOTE–Team Dave has appointed a task force/committee to study the issue. However implementation of ANYTHING is probably a long way off.

  2. Wow! That ironman mess must have been a doozie..again, a PC event shut down half the city for hours without even decent planning or warning. These things should be held on minor streets way away from traffic. The entire city should not get shut down for an event most folk could care less about.

  3. Mike Murphy for Mayor
    Jun 24, 2009, 2:05 pm

    “A Camel is a Horse designed by a Committee” ~Unknown

  4. I bike therefore I am.

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