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North Beach At Payette Lake To Remain Open

273Acting State Park Director Dave Ricks tells the GUARDIAN there are no plans to close North Beach at Ponderosa State Park over the July 4th weekend.

Reader “Justin” contacted us in a panic claiming that North Beach was to be closed as a “pre-emptive strike” to eliminate rowdy partying over the July 4th Weekend. Ricks said there had been problems in the past, but this year Park Rangers, Valley County Sheriff’s Deputies and McCall Police will be keeping a watch on the situation.

If you don’t like beer drinking college kids, scantily clad beautiful girls, loud music, dancing, swimming, junk food, and the smell of tanning lotion, better stay away.

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  1. And, I thought this was a family friendly site. Surely that pic was not taken in McCall.

    EDITOR NOTE–The image is from another location, but Park people tell us “wild behavior” is the issue. Like we said, stay away from the beach if these things offend you.

  2. That’s a great looking… boat.

  3. Wild is putting it mildly.

    Debaucherous, dangerous, and offensive is more appropriate.

  4. A reliable source has told me that gal is a hygienist at a dentist’s office… and one of the perks is that DENTAL FLOSS she’s wearing, in lieu of a bathing suit. (nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

  5. God bless you Dave.

  6. What boat?

  7. Oh…that boat!

  8. Great picture, but is that boat old enough to be posting a picture on the web? I bet dad is very proud

  9. I think keeping the park open is a great idea. Kids will be kids and better than breaking up the party and scattering them to the hinterlands to carry on, keeping them under adult supervision is a better solution. LE, EMS, Park Rangers and bathrooms makes for a safer environment for the kids, and the authorities, then chasing down the keggers in the back country.

    Like the scene or not, the kids are revenue generating tourists and McCall is dependent on tourists.

  10. Offended? This old man may plan a “road trip”!

  11. The only thing that offends me is that I am not there, with her, next to her. hehehehe.

  12. I think she might be a “Rear” Admiral in the Navy!

  13. Looks to me like North Beach partygoers are getting a bum rap. Most of Idaho’s leaders should be required to attend. The might learn a couple of things about transparency.

  14. I probably would of been there back when I grew up in McCall. I do see a problem with crowds on that beach for emergency services. Probably be faster by boat back to town.

    Here is a picture from last year (not pluggin another pro-photographer) Party On!

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