Highway District Driver Saves Canyon Home

Fire1The folks at Lincoln Road and Middleton Road were visibly grateful to a Canyon County Highway District Driver who saved their home from advancing flames Monday afternoon.

It appeared that a weed burning project got out of control, igniting a hedge of 20 feet tall arbor vitae running along the wall of the frame home. Residents with a single garden hose were no match for the inferno which consumed the tinder dry brush. When the GUARDIAN editor–out making photos for the day job–rolled up and summoned the Middleton Fire Department it looked dicey.
Several motorists stopped, but the intensity of the flames and the lack of any water beyond the single garden hose left them helpless. EXCEPT for Ed Kyle who just happened to be passing by at the wheel of his Highway District truck loaded with 2,800 gallons of water!

Kyle parked his truck in just the perfect spot, flicked a switch in the cab and sent a plume of water onto the blaze, reducing it to a cloud of white smoke by the time fire engines arrived. When congratulated on his actions Kyle matter-of-factly said, “I thought I would cool it off a bit for them.”

Then–like the Lone Ranger– he got in his truck and drove away, leaving the firefighters to do the mop up.

Ed Kyle gets a GUARDIAN HERO award!

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  1. Cool Pic. I like that a government employee took action without getting approval from a superior.

  2. Kudo’s to him. maybe the small town neighbor helping neighbor isn’t completely gone.

  3. Mr. Watcher
    Jun 30, 2009, 6:49 am

    “It appeared that a weed burning project got out of control”
    I wonder who was doing the weed burning project. Being the word “project” was used I’m feeling that it was a government controlled project that was poorly thought out as the situation proves. I agree it was a good thing for all of the taxpayers who would have been saddled with a lawsuit for the damage of this home. The truck driver should get an extra week off with pay this summer for using his head and saving a home and a lot of taxpayer money.
    Great on the spot news coverage, talk about luck!

  4. Nice move on the part of the highway guy. Still, I am curious how the fire got into the shrubbery in the first place. The field in the picture looks pretty green, so it wasn’t a range fire. Another case of people burning the ditch bank without thinking, perhaps?

  5. Thanks to everyone who helped save our home. I came out of our home to see a fire and a photographer snapping pictures. You might think people would be more concerned about saving someone’s home, and possibly lives than their career. Thanks, Mr. Frazier. FYI…there were people inside the home. Thankfully, no one was sleeping and the hwy district truck showed up.

    This was not a “government project” as commented by Mr Watcher. It amazes me how people comment without any facts. Ed Kyle was a wonderful citizen doing what he could to help those in his community.

    Unfortunately, this was a burn project that was victim to mother nature (winds & dry heat). For those farmers, it is almost impossible to find a day for burning. It is either raining, winds blowing, or “air polution” in this day & age. The farmers have been burning in this area for longer than most have been living here. Most of our polution stems from emissions from people moving in, not from the dry weeds burning. The burn was done in hopes of preventing a cigarette starting a fire. Again, it was just unfortunate circumstances. The wind was not blowing when this project was started. It also died down shortly after the bushes burned.

    Lets just thank God that our home was saved. I have never sent comments in. Thanks for letting me do so. Please keep comments positive!

    Thank you, again, to Mr. Kyle and Middleton Fire Dept!

  6. Facts clarification. There is no Canyon County Highway District. Unlike Ada County with its one highway district, Canyon County actually has 4 districts: Nampa Highway District #1, Notus-Parma HD #2, Golden Gate HD #3, and Canyon HD #4.

    I’m guessing this was a Canyon HD #4 truck, which may have led to the confusion. Just worth noting to keep the facts straight and give credit where credit is due.

    EDITOR NOT: You are correct

  7. Wasn’t yesterday a NO BURN DAY? Just another demo on how people pay attention to air alerts. Air Quality enforcement in this valley with respect to open burning sucks!

    They have no concern for people with Asthma and other respiratory issues. I’ll bet this guy also burns his trash in a burn barrel.

    I am happy this guy did not get his house burned down and the highway guy was there for him.

  8. The Statesman story notes that it was a no-burn day, Paul. And it even credits and quotes Mr. Frazier’s coverage:

    That’s too funny.

  9. Brian Fendley
    Jul 11, 2009, 12:28 am

    I passed by the scene on the way home after Middleton Fire arrived. Congrats to Canyon Highway 4 employee Ed Kyle for thinking fast and doing the right thing. Good for the Guardian reporting a great story.

    Captain Brian Fendley
    Eagle Fire Department

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