Is Fred Meyer Breaking The Law?

A reader contacted the GUARDIAN noting the Fred Meyer store on Federal Way is having a big “Sidewalk Sale” in front of the store….BLOCKING HANDICAP PARKING STALLS AND VIOLATING FIRE LANE RESTRICTIONS.

If memory serves us, motorists can get tickets for using handicap parking spaces without proper credentials. We also think the fire marshall can issue tickets for parking in a fire lane. The practice of enforcing the law for scofflaw shoppers, but ignoring it for merchants trying to make a buck seems hypocritical at best.

If it is a fire lane and needs to remain open for safety, blocking the area with racks of clothes and furniture is just as unsafe as parking the old F-150 close to the door.

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  1. Normally I’m with you but I’d file this under who gives a crap.

  2. Mr. Watcher
    Jul 14, 2009, 8:59 am

    I disagree. If someone needs a handicap parking spot and sees it filled up with stuff the store is blowing out. That person can go to another food store that will want their business more than Fred Meyer.
    I don’t want government using my tax money for policing every bit of conduct that happens in our city. I’m for smaller government and the best way for that to happen is to make Kroger the owner of Fred Meyer know what is going on. You can bet that they will deal with the manager that made this mistake.
    Government is the answer when you want more problems.

  3. I would love to see a fire truck roll up and smash all of Fred Meyer’s crap set up out front.

  4. When has anyone ever seen someone get a ticket in Idaho for violating handicaped parking regs? The able bodies who have a card to hang for someone in their family who needs handicaped parking will used the @#$$## card and park in handicaped parking.

    Forget about a ticket… having the car towed will take care of the problem. Check out the Idaho Center signage. Not one violator was noted at the Buckaroo breakfast this morning.

    There are people out there that really do need handicaped parking and the idiots who think it is ok to park or otherwise use the space and not be in need of it need a big fat “L” tattooed on their foreheads.

  5. Mr. Watcher: I would agree with you on wanting government to butt out, but, in this case, the question is should laws be enforced fairly or only when they apply to us as individuals and not to the store?
    Personally, I think they should apply to the business even more than to individuals, if we must have an unbalanced system. Make the big guys comply with the same laws as the little guys, for a change!

  6. Mr. Watcher
    Jul 14, 2009, 9:45 pm

    Gordon, the correct thing to do is contact the store and tell them that they are blocking spots that disabled customers need to shop there. I’m sure this was an oversight and could be taking care of in a jiffy.
    Us folks of Idaho can work together and not go running to government for all our problems. All it would have taking is for someone to go to the customer service desk and politely inform the store of this and let them know its not scoring any points with customers that see this disregard for disabled folks. I’m willing to bet the manager would have gone out there at once and started moving stuff to hurry up and clear the parking spots.
    People make stupid mistakes this is without question a stupid mistake.

  7. sam the sham
    Jul 15, 2009, 7:01 am

    Personally, I go to yard sales if I want to stand around outside pawing through things I may want to buy. I do not agree with stores putting their overpriced “sale” items outside on racks and tables in the first place.

  8. Mr. Watcher said: ” I’m sure this was an oversight …”
    Yeah, I suppose so, if the stuff was actually set up out there by someone who didn’t see all the signs and the paint on the pavement, etc.
    If so, I’m glad to know the store hires the handicapped, even if it doesn’t save parking spaces for them.

  9. Gordon, if you want so much government doing everything. My question to you is do you kick in some extra on top of what you pay in taxes?
    Frankly, its not a question of seeing the signs its a question of not thinking into any depth.

  10. Let’s see – the economy sucks, we have 46 million people without health insurance, an incompetent mayor and governor, and the fact the Freddies is having a sidewalk sale for a few days is such a big deal you have to turn it into an article? It’s TEMPORARY – get over it.

    As for ‘those merchants trying to make a buck’ – hell yes, let them make a buck. Freddies employs hundreds of people in the Treasure Valley, and pays untold tens of thousands in taxes here. You don’t see them laying off people like Micron or Albertsons.

    I would like to see some of the whiners on here try to go create jobs. It’s not as easy as it sounds, give it a go and see how you do.

    Oh, and if you don’t like what they are doing, man up and file a complaint about it. Don’t hide behind the Internet and whine about it.

  11. Glen Tarmack
    Jul 17, 2009, 3:26 pm

    FYI, I was there yesterday. They’re using the sidewalk and a few parking spaces. Nothing in any fire lanes or disabled parking spots.

  12. I agree with ADR. I bet most of the posers on this blog shop at Wal (insert red commie star here) Mart anyway.

    Thanks for enabling a giant flock of regular whiners Guardian.

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