Sharon Ullman For Guv?

After barely six months in office, Ada County Commish Sharon Ullman is planning to run for Idaho Guv.
She confirmed to the GUARDIAN her intent to run, but added she has made no formal announcement. The Daily Paper broke the story, buried inside on a local page. Ullman said she doesn’t think the state is doing enough for local governments and sees state issues from the perspective of her county office.

While Ullman is a lightning rod for jabs from many, she has been measured in her comments and actions during this term as an Ada Commish. She seems to work well with her colleagues and seeks advice from a bunch of political insiders who secretly admire her. She has also been active statewide for years and has support among both conservatives and moderates.

The GUARDIAN sees her as another Helen Chenoweth, the former Idaho Congressman (her preferred title) who made headlines and angered environmentalists with her suggestion to “buy canned salmon” in lieu of certain conservation measures. Politically, Ullman is much more middle of the road than Chenoweth was, but there are certainly similarities in style.

Like Sarah Palin who just quit her job as Alaska Guv and Congressman Chenoweth, Ullman has a capacity to generate headlines and get votes–just ask Paul Woods who lost his Commish job to her.

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  1. Sharon does seem to have matured considerably since her first stint as a comish, but I think to garner many “well reasoned” votes she would have to prove that she is really looking out for the citizens of Idaho rather than trying to garner the support and love of the far-right, libertarian, and anti-tax lobbies.

  2. Street Wonk
    Jul 15, 2009, 8:49 am

    Well, it may be faint praise, but at least she is more intelligent than Otter.

  3. I’d take Ullman over Otter any day, and beyond that I don’t see any appealing candidates (or possibilities) thus far.

  4. Sharon was (is) a breath of fresh air in county politics. Sadly, if she thinks she can realistically take on Otter and the conservative machine in Idaho, she has just “broken her pick” politically!
    Too bad. She is either making very poor decisions or she is getting some really bad advice!

  5. Cyclops says: “She is either making very poor decisions or she is getting some really bad advice!”
    But isn’t following really bad advice still making a very poor decision?

    So, either way …

  6. AWWWWW heck give her a run at it.
    Can’t be any worst than what we have in this state.

  7. It takes big bucks to run for just about any public office. Just because you like someone will not get them into public office. It takes financial support from “we the people”.

    Words of support are nice but a check for some of the necessities of running for office would be nice as well.

    I have reached the point in life where I realize campaign contributions are one of the highest forms of expressing free speech.

    It takes money organization and voter support to get yourself elected.

  8. Interesting that “one of the highest forms of expressing free speach” is limited by federal law.

  9. Den Brockway
    Jul 16, 2009, 2:51 pm

    I am very pleased that Sharon will run for guv. She’s probably the best candidate we’ve had in several decades. She’s got my vote and support.

  10. Eric049

    I personally like the idea that campaign contributions are limited by law. I also like to think that the small amount I am able to contribute to candidates helps the person with modest means to step up and run for public office. Even if they don’t get elected it gets the conversation about issues and opportunites out there for public consumption.

    Give some thought to sending a few bucks to someone you can support. They might get elected and make our community a better place.

  11. I happen to like and respect Sharon. The problem is she has no name recognition outside of Ada County. The only way she will get her message out statewide will be by spending huge amounts of money.
    As soon as Otter declares, her donations from the “heavy hitters” in tha ag busines and PAC money will evaporate. Not because Otter is any better of a candidate, but he will be perceived as the favorite and these groups don’t want to “piss ” him off, fearing retribution if he wins. The bottom line here is that Sharon will fade due to a lack of money. One needs to always remember that in politics, “it is much better to be owed a favor than owing”. If she does decide to run, these wingnuts that are talking her into it better get their checkbooks out and make substantial donations “up front”. That is when Sharon will find out she is being “stroked”!

  12. political observer
    Jul 17, 2009, 12:18 am

    I also happen to like and respect Ms Ullman. I have followed her career from previous term to present and my admiration for her efforts and diligance has grown tremendously. I respect her the most for her grassroots low-budget campaign especially in our current economical dilemna. I see a positive change in Idahos future should Sharon Ullman win this election based on her current record as Commisioner. She has my vote and support.

  13. Idaho Native
    Jul 20, 2009, 9:54 am

    Sharon is for Sharon, always has been, and will never change. She has NEVER had the people of Idaho in mind.

  14. Doesn’t she know it’s not Halloween?

  15. Otter is over. His threats are empty. He also said there would be hell to pay if his picks for this and that office were not advanced. Nobody listens to Otter. Seriously. LOL. Can’t we get a Simplot to support Sharon Ullman? LOL.

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