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Brandi Arnold
Ustick Library: I have a concern about the new library on Cole and Ustick giving preferential
parking to those with energy efficient cars. I have spoken w/ Denyce McNeeley at the library as
well as Maryann Jordan. I have yet to receive an answer as to what this parking is and whether
the purpose of parking is the role of the libraries and what kind of effect that has on large
families who don’t fit the mold of energy efficient. I would like first of all to know the purpose,
and second of all to know what the result and effect of that is.

Marilee Hayashi
284 3262
2282 S. Shoreway
Boise 83706
City Events: I have called to complain over the years. Our stretch of Parkcenter near Apple St
and beyond has become an events center for anything to run or bike and charity events. I wake
up this morning and our subdivision has arrows and orange cones in it. There’s going to be
some kind of event that runs mostly on Parkcenter but cuts through South Shoreway
subdivision. Enough is enough. I have called over the years to ask that we be equitable about
this and have events not only on Parkcenter but elsewhere. We are held captive and can’t even
get out to go teach Sunday school or whatever, shopping, emergencies. Sometimes there are
motorcycle policemen there, sometimes not. Just the disturbance of having our quiet Saturday
and/or Sunday morning disrupted by the noise and great numbers of people who participate in
these events. I think it might even be illegal to have our subdivision become a part of these
events. If it were an occasional twice a year thing it wouldn’t matter but we have Roby Creek.
We have Run for the Cure and we have private bicycle races and that sort of thing. We aren’t
even notified when something is going to be effecting us! We need help. This has been going on
for years and neighbors have complained. We need help. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

BPD: I’m here at the new city hall west. On the upside, the ladies at the counter here are very
pleasant and very nice and as helpful as they can be however it seems absurd that when you
arrive at the Boise Police Department you have to call the Ada County Dispatch to have them
dispatch a car to where I’m presently standing and even though I’m here at the Boise Police
Department I’ve been waiting over 1/2 an hour to file a police report. By any stretch of the
imagination, it’s absurd.

Burl Black
891 8395
Charity: I’ve got lots of vegetables in the garden that I can’t use. I just talking to machines and
I’ve got lots of clothing in my closets that the homeless can use and I can not get any response.
So I guess we’ll just throw them in the dumpster. Fresh vegetables and lots of clothing.
Action Taken: contacted

Brandon Winters
1773 Watersilk
Street Light: I’m calling about the city streetlight pole that is across the street from our house at
1773 Watersilk Place; it runs all the time, the photo cell has gone bad. If you could send
somebody out from the maintenance department to replace that so it doesn’t run all the time I
would appreciate it. The light pole number is 56722B
Action Taken: left msj

Russell Ditz
Code Enforcement: We’ve got a situation in our city here that is so bad and is a little
embarrassing. At the corner of Spectrum and Cole, and then on the other side of the Cedars,
there’s the same kind of turn-off deal where there’s bricks and all that stuff, and there’s weeds
growing up 2 ft. tall, and I mean man, someone should be able to fix it – the ACHD or
somebody, but it’s just pathetic looking and I’m sure no one likes their yard like that and I sure
don’t want to have our city represented like that. It’s that on-ramp to I84 from Cole and
Spectrum and the other is kitty-corner on that same big lot from over there by Carl Jr’s. I would
like some action on it today or tomorrow, please. I know you people have a lot of things to do,
but someone should fix that. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: left msj

Kevin Amar
941 3368
PDS: I’m calling regarding an issue about a piece of property I purchased in your city. I
purchased 8 finished lots with a Development Agreement. The property is known as Mone
Meadows; the development agreement stipulated and it was signed and recorded signed by the
mayor and recorded in 2007 I believe. But it stipulated that the zoning was R-1C and the
dimensional standards of the property would be R-1C subsequently since that time and since
my purchase of the property as one of my potential buyers went in the city determined that the
zoning should not be R-1c and has unilaterally changed that zoning to R-1B without my consent
and I can not get any help from Hal Simmons or the legal department on this issue. It is costing
me sales and it is costing me money and I have a recorded document from the city saying its
one zoning and then the city apparently changes their mind and switches it to another zoning. I
would really like a call back from someone who can help me resolve this issue.

James O’Donnell
1477 E Sicily
Meridian 83642
509 855 2751
Ustick Library: I’m calling in reference to the Ustick and Cole library. I was kind of appalled
when I saw parking for fuel efficient cars. When I called the library I was told that in order for us
to go green we had to do this and to me this just sounds like another step for this administration
or government to get more control over people to say, “for you to get money you have to follow
all of our rules”. Its taking the environmentalist issue way to far and I have a problem with that.
Now that I’m talking to more people their appalled too. If someone could call me back I’d
appreciate that. Even the manager felt that was going a little too far. It appalled me too that
handicap didn’t take preference, that fuel efficient cars take precedence. It had nothing to do
with proximity to the library. If I had a big ram pickup truck I have to walk further. It’s like making
me suffer because I’m not following the government rules. I do have a problem. If someone can
call me I would appreciate it.
Action Taken: contacted

Martin Lund
362 9213
Curb It: I’m looking at your trash and recycling handbook. Essentially you people have forgotten
this is a city of trees and they take a lot of leaves to clean up in the fall and trees take a lot of
trimming which means branches and if you have to pay $1 for every stinking bundle you put out
by your trash can that’s gonna cost you a fortune and its gonna cost you a fortune for the paper
bags to put the leaves in. You dad gum guys are rippin’ everybody off! Rip away I guess I don’t
know what else to do. You forgot how many trees are in this place. You’re nuts. Good bye.

Nils Jensen
388 0641
Bike Racks: I’m the owner of the Picture This Galley which is located in the Chanlee Building at
5th and Idaho in downtown Boise. I’m calling to basically congratulate you all for the installation
of the 40 new bicycle racks that you put in downtown. At this point I would like to encourage
new bike racks on the exterior of the DBA’s existing exterior over on 5th & Idaho that would be
great. If there’s anything I could do to help stimulate this I would like to. If you have any
questions call me at the number above. There’s no need to respond to this I just wanted you to

Dr. Michael Barton
6810 W. Diamond St.
Boise, ID 83709
Cell – 841-4003; Home – 362-6040
Parking Ticket: The complaint I have is that I received a parking ticket that I think a number of
people are getting that were unaware of violating the code. It happened at 3rd and Broad
Streets, just a little bit south of the Ada County Courthouse building. That particular intersection
has signs that are posted for “No Parking” from the corner to the sign on two of the four corners
of that intersection, so it notes that the other two corners are available for parking, which I did
and received a $37 ticket, again unbeknownst to me that that’s what was going on. There were
other available parking scenarios that certainly were not in that trouble or not, so it wasn’t a
particularly busy day; but I did notice that several people were getting those, so I really would
like to see a couple of things. Number one, some signs or better yet paint indicating that you’re
not supposed to be there, particularly in highly violated areas, which can be easily identified
through your computer system where those tickets are occurring. Secondly, I would suggest
that maybe a warning would be in place for all first-time violators, therefore not showing
favoritism, to at least make the public aware that that law exists. There’s just no way to see that
other than getting your driver’s license renewed, which I haven’t done in probably 30 years as
far as taking a test to identify that. At any rate, I would sure appreciate something being done
about that; I don’t want to have people continually getting tickets which they they’re doing on a
daily basis at that location. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Kelsey Robbins
Ustick Library: I just got done visiting the library at Ustick and Cole, the new library, and I was
so disturbed to pull up into the parking lot and seeing cars being ticketed because they were
parked in “fuel efficient parking only”. I think that’s incredibly discriminatory towards those of us
who can’t afford to buy a hybrid car. I think it’s a terrible idea and apparently I’m not the only
one because the library said they have gotten frequent comments on that as well. I would like
whoever is in charge of that to reconsider having those signs; I just think it’s terrible. If you want
to give a nod to people doing good things, let’s make some parking spots for our military; let’s
give some parking spots to our senior citizens or expectant mothers or families with many
children, but I think it’s just horrible that there are spots made specifically for people who drive
nice new hybrid cars. So, that’s my comment and I hope it gets through to somebody. Thank
Action Taken: contacted

Marvin Bechtel
5148 Clinton
Code Enforcement: I’m calling because I’m getting no help from the weed control people; she
never calls back and I’ve left several messages. At the corner of Orchard and Clinton, there are
weeds waist tall along a tacky used car lot between their fence and the street. Also the tattoo
parlor on the corner, hmmmmm, has weeds growing up around the edge of their building,
between their building and the street, and the car lot is so tacky, they have vans parked in public
view along Clinton St. stuffed with cardboard boxes, broken-down trailers, rusty cars, and a
broken-down fence. Now I have lived on Clinton for 10 years and I have endured a terriblelooking
parking lot of used cars. Now if you would like to live on a street where you enter with
weeds waist high, with people throwing trash and limb trees, old boxes, papers, and see a rusty
car lot full of cardboard boxes, then you’re welcome to come here and live. Please do
something about it; this is the third call and nothing has been done. The woman in Code
Violation takes a message and never returns my call. I thank you for any help you can offer and
I hope this problem will be taken care of very soon. Thank you. There is no address that he
can see for the car lot but the tattoo parlor next door is 501 Orchard St.
Action Taken: contacted

Idaho Statesman: I wonder if you could do anything about the Statesman throwing bundles of
trash in everybody’s yard in the North End every Thursday. It has some advertising and some
crap in it and you find it all over the neighborhood. I think it’s illegal and definitely not very nice.
Thank you.

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  1. I’ll bet all the ranting about the fuel-efficient auto parking at the new library is increasing global warming.

    Please don’t point out to these folks that there are bike racks near the door, too.

  2. Bob Freeman
    Jul 24, 2009, 8:59 am

    What is the purpose? To feel warm and fuzzy. What is the effect? Absolutely nothing except for the rule makers to be able to tell their friends, over Brie and wine, how committed they are to mother earth. Oh; excuse me! They probably aren’t eating Brie anymore because of the negative impact of excess cow flatulence.

  3. The parking is part of the facility’s LEED certification.

    No mention of cheeses.

  4. How do the cops tell which vehicle is fuel-efficient?
    Two identical vehicles can have two different engines, one getting 30 mpg and the other 10 or so.
    How efficient does it have to be?
    Or is it really only for hybrids and/or electrics?
    Enquiring minds want to know.

  5. I can’t wait for the guy who’s got his mid 70’s pickup truck parked there and tries telling the cop he outfitted it with a hybrid engine.

  6. So my Subaru Outback that gets used for more than hauling people doesn’t qualify? I may have to park there with my disabled parents, just to see what roar I get, if any… stupid and silly if you ask me.

  7. Do folks realize that there aren’t actual tickets being issued and that the police aren’t patrolling this parking lot? Sounds like most people don’t have all the facts and are rushing to make judgement. I for one am happy to have this great addition to our neighborhood. Seems like the citizens of Boise have much more important things to worry about than 4 parking spaces that are on the “honor system” for cars parked there. Seriously people!!

  8. People can’t walk an extra 100′ or so feet? Sigh, we ARE DOOMED! DOOMED. :-]

    BTW, I’ve been there 5 or 6 times already and have no clue what they are talking about. I haven’t seen any signs. I congratulate the city on the parking lot and how they made it look a metric boat-load nicer than it looked before. The landscaping is top notch, and when the class III trees mature it will be even better.

  9. Bob Freeman
    Jul 27, 2009, 9:07 am

    To db: Thank you for the tutorial on LEED certification. The other day a contractor I was working with got pricing on laminated beams for a project he was bidding on. Total price without FSC certification: $50,000. Add for FSC certication to comply with LEED requirements: $5,000. Same manufacturer. Same lumber going into the beams. Same glue. What is the $5,000 for? Paperwork to track the “chain of custody” of the lumber. No problem–it’s a government project so no one is out any money.

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