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Excessive Force: I would leave my name and I would leave my phone number, but I fear
retribution from our Police Department. You know what, I’m an older woman and I think
Masterson answers to the Mayor and the incidences of these two officers, I don’t care how long
they’ve been there, they need to be fired. You cannot have this lack of integrity, it’s immoral. I
mean that’s no different than raping somebody with a broom. There’s something wrong with
this man, and there’s something even more wrong that a superior would try to screw it up. If
you don’t have the guts to get rid of this man and remove him as a representative of our
community, then there’s something wrong with you too. I’m sorry to say it, it’s just wicked. It’s
just wicked.

7/19/09 @ 4:45 pm
Cathy Sorensen
2534 E. Getty’s Ave.
Centennial, CO 80122
303 694-6893
Ada County Sheriff; My son was arrested on Sunday, July 19th for driving with a suspended
license, of which he did not know it was suspended because he was serving a tour in Iraq. Your
police officers have treated both my son, Douglas Hensel, and his fiancée, Courtney Turner,
with the most disrespect that I’ve ever heard of in my entire life. There was no need for the way
your officers, one of them Trooper Dwayne Johnson, and I’m not sure who the other one who
hung up on me was, actually took my son’s cell phone and slammed it on the counter. I want a
call-back from you, Mr. Mayor. I don’t want anybody else but you to call me because I will be
notifying our media here in the state of Colorado, and I will also be notifying the media in the
state of Oklahoma regarding the treatment that my son has received, as well as his fiancé. So, I
would appreciate a phone call from you and I want a public apology from your officers for the
way they have treated my son. Please give me a call back as soon as possible. I will be
notifying the media about the way your town and your police officers have been treating my son
and his fiancé. Make no mistake about it, they will be notified.
Action Taken: left msj

James Otradosky
652 N. Morningside Wy.
Boise, ID 83712
Street Cars; Mr. Mayor, the trolley line you’re proposing for downtown Boise is a financial
irresponsible situation at this point in time. Even though you believe you can get stimulus
money to run it and put it with the Trolley Inn, it is just financially irresponsible when the rest of
the city does not have a decent bus system yet. Going to Little Rock, Arkansas to see a
showcase trolley system is I don’t think appropriate at this time, and I’ve not heard what the city
of Little Rock has for the bus service or transportation service for the rest of their town, and I’m
willing to bet that it is far better than what the City of Boise has here. I would rate Valley Transit
right now as poor. Once we have a bus system that runs seven days a week, has bus service
lines that probably service at least 90 to 95 percent of the citizens of the City of Boise and that
are really workable, and has some lines that are 24 hours to accommodate the people who work
at night or in the evening, then and only then should a trolley system downtown be considered.
And to say that while it’s stopping pollution, Mr. Mayor, if you and the City Council want to be on
the cutting edge, United Technology had fuel cell buses ready to go and the only emissions that
come out of that is drinkable water. Other than that, like I said, it’s totally irresponsible and the
article in Sunday’s paper, the gentleman who had the article in there stating why we should not
go that route is very well explained and you and the City Council better sit down and take a very
hard look at that. Every person that I’ve talked to so far, my friends and other people, are totally
100 percent against the trolley system at this point in time considering our economic conditions.
I think you better wake up and smell the roses, Mr. Mayor otherwise I’m willing to bet that this
could kill your political future. Take that to serious heart. Thank you very much.

Off Leash Park Dog Hours: I would like to have my name be anonymous. I’m a citizen of
Boise and I just wanted to voice my support for the creation of a new dog park. I am grateful for
the ones the city has already put in, but as a dog person I know it would be nice to have at least
one more resource in our city to be able to take our dogs to and have them run around. So, if I
could just leave that opinion with you for whatever its worth, I hope the city does pursue the
addition of another dog park. Thank you.

Mike Crenning
Code Enforcement: This is just a call to really pass along the good job that was done; I called
for reinforcement of some serious weed problems on Ustick and I talked to a lady named Pam
Harmon. The response I got was just excellent. The weeds were 4 ft. high and she didn’t know
anything we could do but I guess she contacted ACHD and I went by two days later and all the
weeds were gone. I would just like to thank her and her department over there for the good job
they did. Bye.

Richard Wilson
9440 Chadwick Dr.
Boise, ID 83704
Parking: I’m very concerned about the new active enforcement of Boise City Code 10-11-4B3,
which states it’s a violation to park within 20 ft. of a crosswalk or a bike pedestrian curb ramp as
defined in Section 10-14-1 of the Boise City Code, except at an intersection where a trafficcontrolled
signal is in operation or in a parking meter zone. In the downtown area, especially 2nd
St. from State down to Bannock on over to probably about 9th St., there are a number of
intersections where 5, 6, or 7 corners are designated as “No Parking” either with a sign or a
yellow curb mark. Since they’ve started enforcing this, we’ve had a number of people told that
ignorance of the law is no excuse. My concern is that when seven of the corners are marked
and one is not, a reasonable person could seem to assume that it’s okay to park on the corner.
People are being ticketed that are a full car length – 10, 12 ft. away from the pedestrian curb-cut,
and they are not 20 ft. I notice that many of them have license plates other than 1A, so they
may not have seen the advertisements that were supposedly put out to Boise people. I would
very much like to see that corrected in signs or a yellow marking on the curbs. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

David Stud
Open Saturday: I was calling to find out if there was a monthly forum that Mayor Bieter is still
holding on Saturday’s at the Police Department. That was the information that was passed
along to me. Anyway, I was just wondering if there’s a phone number or somebody I could get
hold of that could give me that information. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

Steven Rice
5907 Elmer St.
Boise, ID 83703
Unsightly Curbside Garbage Cans: The reason I’m calling is we recently got distributed trash
cans and recycle cans, which sure makes it a lot easier to recycle, but a growing concern is that
we’re turning the City of Trees to the City of Trash Cans. As I drive down my neighborhood, I
see trash cans sitting out in front of driveways, sitting in yards, easily visible. If we’re trying to
beautify our city, we should make some kind of ordinance where those trash cans are put away
and hidden like RV’s and boats are supposed to be. It’s really becoming unsightly and as far as
property values go right now, that sure doesn’t help. That’s just what I wanted to add. Thank
Action Taken: contacted

Russ Walker
4319 Plum St.
Boise, ID 83703
Dog Licenses: I have a complaint about the City Clerk handing out these dog licensing
applications, going door to door. I don’t mind paying a dog licensing fee to license my dog, but I
really don’t appreciate the Clerk sending people out door to door, looking in my back yard
basically confronting me that way. It kind of smacks of “Orwellian”” tactics if you ask me.
Anyway, that’s just what I wanted to say. Thanks.


Annette Hanson
2061 E. Feldspar Ct.
Boise, ID 83712
Trolley: We recently had the Twilight Criterion, which was wonderful, all those bikes down
there, and I’ve been thinking since I’m a bike rider, I’m just kind of concerned about the trolley
system or the electric car system that Mayor Bieter would like to have downtown. I’m just really
concerned about the tracks in the road being a biker; I don’t feel very comfortable with that. I’ve
heard that they’re pretty good with normal bikers, but what’s going to happen with the Twilight
Criterion? I don’t think you could do something like that. I really think that thought should be
considered with this; I almost think that a bus route should be set up, just a mini bus instead of
the big buses. Anyway my concern is really over the tracks in the road and having to change
such a great sport that we have with the Twilight Criterion. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Jeff Effarips
1702 S. Pacific
Boise, ID
Excessive Force: I am a Boise native and I was completely disgusted when I watched Channel
6 News and heard the audio of the officer using excessive and disgusting amounts of force. I
do not believe that there should be any reprimand for that officer; I believe that he should be
terminated immediately, and from now on I will make sure that my family protects themselves
from the Police Department if they get pulled over or anything else that they may be doing
incorrectly. I will make sure that they do not role their window down more than just a crack in
order to hand out their identification because this officer was definitely trying not to receive Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder, but he was definitely trying to inflict Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and there should be zero room for any type of animalistic behavior like that on the Boise Police
Force, period. I heard that he was reprimanded and that does not do it for me. Sensitivity
training may come in handy for the BPD. Thank you.

Mark Shivey
1312 Eastman (near the corner of Hyde Park)
Boise, ID
Forestry: I have a tree that is on the alleyway, a large Elm tree that has been infected with the
Elm leaf beetle and has taken the tree and reduced all the leaves from it, and the beetles are
now advancing forward to other Elm trees in the neighborhood. I talked to the Bureau of
Forestry and they seem to think this is not a problem and I totally disagree and think this could
be an infestation and could affect our City of Trees. If you would like to see that, just stop on by
the neighborhood and you can see that big old tree that is vacant of leaves and beetles flying
about. I think it’s something that is a concern for the neighborhood. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

Excessive Force: You need to talk louder. These two cops that are wearing badges and carry
guns and playing with tasers, they need to be fired. We don’t need those kinds of people;
they’re bad for the government; they’re bad for the image. They do not protect and serve. Fire

Excessive Force: I just wanted to file a complaint to the Mayor’s office that the Mayor ought to
step in on this matter of the two police officers that were just only reprimanded for doing what
they did to the person who was arrested. I would like to ask the Mayor, are they part of the new
world order of police and that’s the way we’re going to be treated from now on, is to be cussed
at and to be tased when we’re already handcuffed? I’m not a criminal, never have been a
criminal, I’ve been a law-abiding citizen all my life. In fact I’ve been a police officer at one time
in my younger days. The two police officers should be terminated, not reprimanded. I’ve talked
to Channel 7 and they said call the Mayor’s office, so that’s what I’m doing. They need to be
terminated and they need to be prosecuted. Have a good day.

Judy Rogers
1066 Saratoga Dr.
Boise, ID 83706
Trolley: I’m calling concerning the trolley. I am very, very against the trolley; I don’t think it’s
necessary; it will only be good for a handful of Boise residents who are right downtown. I think
that’s a lot of money. Yes, I understand that a lot of it is coming from the stimulus, but there’s
always the upkeep afterwards. We have a bus system that we cannot get running efficiently. If
we put money into anything it should be improving our bus system because that at least goes
out and reaches more of the citizens than just having a trolley downtown. I think the trolley is
going backwards; I thing it’s way too expensive, and I think if you really took a survey of the
people in Boise, the Boise citizens, I think you would find that it is not favored by the majority of
your citizens. I would like to see you just wipe it off the board and put the money into improving
the bus system. Thank you.

Marvin Bechtel
Clinton St.
Code Enforcement: I’ve been waiting over three weeks for the city to come and cut the weeds,
clean up the trash at Orchard and Clinton, and to get the vacant lot clear of old junky cars,
cardboard boxes, overflowing garbage cans, etc., etc. I’ve been at this a month and I guess you
move too damn slow. Please take of this problem. This is the third call to you, two calls to
another department, and nothing has moved and the trash accumulates. Again, it’s at Orchard
and Clinton, right next to the Wells Fargo Bank, right next to the tacky car lot. You were going
to send somebody out there for a code violation and it still exists. PLEASE DO SOMETHING

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  1. Why is Ms. Sorensen calling a city office to complain about county law-enforcement officers? And why would she notify the Colorado (where she lives, I understand) and Oklahoma media to publicize an incident here?

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