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Tort Claim Filed By Tasered Man

Attorneys for Gerald Amidon, the man arrested by Boise coppers February 14, has filed a tort claim with the city of Boise claiming use of excessive force during the arrest is causing him physical injuries and mental anguish.

Amidon names Boise police officers Cory Bammert, Deidra Harr, Guy McKean and Mark Abercrombi as the ones who used excessive force during his arrest. The tort claim is a precursor to the actual civil suit and is required under Idaho law when suing a city.

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  1. The truth is out there..........
    Jul 27, 2009, 7:17 pm

    How come Amidon doesn’t name Iron Mike Mastersonian in the lawsuit. I thought police were para-military. In the military, the commanding general would have been fired, not the enlisted guy.

    Is Iron Mike not responsible for his crew? Don’t you think Iron Mike’s policies are not reflected in the actions of these “coppers?”

    Change must come from the top. Maybe sheriff Raney should take over. He’s a real leader the citizens of Ada County can trust.

  2. Okay, this is awesome; I’ve been on pins and needles awaiting the release of these sad excuse for public servants’ names. Now then, who is Officer #3, and who is Officer #10 (the supervisor that destroyed evidence)?

    Brave of you to come forward, Mr. Amidon. I’m glad you did. Good work on the part of the Ombudsman as well.

    It’s been said again and again, but Officers #3, #10, and the Ada County Prosecutor all need to be removed from their positions and outed by name AND face on the T.V. news. And I haven’t been in Boise long, but judging by what I’ve read so far about the BPD and their Chief’s reputation, seeing this story make the light of day is a breath of fresh air. The mainstream local media doesn’t seem to report on this stuff like they should, either. Not until it’s big enough to where they have to to cover their asses.

    Next stop: names of officers #3 and #10 and the immediate censure and impeachment of the Ada County Prosecutor! Don’t let this story slip through the cracks, people!

  3. Who cares in government about the payout of lawsuits. The fact of the matter is it’s not a factor in revenue. Lawsuits, big rewards in civil courts against out of control parasites with a little bit of power is well protected. The system is against the decent folks who pay the bills.
    Yes folks, we are being ripped off by criminal who cover or themselves. So shut up and pony up because you people are trash in the eyes 0f bottom feeders because you are nothing but a tax source. Truth be known.
    Don’t like it toooooooo bad, suckers!!!
    Another fact: No one will see such posting in the Idaho Statesmen.

  4. Good to see some justice may be brought not just to Amidon but the community (more importantly in my mind). I’m hoping this gets a bit more publicity and the officers involved in any criminal activity lose their job.

    This case brings up yet another shortcoming on BPD’s part. I absolutely think Amidon should sue, and I absolutely think he deserves settlement. BUT any settlement would come out of the taxpayers pocket. It disturbs me that not only do we have these types of individuals on the police force torturing and tampering with evidence, but they may end up costing us $$$$

  5. Not so shocking, Thank you public servent dumbs@#t who has cost us money. Might have been a good bust otherwise… now he gets a new truck… what did you get from it?

  6. Idaho Cynic
    Jul 28, 2009, 7:03 am

    I wish I had more faith in the Idaho Court system to deal with these sick miscreants in blue.

    I have lived here long enough to fear is that they will find a judge as morally complicit as the chief, the union, and many of their fellow officers, who will find a way to charge the victim with destruction of police property by attacking the taser with his butt.

  7. Why are we hearing the sounds of crickets eminating from city hall on this issue. After all, the chief and the department work for our beloved mayor! If we can get him pulled away from his toy trains long enough, maybe he will make a statement. Somehow, though, I think he is hiding out praying that this will blow over.

    EDITOR NOTE–Team Dave did come out with a statement deploring the unfortunate incident, but noted “The system worked.” Indeed, the tone was one of finality signaling the issue has been taken care of and is no longer on the table. Which may be true.

  8. What will stick in the public’s mind longer;
    The BPD’s televised press conferences and the yokal TV news continued video coverage of the search for the missing 8 year old boy, or
    A textual story about police abuse of a citizen and it’s coverup?

    That kid disappearing was a stroke of pure PR luck for the BPD.

  9. Bower is Scum
    Jul 30, 2009, 6:53 am

    Where is Greg Bower in all this? Why is he not prosecuting the officer? If laws were broken, seems to me that is his job.

  10. Has anyone asked the million dollar question? How much per year has Boise City spent on tort claims and settlements ?? I believe every governemental agency should be asked this question and a percentage of satisfactory service derived for comparison across the board.

  11. It’s sad to see a good guy go bad. I used to be best friends with NAME DELETED (officer #3). Friends since 3rd grade. While he was in college to become a cop, we were talking about how corrupt the cops were in our hometown. He said if he were a lawyer he would go to that town and clean up the corruption, and he said that he never would become a bad cop. Last time we talked was right before he became a Boise Policeman. After that he would never return a call. Amazing how the cop gang mentality can turn even one of the best people bad.

  12. Everyone has an Opinion
    Aug 4, 2009, 5:31 pm

    I find it quite comical to see all the comments about how all cops are corrupt and the city is costing “you” money blah blah blah.

    Remember all your comments the next time you think about calling for police services or attend city functions hosted by the city. Don’t be a hypocrit, if your going to trash talk about how much you hate them then don’t use them.

    I guess since we are grouping every working class together then it’s safe to say all football players carry guns, like to have dog fights and beat their wives. All baseball players use steroids and all lawyers are “snakes” cause they just want your money.

    Our current society think they deserve everything without having to work for it and if they don’t get it they complain and blame others.

    I do think what Officer 3 did was unnecessary. I’m confident that BPD administration took this seriously and investigated/punished the officer with what they thought was fair. I’m sure we will soon be living in a society like the movie “Demolition Man.” Thats the way you want it right?

  13. I was in a situation that my life was threated by druggy gang members about 10 years ago (before the BPD got a bad rep). I went to the Boise Police and basically told to screw off, because I didn’t have a written threat. Luckily I realized that my mother had an unpublished address in a different town, so I moved in with her the same night as the cop blowoff. All I asked was for 1 cop to check on me from time to time that night, but I guess you have to have a permission note from your murder to get ANY assistance. Never have relied on the police since and never will again. They are more likely to shoot or now anally rape a victim with a tazer than help, not that everyone they deal with is a victim. But some innocent people do get brutalized by cops, I know a couple of people that it has happened to.

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