First Responders In Gunfight With Hero

An Iraq War soldier distraught over a lost dog blasted away with a rifle inside an apartment complex near Canal and Vista late Tuesday, prompting frantic calls to 911.

When Boise coppers arrived they were confronted in a stairwell or hallway by the armed man who they say refused to drop his weapon. The “gang that couldn’t shoot straight” unleashed a volley of about a dozen rounds and missed every time.

The man later surrendered. He is a prison guard employed by the state of Idaho and following the shooting is suspended without pay, according to a corrections spokesman.

Since no one was killed, we can only ponder what the funerals would have been like for either the military veteran or the coppers…OR any of the tenants.

No word on the fate of the lost dog.

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  1. You know what? I hate your lopsided reporting on all things City and Government. Not every employee or police officer is lazy or bad. Once in a while why can’t you report the positive…or are you just a glass is half empty type of journalist? You talk about the local paper being biased…you are just as bad as they are.

  2. It seems that they often miss when shooting. I remember the big chase through Boise that ended at Myrtle and Broadway a few years ago. As I remember it there were nearly 100 shots fired and the guy was hit a couple of times.. and those by a sniper. It must be very difficult to hit what you are shooting at in the heat of the moment–even with training.

  3. You have to admitt that they can hit a guy without missing when using a taser on a handcuffed man on the ground.
    I wonder how many of these rounds that missed ended up in apartments with children. When the cops saw this man with a firearm did they have a chance to get under cover safely so they didn’t have to risk killing people in their apartmenets?

  4. I’m blaming the cops-missing-the-target on President Obama.

    Here’s what I’m thinkin’.

    Guns, gun accessories, and AMMO all went very scarce after the November election. (Have you tried to buy a brick of .22LR lately?) The common wisdom is that us Gun Nuts started hoarding the finite supply which caused demand to skyrocket, and supply has not yet caught up. (We wanted to get it before the gun-grabbing Obama Storm Troopers descended on us.)

    If ammo is scarce for us civilians, it is equally scarce for the law enforcement community, causing a reduction in their firing-range training.

    Less training = fewer targets hit.

    Obama’s fault!

    (Tongue partially planted in cheek while typing…)


    While I was extremely relieved to hear that no innocent bystanders were subjected to collateral damage during this police action, frankly I’m not sure whether to feel good or bad about their consistentcy in missing the intended target. Perhaps we need to implement the “Barney Fife Rule.”

    I’m happy Mr. Nickel is still alive and healthy – at least physically. I hope he’s reunited with his missing dog.

  5. So I’ve been watching an Australian cop show called ‘Rush’ recently. It seems the main focus of the police is to end any situation without bloodshed. They use non-lethal force and most importantly wait, think and talk before acting. Why is it that the BPD’s go to is shoot and ask questions later. The guy didn’t shoot at anybody but somehow deserved a volley of bullets. What happened to talking to someone before it gets worse. The BPD seems to have two gears stop and go. It’s like they are all ruled by the lizard brain.

  6. Misinformed
    Jul 30, 2009, 5:37 pm

    How about this for a new headline:

    (deleted) war veteran forgotten by the system challenges local hero’s with rifle.

    na…. that wouldn’t serve Dave’s life goal of bashing the BPD. But, sadly, Dave is misinformed (once again). The way he describes it, 4 incompetent officers stood face to face against 1 lone ranger on a deserted dirt road. The lone ranger stood perfectly still, out in the open, and yet the 4 couldn’t hit him.

    Dave – did you ever stop to think that the guy didn’t just “stand still” to be shot at??? Did you ever think it might be a good idea to hold your tongue until the facts come out? Probably not – you’re pathetic.

  7. Blazing Saddle
    Jul 30, 2009, 5:58 pm

    A couple years ago I was driving on Warm Springs near the Mesa when I came upon a car that had hit a deer. There was a little damage to the car, and a lot of damage to the deer. The deer had a couple broken legs, and perhaps some internal injuries, but was still alive. When the BPD officer arrived, I’ll call him officer Whiffle, it was decided to dispatch the poor deer with his revolver.

    Well, with two people holding the deer motionless on its side, ol Whiffle hauls off and, point blank, shoots poor Bambi, in the nose. Had some idiotic idea that a deer’s brain is out in front of its eyes. Well, Whiffle got kind of huffy when a, the deer didn’t die, and b, we suggested he try again but this time aim a little further back.

    Where I am going with this is, it looks like they put Whiffle in charge of the shooting range. They may be aiming correctly, but god knows what Whiffle taught them to shoot at.

    Yes sir. I’m blaming this pathetic lack of marksmanship on Officer Whiffle.

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Jul 30, 2009, 8:02 pm

    When all is said and done this could go either way:

    1. The cops did the best they could


    2. Another in a long line of cases of police over-reacting.

    And now you can’t even talk back to the cops or object in any way to what they do to you. First there was the arrested perfessor in Cambridge and now an arrested lawyer in DC. The DC disorderly conduct law is so vague and wide-reaching you could be arrested for talking out loud in a normal voice, at the whim of the officer. So, it’s not just cops over-reacting or being overly violent, many of our laws are seriously out of wack.

  9. The one thing I can say with certainty is that no one reporting on this on this forum has a clue to what actually went down and won’t until a lot more info is produced. So far folk are shooting off like Obama on the Harvard arrest situation…

    EDITOR NOTE– Jim, what brand of beer do you want in the Rose Garden?

  10. The whole thing brings back memories of the time Ms. Kitty and I went to the OK Corral.

  11. Hey Erico49…no sniper was on location at the Broadway/Myrtle shooting. It occurred within seconds at the end of a pursuit, no time to set up snipers.

    And Mick. The guy was shooting into an apartment that was occupied, and not his own. He then refused to drop the gun when ordered to by police. What magic words would you expect them to come up with? Or maybe he should get off a few more rounds and kill the person inside…then would they be justified in your mind?

  12. My friend was in the next apartment when this took place. He got his girlfriend and child on the floor, covered them and called 911. No bullets went through his apartment at all, none hit the suspect who was standing at the top of a very narrow stair well. Perhaps a “magic bullet” theory would work well here.

    There was no way for the man to hide, move, dodge or any thing else. that is a narrow stair well with only a small landing at the top, about 4’x4′ so that is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Oh yes, the dog that he went looking for (thinking the people up stairs took it, thats why he was up there) was actually asleep in his own house.

  13. BoiseCitizen
    Jul 31, 2009, 8:00 am

    I have several thoughts on this. “First Responders in gunfight with hero”. What in the world are first responders? I have seen the term used to describe, Firefighters of all kinds, EMS paramedics, and now Cops. Hmmm, a lazy way to describe public servants. I say call em what they are. Cops, firefighters, Paramedics, etc., a much better description than a generic “first responder”. Secondly there is a term called “combat shooting”, or something like that, the concept being that when in shooting situations people will subconsiously not aim directly at the target for whatever reason. The only way to overcome that is thousands of hours of live fire training. Lastly, I blame George W. Bush for this. The one man who made a decision to invade a country that was not a threat to the United States. From that ONE MAN’S choice to start a war, hundreds of thousands of people, innocent men, women and children have been killed. Thousands of America’s best and brightest youth have been sacrificed, maimed and traumatized. This is just another sad effect of that terrible choice. Sadly it will not be the last episode of it’s kind either.

    EDITOR NOTE–As to the “first responder” ref, there is a tendency today to lump all the “emergency” people into the category and declare they can do no wrong. Same for anyone who is in the military…they are all “heroes.” We all have warts and the “Hero and first responder” phrase tends to minimize anyone who isn’t some sort of official. As to the effects of war having adverse affects reaching throughout society, you are spot on. I hope someday was can all just be friends.

  14. Dave, I truly hope you need the police to save your “objective” azz someday. Karma has a funny way of catching up to people. You should be ashamed of yourself.You should post your phone number so citizens can call you the next time an armed crazy man (with a ar-15) is roaming the streets,and you can show the police how to diffuse it. I can see the headline now. “Local unbiased, humble, perfect, objective, superstar, amazing, journalist, knocks blazing rifle out of crazed assailants hand with a frisbee.” Get a clue, and try to make a positive difference for a change.

  15. I understand the role that THE GUARDIAN attempts to fill as local government watchdog and muckracker. I check the site everyday and I believe the vast majority of your posts are insightful and informative. However, the back handed name calling in posts such as this deters from your objectivity and the site itself.

    We can read between the lines, these were cops with poor aim on a police force know for over aggression. The suspect was a distraught war veteran armed with a gun. I don’t think labeling all parties involved adds to the story. The comments will usually take the jabs while you can take a higher moral ground. Otherwise the site becomes about you, which I hope is not your goal.

  16. “There was no way for the man to hide, move, dodge or any thing else. that is a narrow stair well with only a small landing at the top, about 4′x4′ so that is like shooting fish in a barrel.”

    There was a historic shootout where two fellows each carrying two revolvers shot it out across a pool table, emptying all weapons without either one getting hit…

  17. Some of you obviously aren’t from around here, or are laughably paranoid that there are stark raving mad lunatics just itching at the chance to shoot up the streets.

    Fact of the matter is that this isn’t an isolated incident with the Boise Police. They are known, time and time and time and time and time and time again to overreact. Shoot first, ask later (or now, taze first and ask later).

    I have been personally witness to three different occasions in which the BPD overstepped their authority, exercised undue aggressive, or were just plain a-holes in doing their job.

    Not suggesting its an easy job for them, or the situations they find themselves in are perfect, but I would think a little more discretion is in order, and until then, such criticisms are warranted.

  18. Thank God the cops dont have a civilian reveiw board with idiots like these who know what police tactics work best.

    I sure hope the cops “overreact, shoot first ask questions later” when one of my loved ones was just shot at and being stuck in their house unable to get out due to a crazy gunman outside shooting at their door. I hope the cops overreact when some crazy gunman breaks into a stangers apt accross from the last apt he just shot into and fired more shots. I am gald we have aggressive cops who are willing to have guns pointed at them while while the coward hides behind a door.

    The guy broke into someone else apt fired his guns. How would the cops know if he had or had shot someone inside. I quess they could have been nice and let a potential victim bleed to death while they were not agressive.

    How about you give the cops your phone number. Next time they need someone to be not agressive and be shot at they can call you and they then leave. Then all you experts in police work and shooting can get killed or allow others to get killed while not being not agressive.

  19. Thank you Mr. Nice…I wish I had said it that well.

  20. Not all the facts are here… and remember that history is kept by the victor… so may never be the real facts. Seems there is a bit too much shooting and not enough thinking around here in general though. If I lived in the building all shot full of holes… mostly by the coppers… we’d be having a unpleasent chat will the mayor.

  21. when officers arrive they don’t know whether or not they are dealing with a ‘hero’. Officers and anyone else can only be judged by what they know at the time, which in this case was a barricaded subject, who has already fired rounds, pointing a weapon at them. As for the missed rounds, maybe the man was behind cover and in a position where he couldn’t be flanked (he does have military training). It’s real easy to judge when you aren’t the one on the ground making split second decisions unless you count all the hours you have logged on playstation.

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