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North Beach Party Wreaks Havoc At McCall

The worst fears of Idaho Park officials were realized over the July 4th weekend as nearly 2,000 wild and crazy young people cavorted at North Beach along Payette Lake in an atmosphere described by one officials as “part Mardi Gras and part Spring Break.” Waterways board members, parks, and local law enforcement are already working […]

Mayor Hotline June 27 to July 3

BALANCED BIKE TALK, NOISY JETS, FALCONS, TRASH 6/26/09 James B. Byrnes 155 W. Hulls Ridge Ct. Boise, ID 433-8784 Bike Safety: I’m a retired Colonel and still very active. My comments are concerning the article in the paper today about bicycle riding. I would like to have written this, but I couldn’t find a place […]

City Council Election? Who Cares?

With just 17 weeks until the Boise City Council election, there is an overwhelming amount of disinterest in the campaign. T.J. Thomson tells the GUARDIAN he will be an “independent voice” on the council, but with endorsements from Team Dave and most of the Council, we see this Obama organizer as “more of the same.” […]

David Honey Enters Boise Council Race

David A. Honey tells the GUARDIAN he is running for Boise city council and provided us a link to his website. He doesn’t say which seat he is going after. Jim Tibbs is not running again and both Maryanne Jordan and Vern Bisterfeldt are up for reelection. His organization is not as slick as T.J. […]

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