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Pace Of Missing Kid Case In High Gear

As of 3:30pm Friday the pace of the police investigation into the case of missing 8- year-old Robert Manwill has hit high gear with the mother’s apartment and now the county landfill declared crime scenes. The Daily Paper is doing a great job covering the story and offers up a TIMELINE of events. At the […]

First Responders In Gunfight With Hero

An Iraq War soldier distraught over a lost dog blasted away with a rifle inside an apartment complex near Canal and Vista late Tuesday, prompting frantic calls to 911. When Boise coppers arrived they were confronted in a stairwell or hallway by the armed man who they say refused to drop his weapon. The “gang […]

Statesman Revelations In Missing Kid Case

Reporters Cynthia Sewell and Patrick Orr of the Idaho Statesman offer up a BLOCKBUSTER STORY on Wednesday’s front page, detailing an unsavory past of the adults involved in the disappearance of Robert Manwill, the 8-year-old tot last seen in the area of Vista and Cherry Lane. Their detailed account took a lot of effort sifting […]

Tort Claim Filed By Tasered Man

Attorneys for Gerald Amidon, the man arrested by Boise coppers February 14, has filed a tort claim with the city of Boise claiming use of excessive force during the arrest is causing him physical injuries and mental anguish. Amidon names Boise police officers Cory Bammert, Deidra Harr, Guy McKean and Mark Abercrombi as the ones […]

Mayor Hotline July 18 to 24

NO! TO EXCESSIVE FORCE, YES TO FIRING, PARKING, WEEDS, DOGS, NO! TO TROLLEY Anonymous Excessive Force: I would leave my name and I would leave my phone number, but I fear retribution from our Police Department. You know what, I’m an older woman and I think Masterson answers to the Mayor and the incidences of […]

Two More Council Candidates Announce

Two political unknowns have contacted the GUARDIAN announcing their intentions to run for Boise City Council seats. Lucas Baumbach and Daniel I. Dunham say they are seeking some changes. Dunham didn’t offer much in the way of information. Here is his entire message: “I have decided that I will seek election to the Boise City […]

Coppers Turn To Citizens For Help

Innovative work on the part of Boise coppers searching for an 8-year-old boy missing for more than 24 hrs included a roadblock on Vista at Cherry Lane Saturday night where motorists were handed MISSING CHILD posters. Dispatch told the GUARDIAN the automated dialing system with a recorded message has been activated as well and because […]

High Voltage Case, Low Key Response

Boise made another national list last week. This time it’s “Top 7 Shocking Taser Incidents” at ABC News. Last week’s report from the Ombudsman about Boise coppers firing a taser up the bum of a handcuffed suspect is featured in the national story. A supervisor also destroyed audio evidence. The GUARDIAN predicts we have […]

Rainbow, Virga, Natural Beauty

Sometimes we forget why it is so wonderful to live in Boise. This shot made 20 minutes ago as the sun set, shining its light through the color spectrum caused by virga (rain that evaporates before it hits the ground) serve as a reminder. Photo copyright DAVID R. FRAZIER Photolibrary, Inc.

Mayor Hotline July 11 to 17

LIBRARY PARKING COMPLAINTS FROM NON GREENIES, WEEDS, 7/13/09 Brandi Arnold 672-1107 Ustick Library: I have a concern about the new library on Cole and Ustick giving preferential parking to those with energy efficient cars. I have spoken w/ Denyce McNeeley at the library as well as Maryann Jordan. I have yet to receive an answer […]

Is Taser Up The Butt Torture?

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t met up with “Officer #3,” a Boise copper. The Ombudsman and Chief both conclude he viciously stuck a taser up the rear end of a man while he was handcuffed. The copper will not face criminal charges or his action and so far he remains on the force, having […]

Questions Arise From Tragic Copper Deaths

Recent deaths of sheriff’s deputies in Adams and Lincoln counties raise some interesting issues among coppers and civilians alike. In both instances, the officers died as a result of traffic accidents and it appears in both cases other drivers were NOT at fault. Neither copper was wearing a seat belt. The Lincoln County deputy was […]

Idaho Supreme Justices Charged In U.S. Court

COPYRIGHT BOISE GUARDIAN By DAVID R. FRAZIER In an unusual legal maneuver, five justices of the Idaho Supreme court have been charged in U.S. District Court with violating the constitutional rights of Idaho Second District Judge John Bradbury. The legal hassle stems from an ongoing feud over where Judge Bradbury actually sleeps. He claims when […]

Does Boise Parks Violate Parking Lot Law?

The GUARDIAN has noted numerous complaints of rowdy crowds in the area of the ponds along the river behind the former Bob Rice Ford dealership. We welcome responses from Boise officials. Our reader is alleging an illegal parking lot. GUEST OPINION BY BOISECYNIC My neighbors and I are fed up with the problems at the […]

Sharon Ullman For Guv?

After barely six months in office, Ada County Commish Sharon Ullman is planning to run for Idaho Guv. She confirmed to the GUARDIAN her intent to run, but added she has made no formal announcement. The Daily Paper broke the story, buried inside on a local page. Ullman said she doesn’t think the state is […]

Is Fred Meyer Breaking The Law?

A reader contacted the GUARDIAN noting the Fred Meyer store on Federal Way is having a big “Sidewalk Sale” in front of the store….BLOCKING HANDICAP PARKING STALLS AND VIOLATING FIRE LANE RESTRICTIONS. If memory serves us, motorists can get tickets for using handicap parking spaces without proper credentials. We also think the fire marshall can […]

Bogota, Colombia Adopts GUARDIAN Bus Plan

A reader sent us a link to a NEW YORK TIMES story about the South American City of Bogota, Colombia adopting a plan espoused by the GUARDIAN to establish a “bus rapid transit system” in Boise. Despite the success in other cities and the simplicity of the idea–using buses on a grid route much like […]

Judging The Judge–Politics Trumps Logic

In an unusual case before the Idaho Supreme Court set for argument July 22 at 3 p.m., Second District Judge John Bradbury has essentially been brought up on charges by the state Judicial Coiuncil for not sleeping in Grangeville. The case revolves around a definition of the word “RESIDE”–not unlike the infamous quote from former […]

Luna Seeks To Reduce Taxpayer Protection

Those sneaky politicos are at it again! Idaho Superintendent of Education Tom Luna is packaging an attempt to dilute the power of the people as a boon to education. His proposal would create additional taxes on businesses that don’t have a vote and it would open the door to easier passage of ALL long term […]

PUC Policy Pleases Persistant GROWTHOPHOBES

While many Idaho bureaucrats and developers claim “growth is inevitable,” the Idaho Public Utilities Commission has approved a measure that will force developers to pay their fair share of providing power to homeowners. With only minor modifications, the Idaho Public Utilities Commission has adopted an Idaho Power Co. request to require developers and builders to […]

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