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Boise Fire Contemplates Stretcher Purchase

While Team Dave sent a letter to a citizen signed by Mayor Dave Bieter claiming that “neither the council nor the mayor has authorized emergency transport…,” it would appear that plans are forging ahead to do just that without any public discussion or prior council action asking for staff to work on a BFD ambulance proposal.

Once could argue the staffers are just doing their homework, but the language of this internal memo obtained by the GUARDIAN would suggest an ambulance is a “done deal” and they are planning to purchase a gurney–which can only be used in of all things AN AMBULANCE.AMB COT
Council President Maryanne Jordan told the Daily Paper bids for an ambulance were “premature.” She didn’t mention the purchase of medical equipment to stock that premature ambulance. We can only hope that like the rest of us, she was unaware of the move to select which cot “we will purchase.”

The GUARDIAN has a “Town Hall” public meeting scheduled for Monday night 7pm at the Library on Capitol Blvd. to discuss the pros and cons of Boise Fire Department entering the ambulance business. We will once again pledge to give everyone a chance to ask and answer questions in a civil manner.

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  1. “forever hold your piece” ????


    EDITOR NOTE–Had it been an electronic version, we would have considered editing. You are not the first to notice, but the first to comment. 🙂

  2. So do they take a fire truck out of service to do this or is this done while they are getting paid overtime?

    Sounds like we may already be paying for this in many ways that we don’t even know yet.

  3. Fed up with city taxes!
    Aug 23, 2009, 6:41 pm


    Wow, I’m amazed to see that ambulance stretchers cost $4,000 and up online. I’d imagine that a power-type stretcher costs significantly more. Do they have to buy two stretchers in case the first one breaks? How much does all the medical equipment actually cost to outfit an ambulance? I see that the fancy heart defibrillators cost $20,000 and up. All this seems like a very expensive proposition and the $80,000 dollars you quoted in an earlier article for just the ambulance is only the tip of the iceberg! Unbelievable!

    EDITOR NOTE–The $80,000 was from the Daily Paper or Boise Weekly. Purchasing has no idea of costs beyond a MONTHLY price at this point, due to the variables of what they purchase…or lease.

  4. When you add the cost to stock up ONE (1) als ambulance the price tag will be over $20K. Defibrilator ($15K+), Meds ($2K), PT Packaging devices ($5K+), O2 Systems ($3K+), Airway Maintenance Kit $3K), Communications ($10K+), then throw in additional costs for liability insurance, staffing, training (Ibitial & CEU’s), vehicle maintenance all for 1 Ab (Ambulance), it adds up fast. Then muliply that for 10 (8 frontline, 2 reserve minimum for Boise) ooopsie sharp pencil broke. Tax Increase Anyone?.

  5. Lucas Baumbach
    Aug 23, 2009, 11:22 pm

    Guess we get to see who’s on the EMS equipment committee. Maryanne Jordan isn’t known for truthfulness or accuracy. I bet she’s on it.

  6. I buy from Stryker.

  7. Brianthedog
    Aug 24, 2009, 7:27 am

    When are you people going to learn? There is nothing you or anyone else can do. The decision has already been made so get over it. Team Dave DOES NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!! Boise City is just a microcosm of the US Congress. Your voices fall on deaf ears.

  8. Unbelievable–WHY? Needless spending of our tax dollars. When there our other options. Shame on you BF.

  9. Lucas Baumbach
    Aug 24, 2009, 1:05 pm

    I attended the meeting. Ten of the power stretchers from Stryker would cost about 1/4 million. I also talked to Randy, the Boise Fire EMS supervisor. He said they are just “studying” their options, looking to improve EMS and that the RFP will not lead to a purchase. I suggested that he go to the meeting tonight and face the angry mob. At least he would get kudos for manning up and facing critics.

  10. Karen Ragland
    Aug 24, 2009, 6:45 pm

    It does not surprise me that The Bieter Bunch is forging ahead with the EMS thingy. I am handicapped and cannot attend the meeting. If I did II might say, after the Mayor Cole incident it seems like Boise was willing to accept anything. Oooops we did.

  11. So, just curious, did this email from Mr Emerson come through the freedom of information act or did BG find a new racquet. . . . “hacking” government computers?

    EDITOR NOTE–No need to hack. All e-mail sent to or from city employes is a public record. The even includes the idle chit chat of the coppers, office workers, and mayor’s staff. We also have sources throughout government who wish to provide the “transparency in government” the politicos talk so much about. Would you rather not know about it? At least one citizen read the GUARDIAN and sat in on the sales meeting.

  12. The public records are only legal if obtained that way. With all the talk of how strong and tight knit the union is I would doubt one of the BG’s secret spies or “source” is a department employee. More likely an ada county “source” doing some snooping. Maybe the BG would be so kind as to share more info.

    EDITOR NOTE–You sound like the issue is waterboarding or national security! We don’t share sources or e-mails champ.

  13. Very true that this is not a major issue. It just seems that Ada County and the Guardian complain about the fire departments sneaky tactics and back door dealings but, there is obviously the same issues on the other end. Maybe time to look in the mirror. Your all about transparency until your information gathering is questioned. We still have yet to see any information from the fire department or city so at this point it looks like fact finding and information gathering that a bunch of yahoos have spun out of control.

    We can argue about semantics all you want ie “we will purchase” fact is if there is an ambulance purchase “they will” need a gurney. Until all of the fire department says to the council this is what we want and need everyone should chill. And you should report on legitimate news such as the breaking news of the fire in the foothills today. Oh but everything went off without a hitch no conspiracy there Dogg.

  14. Doc N the Box
    Aug 25, 2009, 11:10 pm

    I f I was Chief Doan I would be reevaluating the sanctity of his fire stations, at least the one that also house ACEMS, if Paramedics will resort to stealing information off a BFD computer, what stops them from stealing narcotics out of the drug lockers, or planting illegal paraphernalia around the fire stations. This situation has obviously struck a nerve with several members of ACEMS or maybe they just hire thieves

  15. Doc N the Box,

    Remember when you point the finger at someone 3 are pointing right back at you. Makes a lot of sense to me that BFD would give this out themselves to create internal sabotage. (Their computer and accounts with passwords). Why would you want to create more work for yourself when you have a cush 50K plus/year job as a fire/medic and have to transport all the time….

    Also I’m offended by your remarks about hiring thieves, planting illegal paraphernalia etc… Uncalled for and way out of line. Too bad a righteous person like yourself hides behind ”Doc N the Box” with those acquisitions and won’t show yourself to the accused…

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