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Mark Rinehart
5326 Kootenai
Boise, ID 83705
EMS: Reference please: the current discussion between the Boise Fire Department and the
Boise Ada Paramedics. Comment: I think the Fire Department is doing what they do best,
other than fight fires, and that is to enlarge their turf to the greatest extent possible. I think
they’re wrong; I think their motivation is to increase membership in their union for more muscle
when it comes to pay raises and working conditions. I think their department and their staffing
and their services are currently at very acceptable levels. I believe the situation should remain
exactly the same; I believe the Boise Ada Paramedics certainly have proved their point being at
the right place at the right time to give the right services. I think the Chief and his associate
Deputy Chiefs in the Fire Department are way off base, blowing hot air, boasting, and trying to
scratch more turf. Shame on them; the City Council ought to unanimously tell the Fire
Department to back off and cool off. Thank you very much.

Kristin Lundstrom
Davis St.
Boise, ID 83702
Curb It: I’m calling regarding the new co-mingling recycling which I think is great and I’m hoping
it increases people’s participation. Over the past week I’ve noticed twice in two different
neighborhoods, Allied Waste is picking up the old blue bins and smashing them in the backs of
the trucks that are labeled recycling. They look like they were in pretty good shape and my
concern is that it would be better for them to be reused if possible rather than going through a
recycling process, though that would be a good thing if they were not functional. I called Boise
City Public Works and they told me those old blue bins are owned by Allied Waste and it’s up to
them to make that decision. Since the city contracts with Allied Waste, and I’m sure Allied
passes along that cost to the city, and the city passes it along to its residents, it just looks a bit
wasteful to me. So, I’m wondering if you could look into the possibility of reusing these in other
Ada County cities that haven’t yet gone to co-mingling recycling practices. Perhaps that’s the
case, but it didn’t look that way. Thanks so much.

8/21/09 Tom Jewell
2060 Silvercreek Ln.
Boise, ID 83706
EMS: I think the idea of the city getting involved in ambulance service to duplicate what the
county does very well already is a really, really, really bad idea. I’m not surprised that the
Mayor’s office today had no comment regarding that. I’m not sure how you defend such a
poorly thought out bad idea. Thanks.
M/CC Fire

Dan Pugsday
8940 Irving St.
Boise, ID
Ada County Weed Control: I would like to report that the Ada County properties on the corner
of Irving and Maple Grove, both the east and west sides, have terrible groups of goatheads
growing and I know they’re a problem for cyclist. I thought it should be reported and perhaps
some action taken. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Golesee Dr.
(Ustick/Milwaukee area)
Curb It: Our recycling bins were scheduled to be picked up today; it’s now 7:30 in the evening
and they have not been picked up. I did call Allied Waste, who doesn’t seem to know too much
about this, and I also called the other number that was listed on the little calendar, where it says,
call Boise City at 384-3901. That seems to be just a recording also and they need an extension,
none of which do I have. So the numbers that I have been given have not been very helpful.
I’m not sure what you can do about this; obviously the recycling program has just begun and to
have a few snags in it already are a little bit upsetting. Perhaps this can be worked out. Again,
it’s on Golesee Drive; there are about 22 houses on the street and most of us had our recycling
bins out and none have been picked up, so hopefully this can be checked into and service will
be better in the future. Thank you.

John Lowery
1929 Lark St.
Boise, ID 83706
Curb It: I’m calling about the company that is delivering the new trash cans to our
neighborhood, the recycle bins and the trash cans themselves. Yesterday afternoon we were
disturbed by a pounding sound outside our house and when we went outside to investigate, it
was the company delivering trash cans, dropping them on the ground; but they weren’t just
dropping them on the ground, they were throwing them from the top of the trailer onto my front
lawn. They were using my lawn as a pad for putting the trash cans on. When I went outside to
talk to them and tell them not to throw trash cans on my front lawn, they should lower them
down on the asphalt road, everybody on the trailer and in the truck only spoke Spanish. So, I
couldn’t communicate with them that well, but they did understand that I didn’t want them to
throw them on my lawn any more. Then when I went to write down their tag number, which is
PT9270T on the trailer and 417KRC on the truck, both which are registered in the State of
Arkansas, the lady came out and started yelling at me, and I do know enough Spanish that she
was cussing at me, so I don’t appreciate that. So, that’s my complaint; I don’t appreciate trash
cans being thrown on my front lawn as a dumping zone, then I don’t appreciate being cursed at
by people who don’t want to speak English to me. My last complaint to the Mayor is, since
we’re trying to buy local and keep our economy up, what are we doing hiring people from
Arkansas to deliver trash cans in this economy? This all happened on Monday afternoon,
August 24th at about 5:45 p.m.

Julie Kinch
6293 N. Portsmouth Ave.
Boise, ID 83714
Restitution: I have a complaint that I would like to have somebody look into. I had somebody
run into my garage February of 2008. We finally went to court in January of 2009 and restitution
was supposed to be made – $1,500. It’s regarding case CRMD20080002458. It is an account
through the City of Boise and he was supposed to make payment of $68 every month. There
has been some intermittent payment issues and he is going back to court for a probation
violation. The problem is, I’m not getting my restitution and I’m getting the run-around from all
the different agencies. The city Treasury Department says that they can’t send out restitution
payments until the court system sends them over transmission. Well, since this is a city case, it
has to come through Boise City, so Cameron has to make payments to them, which then has to
be sent over to the restitution department. The problem is that the restitution department, when
I called to check, they haven’t received transmission from the agency since June 16th. Cameron
has made five payments since the case was resolved in court. He made one 1/9, 5/8, 6/29,
7/22, and 8/20. The payment of $68 on 1/9, we actually received a check three months later on
April 17th. Then he made a payment on May 8th; we didn’t get a payment until July 16th. We
haven’t seen payments for the 6/29, 7/22, or the 8/20. When I call the different agencies, all I
get is the run-around, and I’ve been told by the Treasury Department that the city department is
having problems with their transmission payments. They can’t track them, they don’t know how
to get them over in a timely manner; therefore, their hands are tied because if they don’t have
the money, how do they send it out? Once they do get the money, it takes them about a month
to get the payments out to the recipients. Not only was I victimized when this guy ran into my
house, now every time that a payment is made, I have to call and beg, borrow, and steal to try
to figure out when the next payment is coming. Like I said, all I get is the run-around – well this
agency has to give us the money; well once they get the money, then the commissioners have
to sign the check; then we have to wait to make sure the funds clear. We’re talking 3-4 months
sometimes before a payment is issued. I know $68 isn’t a whole lot of money to you guys but
when I had to have my car and my garage fixed, I had to put out $1,500 immediately in order for
my insurance company to start the process claim. All I want is the money to be issued to me. If
the money can’t be issued to me within a 30-day period once you’ve received it, why don’t I start
earning interest? I mean, I’m being penalized for not getting the money; you guys have the
money; you are not issuing it for one reason or another, so you’re receiving interest on it, so
why can’t I receive interest on it? My big concern is – why is it taking so long for restitution
money to be issued from the criminal to the victim – 3 to 4 months in an age of technology?
Why? Why would this take so long? I’m just interested; this just seems ridiculous to me. Not
only do I get discourteous people, but I get nothing but discontent. I mean there’s no customer
service, nobody is willing to help; nobody wants to answer the questions. So, all I want is the
money that is paid to you guys to be paid to me in a timely manner. I know it’s only $68, but I
would really, really like to have my money. So, if you could please check into this, I would be
very appreciative. Thank you.

Sharon Freund
5684 S. Nasturtium Pl.
Boise, ID 83716
I’m calling regarding the Access Transit which is through ValleyRide. My parents have been
approved for that service. I was told in the application process that the service was a door-todoor
service; they would pick up my parents at their home and take them to their doctors’
appointments and then bring them back. They do live within the city of Boise out in Columbia
Village. They received their letter stating that they had been approved, with a little brochure, in
fact the little brochure says, “the taxpayers of the city of Boise subsidize the door-to-door paratransit
service.” The letter, however, states that, “Since my parents do not live within 3/4 of a mile
of a bus stop, they would have to make sure that they got to the local bus stop, like at Zamzows
on Federal Way, or within 3/4 of a mile of that bus stop, in order for the para-transit service to
work. So, if my parents need that service, I would like to know how are they supposed to get to
that location, and why, if they are living in the City of Boise and they are helping to pay for this
service through their taxes, why isn’t that service coming to their door to pick them up. We used
to have a bus stop at the end of our street, but they discontinued bus service to Columbia
Village, but I think shouldn’t even matter because if my parents live in the City of Boise and we
are paying for that service and subsidizing that service, the service ought to come to their
house, pick them up, take them to the doctor, then bring them back home. I’m waiting for a
reply. Thank you.

Action Taken: left msj
Daryl Bean
3922 Rampart St.
Boise, ID 83704
Curb It: I’m calling to complain about the new trash containers. The big trash containers that
they dropped off are too large to go through the door from the garage to the back of the house,
as apparently are all of neighbors who have chosen to leave their cans out in front of their
house year around. We called to see about ordering a smaller container, a large one for our
yard and a smaller one for our household. We were told that the containers all have to be the
same size, so if we want a smaller one that will go through the door, we have to get two smaller
ones. I’m calling to complain that no matter how you work this, this is going to cost us more
money and I’m very unhappy with the Mayor’s decision to endorse this program.

Action Taken: left msj
Traffic: I have lived on Ellis Ave. since 1977; my grandmother lived here before me and my
grandfather built this house, so we’re 30+ year residents within our family. Our children grew up
here and they’re now adults on their own. Ellis Avenue has become an alternate route for State
St. I sit outside and watch cars turn off from 28th and from 26th to cut down Ellis at 40 miles an
hour to avoid a stop sign, school zone, or whatever the case may be on State St., especially
during school hours when Boise High kids race through here bumper to bumper. This is a
residential area; it is an established residential area. I realize a few Californians have moved in
and they tend to speed, but for the most part some of our residents abide by the rules at least,
most of them do. We are really, really, really tired that there’s no enforcement. I watched cars
go by last night, kids driving recklessly not stopping at the stop sign at 25th and Ellis at all; not
even stopping, not even slowing down. There needs to be some very strict rigid enforcement. If
you’re outside and you signal to people to slow down, they’ll make an obscene gesture, or
whatever, roll down their window and holler at you. Even some people who don’t live around
here will holler at you if you ask them to slow down. It’s just to the point where it’s ridiculous;
this is a residential area; kids are walking home from Lowell and from St. Mary’s. There are
animals; there are bicyclists, it’s a bike route. I can’t tell you how ridiculous it is that there’s no
enforcement of the speed limit here. Yes, the police put up a little “Here’s how fast you’re
going” blinking light. Ha, ha, ha, people slammed on their brakes (I watched them) way before
they got to the light. They saw the light there; they slammed on their brakes so it didn’t record
them as going too fast. How ridiculous is that? I mean you’re giving them advance notice so
they plan on it; they slow down there then speed up the minute they get past it; gun it. I mean
that’s not doing any good; the police are bogus in that sense. There needs to be some
enforcement, especially during the first few days of school and rush hour, a lot of business
people cut through. This isn’t an alternate route to State; there needs to be something done to
keep people on State St. and moving; there are three lanes each way out there. They can
certainly move out there, maybe not 40 miles an hour like they do here, but this is a residential
area and an established long-term, taxpaying, law abiding group. I emphasize taxpaying. Can
we please, please get enforcement on Ellis of the traffic rules and do something about this
problem. This is ridiculous; we’re not a freeway here. Like I said, there are kids walking home
from two different schools, bicyclists, mothers with strollers, joggers; it’s dangerous and the city
is taking the liability by not calming this street some way. I don’t care if they cut part of it off; I
don’t care if they put up speed bumps; I don’t care if they just have strict enforcement, whatever,
It need it to be calmed in some manner. Thank you.

Dan Conley
3177 Bryson Ave.
Boise, ID
Bike Safety: This is concerning these bicyclists, all this bit about them being hit by cars and
stuff. Well, we just had an incident where a guy was crossing Ustick Road at Bryson Ave.; he
couldn’t get across because of the traffic. We were turning in, it was clear so we could finally
turn in, and at the time we went to turn in this guy decides he’s going to go across in front of us
and go up the street. We nearly hit him. Then there was an incident that happened after that.
We had the same problem on Hill Road, them in the bike lane riding side by side; you tell them
to ride single file, it’s the FU and they spit on your car. You know, I’m getting a little tired of this;
I think these bicyclists need to be put in their place. So thank you very much for listening to my

Brad Bowen
428 Purdue St.
Boise, ID 83706
Homeless: I drive by Rhodes Park every day; it’s a wonderful idea for the kids that obviously
use it summer and winter. I just think it’s a shame that we have some many homeless people
invading the kids’ space. When this town, due to our lovely “Hitler” so called mayor preaches all
this wonderfulness, yet you go by there on at any given time of the day and it’s absolutely
disgusting to see that invasion on those kids. I would be appalled if I had children, to take them
down there to such a nice setting to find it’s contaminated. Yet, Boise’s finest seem to drive by,
too busy to address it. This is the youth of tomorrow, and this city preaches that, but I guess
what we say and what we do are two different things. It’s absolutely despicable that we can turn
our backs on such a wonderful place because we’re all too busy and all of us have too many
rights and the kids have none. There you have it, thank you.

Lisa Schneider
2715 Teton St.
Boise, ID 83705
Bike Safety: I talked with Sgt. Walker yesterday, the downtown bike patrol Sgt. concerning
some situations I’ve encountered this summer. I’ve worked downtown for many years and I
walk around during my lunch and break, and this summer just seems to have more bicycles on
the streets. I’ve had three incidents this summer alone, that have caused me to feel unsafe on
the sidewalk; bicyclists being in front of me and not giving me the right-of-way, coming up and
zooming past me, like when I’m coming to the end of a building and they’re coming from my
right, I’ve jumped back because a bicyclist came zooming past me. I had another situation
where I was walking past the escalators over here off of Main and 8th St.; some people were
coming towards me and I was walking towards them, and this young fellow on a bike came
zooming out from where the escalators are and raced right in between us. It’s happening more
and more and I just don’t feel safe on the sidewalks any more. I always have to watch cars
crossing the street and now I’m having to watch bicyclists on the sidewalks and I don’t want to
get hurt. I already experienced a skateboard accident last winter because a skateboarder lost
control of their skateboard and it hit me and knocked into me. I just happened to be stepping
up, the skateboard came back and I went head over heels. So, I don’t want to get hit by a
bicyclist on the sidewalk. That’s my comment and you’re certainly welcome to call me if you
want any other information; otherwise I’ll just let it be as it is and I’ll keep my eyes open and
hope I don’t get run into. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

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  1. The Boise Picayune
    Aug 31, 2009, 6:33 pm

    Re: Susan & Ellis Traffic

    The Boise Police will do NOTHING for you on this issue.

    After 7 YEARS (not a typo) of complaints regarding a similar situation (4 way STOP treated as a mere suggestion) I and a couple of neighbors were forced to take matters into our own hands and start writing down plate numbers and “swearing out” Traffic Citations ourselves (Yes, you CAN do that. The responding cops will sometimes lie and say “no” you can’t; but YES, you can).

    The most disturbing part was the revelation of how many were “upstanding members of the community” (teachers, school administrators, a principal, 1 motorcycle cop and 1 school resource officer). Do as they say, not as they do!

    I used to have a neighbor (Wisconsin, circa 1982) who would push a baby stroller full of packing material in front of them as they legally entered crosswalks (and vehicles entered illegally).


    The neighbor was breaking no laws, whilst the offending motorists would receive a traffic citation and damaged automobile.

    THAT got the cops moving on his complaints!

    Ah… Memories…

    As far as OUR corner of the world… Much. much, MUCH better now, since the offenders were repeat offenders who had a sense of – now shattered – invincibility.

  2. Used to live on Ellis Avenue, in a home owned by family since 1942 – so glad we moved. For some odd reason St. Maries started a Spanish mass for whom it appears that the majority are from Canyon county. Inasmuch as St. Maries has almost no parking on their property, the congregation has to park in front of homes for blocks around. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have Spanish mass in Canyon county so people wouldn’t have to drive so far and parking might be better?

    I got a small income from St. Maries many years ago for cleaning up on Saturdays and refilling the holy water so have much affection for that church but think the current situation is not reasonable.

    I grew up in the north end but find it totally obnoxious now.

  3. Picayune I like these idea’s!

  4. Wow, apparently all it takes to be called “Hitler” in this town is to leave the homeless alone…

  5. How about instead of complaining about the homeless, go do something to help them get back on their feet? Maybe volunteer somewhere? That’s a better idea then complaining about them.

  6. The Boise Picayune
    Sep 2, 2009, 3:13 pm

    Re: Homeless

    With Mr. Frazier’s permission, may I suggest for your consideration:

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