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Bad Sports Not Treated Alike In Idaho

All it took for Oregon Tailback LeGarrette Blount to get out of town without an arrest by Boise PD was an apology after sucker punching BSU defensive end Byron Hout when players and coaches from both teams mingled on the field following the game.

Football is a rough game that brings out the worst–and best–in athletes, fans, and the media. One could argue that Blount’s chances at the Heisman trophy are over, but the recent news of convicted felon Michael Vick returning to the NFL would seem to contradict that notion.

Former Nampa prep football player Kip Ramos didn’t fare as well as Blount when it came criminal charges being filed. He was convicted last year of battery, fined, and confined in lieu of jail. Ramos had smacked his coach in a very similar incident. He was not a Heisman contender.

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  1. Guardian,

    The difference being that the Nampa Incident was a Felony because the victim had his jaw broken.

    In last nights incident, it was a misdemeanor which usually requires a victim.

    A felony can be prosecuted by the State.

    Not saying Blount shouldnt be prosecuted…but it usually requires a victim to go forward.

    EDITOR NOTE–If the coppers WANTED to prosecute (not saying the should) there is certainly enough to go on with witnesses, recordings, etc. When the game was over, it was no longer an athletic contest. Tawdry behavior!

  2. Brianthedog
    Sep 4, 2009, 3:39 pm

    This type of behavior is in indeed tawdry. Mr. Editor, can you please explain to us how you can prosecute without a victim? Domestic Battery is the exception. Please teach us. Not sure prosecutors would like to take this to a jury without a victim.

    EDITOR NOTE–To reduce it to the basics, there is indeed a victim (Houk) AND the state of Idaho. Just because Houk won’t sign a complaint dosen’t mean Blount didn’t hit him. The criminal act still took place. The gray area is whether or not this was part of a “sporting event” once the game was over. If not, no reason for police intervention. Our purpose in the post was to highlight the difference in consequences for the very same act under essentially the same conditions (football game).

  3. I’m assuming that TB25 means that Houk didn’t want to press charges since he was the only one assualted. If that is the case then there is no victim and no crime. Regardless of what the witnesses saw and the films show.

  4. Houk?Victim? After taunting LeGarrette?

    Looks more like Jerk meets Jerk.

    Go Bonkos.

  5. Brianthedog
    Sep 4, 2009, 8:32 pm

    I thought viewership is up, if not then yes, this WWE wrestling stuff mixed with football will surely draw more of a crowd.

  6. This is too good. Normally brilliant coach hosts a post game reception with no though to the guest list. Houk sends out for a Fist Sandwich. When LeGarrette delivers, with extra catchup and relish, the home town media calls felony!

    Looks to me like 15 yard penalties all around.

  7. Hout.

  8. What happened to the days when if two guys got into an argument and one punched the other, the other either punched back or said, aw, the heck with it, and life went on? Nobody else cared, so long as no serious (read: permanent) injury resulted.
    If punchers were prosecuted after every bar fight, game fight, whatever, we could cure unemployment by hiring everybody available to build new jails and prisons.

    EDITOR NOTE–You don’t understand Gordon. This was on National TV! Everything is different if it is on NATIONAL TV!

  9. Was there some shortage of testosterone? Guess not.

  10. The Boise Picayune
    Sep 6, 2009, 8:24 am

    1. A crime was committed, and witnessed.

    2. Insomuch as Bronco Football is one of the few revenue and positive press generators left in Boise, short of someone being bludgeoned with a lead pipe on National Television, nothing will be done to rock that boat.

    3. For a little edumication about Idaho Laws, visit:

  11. Mr. Watcher
    Sep 6, 2009, 8:43 am

    The player who was sucker punched had a right to file charges. He didn’t want to do that so that puts this matter to bed.
    The last thing that I want to see is government forcing charges in places where the person who is on the receiving end of criminal conduct, doesn’t want them to be filed. Oh yea, government is working in that direction with arresting parents who spank their children to feed their system to stay employed. Say nothing about bring in federal money under the Modale Law.

  12. I don’t have a problem with no prosecution, because Hout was not hurt. I am a bit chagrined by Oregon’s approach with this young man. He had been in quite a bit of trouble with Oregon, last spring and early in fall camp. He spoke freely to the media about this game, throwing down some smack. If Oregon had managed this player better, he might still be with them. His behavior this year should have resulted in him being suspended for the first game or two of the season. If Oregon had nipped this in the bud, they might have saved this young man from himself and his once-bright NFL future.

  13. Casual Observer
    Sep 6, 2009, 4:22 pm

    I’m having trouble with the term, “sucker punch.”

    Would it still be a sucker punch if our player hit their player in response to a question of incest with his mother? Or is it only a sucker punch when one of our guys gets hit after alleging the visiting player has sexual relations with his mother?

  14. Mr. Watcher
    Sep 6, 2009, 7:56 pm

    Would it still be a sucker punch if our player hit their player in response to a question of incest with his mother?
    *** A cheap shot is a sucker punch. Educated people and decent folks do not lower themselves to attack and assault others over slander. I find it strange you would ask such a question.

    Or is it only a sucker punch when one of our guys gets hit after alleging the visiting player has sexual relations with his mother?
    *** Casual Observer, do you have proof of this? I find it very had to believe that the players who was sucker punched said what you are saying he said next to Mr. Peterson.
    My understanding was the Ducks player said that BSU needed a butt whipping after losing last year. The BSU players said, “how about that butt whipping we were going to get”. The Ducks player said “here’s you butt whipping m…. f….er.” Then sucker punched another man who had his hands to his side. The actions of a violent idiot and nothing butt<pun intended.

  15. Casual Observer
    Sep 7, 2009, 7:06 am

    Sure Watcher, Hook is an angel. He was probably inviting that mean guy from the other team up to his room for tea and read some poetry. Maybe some zen relaxation. You just keep believing that.

  16. Mr. Watcher
    Sep 8, 2009, 8:16 am

    I believe nothing you have to say Casual Observer because you clearly have said things that you can not back up. Your very own words prove this to be fact.
    Frankly, I believe you are trying to inject race into this and it stinks to high heaven. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the direction you are going.

  17. “Smack talk” has been part of pretty much every “sporting” event since I’ve been paying attention. (Coach Petersen seems to discourage it, but it’s still going to happen. Boys will be boys.) Fans love to taunt the visiting team, as well. Personally, I wish it would remain good-natured, but many cross the line, especially when alcohol is involved.

    There is absolutely no call for physical violence. Hitting somebody for what they said is an indicator of stupidity. (A “sucker punch” is when you hit somebody totally unexpectedly… is that hard to understand?)

    IMO, the right decisions were made following “the incident.” Too bad better decisions weren’t made beforehand.


  18. Bad Boyz sell tickets. I wonder when Boise will force us to build a new sports complex so they can act like a big city.
    As for a crime? Who cares… please don’t waste my money. Please spend that money stopping real crime.

  19. So editor, you are pressing for state intervention into a criminal matter in which the victim does not want to press charges. This will be paid for by us taxpayers in a fruitless display of wasted time and money for what reason? The victim does not have to cooperate with prosecution so what will ultimately happen is the case will be a waste of time. You are simply a hypocrite.

    EDITOR NOTE–The case is pretty much settled. I try not to post name calling, but since I am the “victim,” you get a pass on the rule. The entire point of my post was two similar incidents handled differently for the puncher. Someone challenged that there was “no victim” in the recent BSU matter and I responded. Perhaps the Nampa prep footballer shouldn’t have been charged either?? Seems the Daily Paper brought out the same issues.

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