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Mayor Hotline Sept 5 to 11

John Weber
3025 N. Five Mile Rd. Apt. 203
Boise, ID 83713
Library and Weed Abatement: My comment is regarding the new LEED library on Ustick and Cole. I and many other residents have noticed that very late at night all the lights are on in this energy efficient library. We feel that it might be a good idea if the librarians turn the lights off
before they leave the library.

One other comment, I believe we could use prison labor to help
pull up and clean up goat heads around the city. Besides the goat heads being a public nuisance, this would be a good thing for the prison labor because very likely after they’re done with their incarceration, they might not be able to afford vehicles, so that would be a good thing for them because they will be getting around on bicycles. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj

Bruce Bistline
623 W. Hays
Boise, ID 83702
Parking: I’m calling to comment on the parking fine system that Boise has. I got a parking
ticket because I went into my favorite coffee shop, ran into one of my friends and stood and
talked longer than the time allowed by the meter. So, I got a $12 ticket and as I got that ticket I
contemplated whether or not it would be better just to start going to get my coffee over in
Albertson’s Marketplace, which is convenient as well, where I wouldn’t encounter getting tickets,
or any risk of getting tickets. Then I thought that’s really not in the best interest of downtown to
drive people like me away. Then I started thinking about the fact that you’ve got a problem and
that you need to keep people from abusing the meters. But those of us who use downtown
have a problem in that sometimes we aren’t as fast as we expected to be. It occurred to me
that we probably now have the technology where you could set up a system that graded fines
according to the person’s history; so, if I have been a year without getting a ticket, I would fall
into say the infrequent category and my fine might be $5; and if I have been a month without
getting a ticket, I might fall into a frequent category and my fine might be $10. If I get tickets
every week, I would fall into a chronic category and my fine would be $20. It seems to me that
the meter readers could have, through radio frequency transmission, the ability to access the
mother ship and know whether the person was a infrequent abuser or not. In the end it might
serve everybody’s interest better than a system that penalizes all the same, regardless of
whether they are the problem or just a good consumer who got hung up longer than they
expected. Thank you very much.
Jay Yost
Bike Safety: Will Lindsay and I came up to your office a little over two years ago and asked you
to start educating the police and the public on bicycle/car interaction. Nothing has been done;
nothing has still been done. Another bicyclist got hit this morning on Irving while in a crosswalk.
I want to see manslaughter charges on the driver of the car. That’s the only way people are
September 5 – 11, 2009
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going to learn. You waited too long and you have taken too much time and you’ve let the police
chief push you around a little bit. This has got to stop; people are dying because of inaction.
You have to act this time. Please call me; we can discuss this. We told you in advance what
was happening because we’re out there every single day. Your bicycle cops have actually told
you but nobody listens. It’s time to listen and start putting your pulse back on the city instead of
on your neck. It’s ridiculous; it’s got to happen; you got to put it on the city; we’re dying out
here. Start educating them police officers. Just the other day I was riding my motorcycle down
Orchard and saw two Mormon missionaries riding their bicycle down the wrong side of the
street; a cop passed them and didn’t even look at them. Where’s the citation? Where’s the
education? The police are not educated properly; the citizens are not educated properly. When
are we going to get this done? You’ve had over two years and all we’ve seen is inaction. Now
please help us out here.
Action Taken: contacted

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