Team Dave Tries Brainwashing Public

We have long been unhappy with the efforts of Team Dave to shape public opinion on the “Trolley Folly.” Now it looks like the mayor and staff are following in the mold of the infamous Brent Coles

Coles spent public funds to influence the outcome of the Foothills Tax Levy election, but it was only discovered after he left office in disgrace.


Like the CIA policy of “plausible deniability,” Team Dave launders mind shaping PR campaigns in support of the trolley to nowhere through the CCDC and a paid public relations hack. That same small agency profited big on the trash contract PR…despite the fact we have half a dozen mind shaping staffers in the Public Information Group (PIG) being paid at taxpayer expense.

The city/CCDC has ponied up lots of cash to a PR firm to drum up support for his Trolley Folly. A new city bid is about to be let for even more PR support and we figure the same dude who got the first splash of cash with have the (can’t resist this) the INSIDE TRACK.

Now, the IDAHO BUSINESS REVIEW has published a piece which is pretty tame, but it’s drawing damning comments.

This one comes from a source we know and trust:

“Late this afternoon I was checking out this (IBR) article because I am a member of the local media and getting ready to cover the Trolley story. Upon finishing the article, I noticed the comment by Noah Bryan (#4). I thought to myself, “Bryan, Bryan. Where have I heard that name?” It turns out that a PR person in this market also has the last name of Bryan and she often sends press releases and pitches our newsroom. I then googled her name and “Noah.”

It turns out that apparently Noah and this woman are married. I then made a call to a friend of mine who knows this woman and she confirmed the union. Normally, this would not be an issue. Free speech. Yet it became an issue with me and others in our newsroom when we dicovered that this woman is an employee of the PR firm that is working for the City of Boise/Mayor Bieter. I think the firm is Ritter something???

A friend at the City then confirmed that the Ritter firm is representing the Trolley project. I am wondering why Mayor Bieter didn’t just put his name on the comment versus having the husband of his PR person submit the comment??? Maybe it was just poor judgement on the PR firm’s part. It sort of disgusts me. It’s not transparent and says a lot that the only person the Mayor can get to say something good about the Trolley is the spouse of one of the pr firm’s employees.”

The City Council needs to put a stop to this entire project before it leads to the downfall of yet another group of city officials. Jim Tibbs stands alone having enough backbone to just say NO!

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  1. Sounds like we have a little brother version of ACORN!

  2. It is time for a new city council. There is no way to be in the trench for eight years and still be able to see what is really going on. The trolly, Amtrak, libraries, annexation, and now Universal National Healthcare. How about some city duties? Sidewalks, traffic, jobs, affordable housing, not destroying historical monuments. It is really time for some servant minded folks to get in there and SERVE the city for a change. Lucas, Lee and I will do just that. Invite us to your house party, we will answer questions and gather your input.unham

    EDITOR NOTE–Dan Dunham is a candidate for Boise city council.

  3. I have done very extensive research on this streetcar project. I have lived in Idaho all my life and in Boise for 40 years – trust me when I say this – the streetcar project, if passed, will be the biggest taxpayer boondoggle in the history of this city. It is extremely unfortunate that Crapo, Simpson, Minnick and Risch have all endorsed this ridiculous waste of tax dollars. It will be perpetually and heavily subsidized, and will require additional and heavy local option or improvement districts that will hurt downtown businesses.

    How will the streetcar deal with the TWENTY-EIGHT traffic signals on the proposed 2.6 mile route?

    Where will the funds come from to cover the construction and operating shortfalls?

    Why have no alternatives such as electric buses been looked at? For example, electric buses have been in service in Chattanooga, TN since 1992.

    The streetcar will not be able to run, and therefore generate no revenue, during events when the streets are blocked off, such as the July 4th Parade, Holiday Parade, Twilight Criterium, St. Lukes Womens Fitness, Main Street Mile, Boise Curb Cup, and numerous others.

    Because it is on tracks, the streetcar will not be able to service events at Ann Morrison or Julia Davis Parks, Bronco Stadium, or the proposed Jacks Place. Any further route development will take years and tremendous amounts of additional tax dollars to service relatively small areas; 2 to 3 miles at best.

    Most destinations along the proposed route can be walked or driven to in a few minutes. Why would people wait around for a streetcar and pay money to get to their destination more slowly?

    During the day, traffic downtown is already congested. A streetcar, despite the city’s claims, will only add to this because it will integrate poorly into existing auto and pedestrian traffic. The streets downtown are almost too narrow already just dealing with cars let alone a streetcar.

    The streets downtown will be torn up for about two years installing tracks, which will hurt businesses along the route and stall traffic.

    The two ends of the proposed route have little to no potential riders. The east end – nearly one-third of the route – has almost no future development potential.

    In short, downtown Boise is not logistically suited for such a project by any means.

    The city is already running a budget deficit of $9 million and this will only add to it.

    The city already has SIXTEEN defined transportation needs that are currently unmet. We do not need a streetcar put ahead of other projects that are more important.

    The additional tax burden from the proposed LID on the downtown businesses will be passed on to the consumers.

    In short, the streetcar is an overly expensive solution to a transportation problem that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST. The vast majority of the people that I have spoken to regarding the Boise streetcar do not think it is a good idea. The best interests of the public should be taken into consideration when a perpetually subsidized project such as this is proposed and taxes will be raised on businesses. Just because it can be built doesn’t mean it should be built.

    I have spoken to some of the inside people involved with this project that are against it. The best thing anyone can do to help get this stopped is contact the media, such as letters to the editor, and also email the mayors office and city council members individually.

  4. I felt the need to post my response here as well, in order to clear up this false accusation. See below.

    Hello Media Maven, Erin Bryan here. I have just been made aware of this dialogue this evening and I would like to clear it up directly. Yes, I am a PR freelancer here in town, but I am not at all affiliated with the Trolley efforts, nor have I ever been. I have worked in past months with Ritter Consulting promoting Idaho’s 529 college savings program, but nothing else. Yes, Noah Bryan is my husband and he’s entitled to his opinion. I’m frustrated. Frustrated because a trusted member of the local media would move forward commenting with such affirmation, when your facts are completely incorrect. I would appreciate your comment be corrected, as I feel Noah and I are owed it. In the future, please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,
    Erin Bryan

  5. Hey! local media! You mean it has taken you 5 years to find out that the Bieter administration is not “transparent”? This bunch of Jamokes is about as muddy as the Mississippi in the spring! This is just the latest stunt in a long line of idiotic actions by the mayor and his “fab four” on the council!!!

  6. Check your facts people.

  7. WHAT THE H>>L was the City of Boise doing bringing up healthcare? You need to do a story on this JOKE that the Mayor thinks he needs to do to make himself look good to the democates – because he is one along with the vast majority of the council!

    Maybe the mayor and council will make a resolution to set up a branch of Acorn at City Hall too.

  8. In all fairness the person did post their real name. However I find it strange that a husband would do this without telling his wife who is a PR rep in such matters and it could be a situation that would cause damage control to go into over time.
    The raw turth is the train thing is a huge mistake and its being pushed by elitist on the people no matter what. This is a huge flag telling the citizens of Boise that we have a government running the city that is self serving and in no way has the best interest of the citizens of Boise. In light of the elitist demeanor that is behind this project. I have to wonder if the correct name was used to give more credit to the posting in hopes that the connection would go under the radar. Here’s the give away to my reasoning: “I’m frustrated. Frustrated because a trusted member of the local media would move forward commenting with such affirmation, when your facts are completely incorrect.”
    Clearly the facts are not “completely incorrect” because it is her husband. I can’t help noticing the words “a trusted member of the local media”. Was special treatment not giving that shows such anger?
    My personal view is, the wife’s letter opens up the other end of the can of worms.

  9. -Interesting that BG knows who “Media Mavin” is when MM has not posted under that name at IBR before.

    -I think Erin’s post clears her name as to her relationship to with Ritter and the city of Boise. (plus her and Noah don’ t mind posting under their real names).

    – I would rather see the city hire a qualified individual to do the PR work than hire outside firms. There are a few on staff, why not pay them extra and work their tail off?

  10. AARGGHHH!!! Clancy! Why in God’s name does the city have to hire ANYONE to sell their half-assed ideas? When the city has something to “convince” the citizens of, get that chubby little muffin top of a mayor off his arse and go sell it!!! Tha’s what we hired him to do!!!

  11. LMAO at those that think the trolley is a mass transit solution. Try looking under urban development. I’m skeptical but the more I hear the more I like, even when its not under the gaze of Bieter’s ever twirling eyes. Get a grip.

    Speaking of boondoggles, where were you guys when the Statehouse kept giving money to Micron?

  12. Media Maven
    Sep 16, 2009, 7:34 pm

    Clancy,how the heck does Bryan’s post clear her, Ritter Consultation or the Mayor (for that matter)??? And for everyone’s random information, I have posted on the IBR multiple times. I also have no problem with pr people. We have many in this market who have no trouble being transparent, who don’t use their spouses to speak for clients and utilize good judgement in general. This is not about pr people. It’s about transparancy.

  13. MM- So far you have proved nothing besides Erin is guilty by association. As for transparency, my name is Clancy and I have no relation to Erin or Noah. I hate to see someone who is not related to the silliness of the Team Dave to be dragged into it.

    Cyclops- I was trying to be funny but have a hard time conveying with the keyboard. The city has more than enough staff/ Public spokesman to get the job done.

  14. Mr. Watcher
    Sep 17, 2009, 3:03 pm

    Clancy, forget the PR game using public employees. Put up the cost and the pro’s and con’s and allow the voters to vote on this beyond stupid idea. Hopefully we can get rid of Dave and his marry band of elitist and put this to bed next election.
    My feelings are its not going to be easy to get rid of Dave. Because if there is a strong chance someone is going to beat him in the election the local newspaper is going to step in and make the election very one sided.

  15. In response to a comment made by BOB
    “In short, the streetcar is an overly expensive solution to a transportation problem that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST”.

    Sounds a lot like another project of Team Dave…BFD getting into the EMS transport business. An overly expensive solution to a problem that does not exist.

  16. Mr. Thank You
    Sep 20, 2009, 8:00 pm

    I second that, Brandon. But, the Stateman and everyone else I talk to make it sound like the Trolley is a done deal because we don’t even have a day. Does anyone know why most of our media outlets will not report on this? I’ve only seen Statesman coverage and it is “light” at best. The Idaho Biz Review was a bit heavier, but nobody seems to want to report the facts.

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