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AMBUS Every Minute For Cost Of AMTRAK

For the cost of a daily AMTRAK train or two, the GUARDIAN can provide bus service that would run a bus EVERY MINUTE 24/7.

That’s right. We got out the ol’ electronic calculator and punched in the numbers for the cost of the GUARDIAN’s fantasy AMBUS plan versus the cost of AMTRAK.

Here’s how it would work:
–For the $374 million cost to bring the tracks up to speed, we provide 1500 luxury buses at $250,000 each. ($374 million divided by $250,000 price =1496 buses).
–That means in theory you could schedule a bus leaving either Salt Lake or Portland every minute (1500 buses divided by 24 hrs= 62 per hour).
–Juggle the numbers a bit and there is potential for million dollar “rock star” motorcoaches with sleepers, kitchens, and showers every four or five minutes.

Do politicos and train buffs want to “provide public transportation for the people of the American West” or do they just want a TRAIN?”

Using Team Dave’s trolley folly logic, if we got the trains moving again it would increase property values next to the tracks. Folks love to hear the frequent rumble of a locomotive made in Boise, and the distinctive horn…at MIDNIGHT.

In case you forgot, here is the link to the AMBUS plan which is certainly a lot more logical than spending $374 million to serve 102,000 riders a year.

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  1. Maybe if we put a big, loud air horn on the buses, that would make the mayor and the good senator happy!

  2. Dave,
    Heard you on KBOI yesterday morning and what you said surely has some people thinking about the cost and magnitude of this kind of expense.

    The money would be better spent on the east coast region of the country for rail improvments and busses out west.

  3. I just want public transportation option that won’t take 2 hours to go from Caldwell to Boise and can drop me off at my work site five miles south of the airport. I would use it cause I’m tired of the daily commute and the new Ten Mile Road Traffic Jam.
    How ’bout we dump ACHD and CCHD in Favor of a Treasure Valley Highway District. How about ramping up bus lines for the whole valley, not just BSU and Boise Downtown.

  4. Here’s the problem… We lost the ability to maintain American roads when oil crossed $45 per barrel. Soon, the roads will become unuseable for long distance travel. We need to bring back trains now or we’ll forget what coffee ever tasted like, not to mention the loss of some actually important things….

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