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Stabbing Suspect Has No Driver’s License!

We have to admit to making a visit to the Daily Paper’s web site today where we noticed a headline about a fatal stabbing in the parking lot of a bikini bar.

The Daily–and apparently coppers–found it noteworthy the suspect was driving without a license.
“An Idaho City man accused of stabbing 30-year-old Jason Robert Tipton to death in the parking lot of the Torch bikini bar early Thursday morning is charged with second degree murder. Thirty-one year-old Tariq McWilliams is also charged with driving without a valid license in connection with the case.

Tipton died from injuries sustained by a penetrating stab wound to the chest, according to Ada County Corner’s reports.”

Even more fun were the 77 comments from Daily Paper readers debating the relative safety of churches vs stripper bars. If you care to enter the debate, please go to the STATESMAN site. We welcome comments about the news coverage and the exchange among their comments.

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  1. BG said “Even more fun were the 77 comments from Daily Paper readers…”

    I don’t know the victim, but he deserves more respect than this.

    EDITOR NOTE– Clancy, you echo my point! Perhaps “fun” was a bad choice of words. The effort the Daily Paper commenters expended was beyond belief….my issue is with the driver license and comments, NOT the homicide.

    Imagine the pleas bargain: “”you plead guilty to murder 2 and we will drop the driver license charge.”

  2. The Inquisition Continues
    Sep 24, 2009, 9:27 pm

    They did it in a tangential way but the posters at the daily, by about a 60 percent margin, did stand up for the poor deceased.

    The first poster asserted the moral superiority of church goers relative to the clientele of booby bars (Does that include Busters, Hooters, Etc.?), and spent the next 90 posts trying to keep his head above the deluge of posters taking exception to his arrogance. Given the amount of violence over the past few millennia that occurs at, for, by, and between religious factions, take your pick, one has to wonder why he tried. Ironically, I would even guess that both the stabber and the stabbed considered themselves to be christian.

    My regrets to the departed and his family.

  3. I went to school with Jason and we were good friends. He had a great sense of humor and was very likeable. He will be remembered by me. Rest in peace Jason.

  4. “TIC” is going out on a limb by assuming “both the stabber and the stabbed considered themselves to be christian.”

    When I saw that the stabber is named Tariq, I assumed Islamofascist, and that the Jihad against American “Culture” has finally arrived at a Boise establishment that features “the performing arts.” He’s lucky they didn’t hit him with “no proof of insurance”!!

    In reality, I’d be willing to bet money that more people die in bed, than in either churches or bikini bars.

    The relatively unmoderated Statesman comment board frequently devolves into elementary schoolyard name-calling contests; what a waste of everybody’s attention! By stark contrast, the Guardian posters are all astute and cerebral, and contribute greatly to mutual understanding!! (Excuse me while I pat myself on the back…)

    Condolences to the deceased’s family and friends.

  5. I used to call up a late-night jokes site (quoting various TV talk guys) each night to get a bit of humor in my day.
    Now I just call up The Statesman and get my laughs from ridiculous juxtapositions like this one (what the heck did lack of a driver’s license have to do with the killing?), and the headlines that disagree with the story, etc.

    An aside to bikeboy: More people die in hospitals than anywhere else (and, of course, most of them are in bed at the time, so your stance is still accurate).

  6. Simple Gordon. The “no valid license” enables the coppers to hang onto the guy until they find out “who stuck who!”
    My condolences to the deceased’s family as well.

  7. Rod in SE Boise
    Sep 25, 2009, 9:40 pm

    Commenters on the Statesman’s website make the commenters on this website look positively intellectual. Come to think of it, same is true for the articles themselves.

    Busters on Broadway used to be a church. Its current use is an improvement, a big one.

  8. Mr. Watcher
    Sep 26, 2009, 9:31 am

    Frankly, I have always wondered if some of the posters at the Statesmen are not employed there. Many of the posters there never post on what the story is about but slander and insult other people’s views that are not of the liberal nature. Clearly the Statesmen allows the Godless to control how the posting is run on its website. These people attack anyone and everyone that has conservative values. If a person is not a baby killer (pro abortion), all for homosexual marriage, running off the Salvation Army bell ringers (hate God) and for stealing the productive hard working folks money through taxation (class warfare). Than such people are smeared to no ends should they make the mistake and post on the website of the Statesman.
    Now here comes the proof and dirt to what I say. I personally know for a fact that they have some conservative posters posts only able to be seen by the poster. This has some folks thinking that they are posting for all to see but only they can see their post. By doing this the Statesmen controls the tempo of what is seen by all.

  9. To all of those who have posted on this site.. Thank you for respecting my son’s father! I did put a posting in the Statesman about the things people were saying. Not one person payed attention to what I wrote. So again I will post here what I left there! Again thank you all for your condolences the family of Jason Tipton thanks you for your respect!

    Have any of you stopping to think of the victim’s family. There is a little boy who will never see his father again, a mother & father who will never see their son, siblings who will never have their brother again and a wife who now has no husband. This was a senseless crime. What happen to throwing around words not weapons! Can you all tell me how you have the nerve to argue about this? Whether it is at church at school or outside a night club it doesn’t matter. What matters is there are people in this world ignorant enough to not think of the aftermath of their actions. The two of you need to stop and maybe think about what you both can do in life to make a difference, maybe you could put your energy into making a difference instead of fighting over your differences! To the person responsible for this crime, I want you to look in my son’s eyes and explain to him why his father will never come home and explain to Jason’s mother why she will never be able to hold her son again. You deserve the book thrown at you. You’re just another ignorant person who doesn’t deserve the air you breathe!

  10. that was my bestfriends brother and i hope that piece of @#%&* pays for what he did to jason.

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