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Vicki Morrison
5424 Eugene St.
Boise, ID 83703
Streetcar & Amtrak: I’m calling about two concerns. One is the streetcar that Mayor Bieter is
proposing, which I think is a complete waste of our taxpayer dollars. It will not do anything to
help downtown Boise. The second is Amtrak. We do not need to bring in Amtrak when it’s
going to cost millions of dollars just to get it set up to get it in here again, and then also be a
losing proposition. I would suggest that the Mayor think about this and he listen to the people
who are paying his salary. We are in terrible times economically and we don’t need to be
spending money on these projects that really are not going to bring anything back to the city.
Thank you.
Action Taken: sent info

Sue Slade
1916 S. Division
Boise, ID
Trolley & Amtrak: I strongly, strongly urge the Mayor and City Council to please direct the
trolley money to Amtrak if it’s at all possible. Many more people could and would use Amtrak
than the trolley and it just seems like we need our priorities straight on this. The trolley is cutesy
and the Amtrak is badly needed. Please reconsider, please. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: left msj

Bruce Fabbi
Support Health Care Reso: Thank you for the Resolution that you helped send with regard to
backing the President on the health problem we seem to have in this country. That was a
stand-up kind of thing to do; it’s good to see that you’re a leader and not somebody that’s just
going along with the flow. So again, thank you and the members of the City Council that passed
that Resolution.
Anonymous Female
Thank You: I’m calling to thank the Mayor from the City of Boise and the Police Chief for letting
the young Marines in the Treasure Valley find a new home, which is exactly the kind of thing I
expected the city government to help out with involving our kids. Thank you and good job.
George Robinson
Citizen of Boise
ACHD & BPD: I was on Maple Grove and Franklin and was coming eastbound. There was
westbound traffic and ACHD had placed orange cones and traffic lights indicating that they were
shutting a lane down for some type of work that was going on. Absolutely no work was going on
and this was at 2:44 p.m., today’s date. As I was sitting up by the orange cones, I was
observing this and wondering why they had the lane shut down and nobody was doing any
work, why they haven’t moved the cones out of the way. A man in his Porsche Boxter pulled up
right next to me in the right-hand lane and attempted to get into my lane now use zipper traffic
going in and started ranting and raving at me. There was a police office on the opposite side of
the intersection in his car talking on his cell phone that I attempted to flag down. He was so
busy talking on his cell phone that he couldn’t pay attention to what was going on at me. There
was a case of road rage right there. I am stuck with the man in the Porsche Boxter who was
yelling and hollering at me that he did not want to get out of his car because I would put him
back in his car and I would dial 911 and request an ambulance for him; okay, because I felt that
I was being put in a threatening situation. Now, I want to know: 1) why are the cones and signs
out there when no one’s doing any work, and 2) why are these police officers driving around
talking on their cell phones and not paying attention, especially when I was out there trying to
flag him down? He drove right past me. There’s a substation of police in that area; as a matter
of fact while I was there, there were three police cars that drove through there and not one of
them noticed any vigilant activity; that no one was working, the cones were placed there and the
signs were placed there, and no one was doing any work. It’s snarling traffic; it’s wasting my
money. If ACHD doesn’t want to remove the cones, I would be glad to go out there and do their
job for them. Thank you very much and have a good day.

Brian Baker
116 Willow Way Dr.
Boise, ID
BPD: I just wanted to make a comment and a request. I have actually contacted the police
numerous times and I don’t seem to get anywhere any more, in regard to the speeding and
running red lights at the corner of Capitol and University. I run or ride my bike down that way on
my way to work. I ride my bike pretty much every day and especially now that school’s in
session, it seems to be a drag strip for amped-up kids on cell phones ripping through there and
usually by the time the light is red, three or four more push the light, and it makes it very difficult
to cross. It’s already difficult to cross in this major intersection, but to have people flying through
trying to beat the light makes it worse; and it’s gotten far worse since school is in. I have yet to
see any police there until today when there was a seven-car pile up there and someone was
taken to the hospital. It looked real serious and I just wanted to say that if the police haven’t
gotten a clue that that’s a bad intersection, then I hope they do now and do something about it.
Thank you very much for your time. 8-9AM and 3:00-4:30PM
Action Taken: contacted

David Holly
Airport Parking: I just wanted to express two concerns; one is a concern and the other is a
compliment. On the 25th of May I attended the dedication to the Air Corps Aviation sculpture at
the Boise Airport. I was a little bit concerned after spending time there listening to everybody
and seeing you and Councilman Jim Tibbs there, that I was charged for a couple of hours or an
hour and a half, something like that to be able to leave by the Ampco System Airport parking
company, and was told that there was no way they could comp it. My question to you is, did
you and Councilman Tibbs have to pay for that, and if you did not, my concern is why the public
was not told. I realize you didn’t write an article in the Statesman, why we were not told that we
were going to have to pay to park. On a different note, my wife Cathy and Darlene Pape are
good friends and my wife was at the graveyard one day visiting her mother’s grave. She
happened to see you standing over what she thought was Darlene Pape’s son and anyway she
was impressed with that. She knew the history behind her son. Anyway, you don’t have to call
me back if you don’t need to but it was just a concern. The cost of the parking isn’t going to
break me, but it is what I consider a rip-off on something like that. Thank you.

George Robinson
10284 W. Poppy St.
Boise, ID
ACHD: This is the second day in a row that I have driven down Maple Grove Street between
Franklin and Emerald, and ACHD has a gas-run sign blocking off one lane and a row of cones.
It says right lane closed and there is absolutely nobody out there doing any work what so ever.
It’s causing traffic confusion and congestion. Now these people need to get a handle on this
now. I’m a 23 year veteran in the military service, I am retired, I currently don’t have a job, and\
if need be, to see my tax dollars being properly spent, I will drive around the city and call this
number every day that I have to, to report these disparities that these people are doing, and the
wanton wasteful use of our tax dollars. This is something that needs to be brought to their
attention and needs to be taken care of. If they don’t want to move the cones and their sign,
then I will be glad to do their job for them, and then send them the bill. I appreciate your looking
into this matter and I’m sure it will be handled in an expedient manner, and I really would like a
reply because it was obviously happening yesterday and it’s happening again today and it
seems to be falling on deaf ears. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: contacted

Anna Hammari
6927 Ashland Dr.
Boise, ID 83709
Curb It: My question is about yard waste, trash, and recycling. Basically we’ve returned to the
Treasure Valley after being out of the area for a little while in the Midwest. We saw an
awesome process I guess at our waste distributor with yard waste. I just wanted to enquire if
Boise has looked into that and suggest that perhaps they do that. We saw information on the
Fall Recycling program of leaves for just the month of October and November and are looking
into trying to access some paper bags at a limited cost with the coupons that you provide. I
have been in email contact with Pamela in that department and she’s been very helpful, but I did
want to let you know that if you look up and you could go \compost_yardwaste.php.
Deluth, Minnesota where we were had a wonderful program where they actually composted the
leaves and the food scraps and then the city sold it and made a profit off of that, or at least
funded the program as was my understanding. I heard that it was a very successful program
there. The mulch was free but they charged to load it, but they did sell the compost and many
of the residents there would purchase it. I just wanted to recommend that it was a great way to
both use up the leaves that were in the area, as well as fund the program itself. They also had
the trash carts and recycling carts that we have now, and they had a yard waste cart that they
would pick up as well and add that to the composting. Of course it did not include the branches
and things like that. That’s just a suggestion and a resource to go to for a city that has a
successful program for information. Thank you for listening.
Action Taken: contacted

Airport: Mayor and City Council: Good morning. Please do not record my name or phone
number; I do not wish it to be released to the public. My reason for calling today, it’s about
10:30 in the morning on Friday and we have the Oregon Air Guard temporarily based at Gowen
Field. I actually enjoy living in America and having the protection of our very powerful military;
it’s a good thing, I’m glad they’re here. However, some of their air craft are extraordinarily noisy
and would be better based at airports a little further away from the population center. I’m about
five miles from the airport and it is so noisy at times that the animals actually have to go hide in
their dog house because the noise is literally rattling the ground from the after-burner take-offs.
It’s only on certain days and the atmospheric and certain things like that. Just in case you guys
got any ideas, let’s not have any noisy airplanes based here permanently. I was very happy to
see the F4’s go away a few years ago and be replaced by the A10’s. I understand the
economic impact; it’s really nice to have these guys here; I want these guys here but let’s not be
basing any really noisy planes at Boise on a permanent basis. I just want you guys to keep that
in mind; these military units rotate out every now and then and we get different units and
different airplanes and the noisy ones need to be at places like Mountain Home not places like

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  1. Anyone who thinks a road crew will be working when the work zone is in effect has never been paying attention….Now and again, yes, but always..not a chance.

  2. sam the sham
    Oct 1, 2009, 12:28 am

    just a city bus that runs on time and doesn’t make a person walk a mile to catch it would be ever so nice! Yeah, a trolley would be fun and so would Amtrack, but both are a waste of tax payer dollars these days. Wait until jobs come back and people can afford luxuries of life. Oh – YOU are ok. Well, then we must be paying the mayor and council waaaay too much.
    In fact, I say cut the pay of elected officials first!

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