Flu and Health System Make Us Sick

We are not impressed with the way any of the players have handled the “pandemic” assosciated with either the seasonal flu or the one we don’t call swine flu.
On one hand we read that it is a worldwide disease that could kill millions and on the other hand we hear it is no worse than any other flu. The media reports deaths daily, but adds that most people had, “pre existing medical problems.”

Doctors and health officials at both the Federal and local levels tell us there is a certain protocol of who is “at risk” and create a demand for vaccinations, set up PODS in empty storefronts, and promptly run out of vaccine after telling us there is plenty to go around. Such was the case today when Boise and Meridian schools ran out of vaccine for students.

All in all it is poorly handled and easy to dismiss–unless you or a child are in a “high risk” group and can’t get the shot in the arm or mist up the nose. Then there is the debate over shots vs mist. It is not unlike the almost daily “studies” we read about the benefits or dangers of red wine or coffee.



It was touted with much fanfare
Swine flu shots for kids everywhere
But from what we’ve seen
There’s not enough vaccine
Folks, this is government run health care!

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  1. What a sad commentary when the general public can no longer tell when they are being told the truth, mislead, mis-informed, BS’d or just flat lied to by all levels of government. Why can’t those who are in government realize that maybe this is the reason, they have no respect or credibility with the citizens! Just like regular flu, not like regular flu. Came from pigs, it didn’t morph from pigs. H1n1 Is it’s name. It doesn’t really effect older people, well wait, it might. It will be a world-wide pandemic, no wait, it is not really any worse that the normal flu unless there are other health risks. No wonder there are so many “conspiratists” in our country! If we don’t know who to believe, it doesn’t take much to believe they are all lying to us!

  2. So, are you skipping both vaccines then?
    EDITOR NOTE–Tim, I got the usual seasonal flue shot at the drug store, paid cash as I have for years. Haven’t had flu, so I guess it works. My post was simply stating it is a mess!

  3. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 20, 2009, 10:41 pm

    “…poorly handled…” you say? Can you name ANYTHING that isn’t poorly handled these days??

    Incompetence is the rule and not the exception.

  4. Thanks for the post Guardian. I believe there may be an underlying story regarding what appears to be very different levels of competenance between our (District 4) and Southwest (which includes 2C)CDHD. They (Southwest) had their act together a week ago with an initial POD (point of distribution) and it ran well. D4 didn’t even have enough to get through the schools…how do they figure they are going to have adequate supply for public POD’s scheduled this weekend? If this is a test of our local/state/federal ability to deal with widespread distibution of needed supplies (not just drugs….anything) it is failing miserably. Hey I know let’s throw some more stimumlas money at it that will fix it up. NOT.

  5. The seasonal flu vaccine is in good supply everywhere and the H1N1 would have been combined with the seasonal flu vaccine if development and supplies came on line in time. The CDC and manufacturers made the decision to release the seasonal vaccince and release the H1N1 when it becomes avialable. Making flu vaccines is not like making machine screws or widgets, it involves a lot of science and rigor to be safe and effective. The swine flu vaccine in the late 70’s did have side effects and people suffered the consequences. The flu epidemic was relatively mild and most people dodged a bullet.

    The CDC has been on the news media almost daily with trying to get folks information and knowledge for them to make the right choice for their set of circumstances and to assure us we will have the vaccine in a few weeks. Meantime, follow good hygene practices and wait it out if you want the vaccine.

  6. Is it just coincidental that this circus has happened? Or might it be the sign of what’s to come with nationalized health care?

  7. I think the problem doesn’t lie with CDHD… the problem was that they didn’t get the suppy of vaccine that they expected–something completely out of their control. Had they not made plans for the expected vaccine, they would have been criticized for being behind.

  8. I’m not suggesting that local CDHD is responsible for the lack of supply, but I am suggesting (strongly) that have dropped the ball in their abilty to assess received supply, communicating availablity to the community and most importantly establishing strict guidelines to follow the protocol of distribution to priority groups. Surely somebody with an excel spreadsheet or even a handheld calculator could have looked at the supply availble for schools vs. the number of students to be vaccinated and realized before Monday morning that there was an extreme shortage? Please don’t try to cover up for this agencies ineptness by blaming it on someone higher up the beueracrtic food chain.

  9. Paul’s got it. I think CDC handled this as well as to be expected with their funding and, yes, a bullet was dodged. The strain was every bit as virulent as feared, just not as deadly as it could have been or still might become. Try and remember the flu pretty much ended WWI killing millions more than the bullets could. As suggested in the post errors lie with communication, which, to me is the way the media is handling it, not CDC, sharing more alarm than was warranted. Perhaps the CDC should hone their message when dealing with the media but, gosh, those darn consultants are expensive.

  10. Paul and Sisyphus you are obviously not in tune with the problem being discussed. The vaccination distribution process has been completely botched. Are you CDHD employees or whats up here?

  11. Follow the Money
    Oct 21, 2009, 8:02 pm

    The H1N1 “pandemic” has been shown to be a fake emergency, manufactured by those who will profit from making the vaccines; very few actually die from this flue, except for complications, and the vaccine is untested and potentially dangerous. It is actually a benefit to humanity that the supplies are short. It contains bad stuff, such as mercury and aluminum, and squalene, which can cause even more damage than any flu around.
    Get the facts before you subject yourself and your families to this vaccine. It is a manufactured hysteria, and the national networks are dupes. There are a lot of resources and sites that are dedicated to informing the public, but they are not network news organizations. check out Dr Mercola’s website, to get really informed, and take care of yourself, as guaranteed, our government won’t do that for you…they are too busy protecting the income streams of big business, and big pharma…

  12. sam the sham
    Oct 21, 2009, 10:58 pm

    I am with you FTM. We are being managed like a bunch of kids watching a horror film until we are afraid of each and every shadow on the wall and every noise we hear. People who are afraid are easier to control. I’ve not had the flu shot and won’t. I will however, wash my hands, cover my mouth when I cough and sneeze and stay home when I am not feeling well. My grandchildren have also not had the “shot” and will be doing the same thing. Now, if only other people would fall in line.
    By the way, playing in dirt is very healthy for kids… it helps build the immune system (as long as they wash their hands before eating).

  13. Yeah, what ever happend to the Herpes Virus Epidemic? Anyone remember that?
    Good Lord, can anyone imagine what will happen if they get a vaccine for HIV?
    What would the rightwingnuts say about the second sexual revolution?

  14. The same people that want to choose for you what health treatments/proceedures you need have run out of flu vaccine… oh, and they also need to spend another $900,000,000,000 by the end of the year to save you money next year.

  15. Dog, “Herpes Virus Epidemic” 1 in 3 Americans has it down below… most all have the cold sore one up above.

  16. Flyonthewall
    Oct 23, 2009, 8:14 pm

    Herpes (Zoster and Varicella) is also known for chicken pox. I must admit I am a bit confused about the Herpes Vaccine comments above. There is a vaccine out for Shingles for people over the age of 60. Trials of the vaccine indicate it will prevent Shingles in 60% of the people who get the vaccine. I got the shot at the South West District Health Dept. at a cost of around $190.00. After seeing my father suffering with Shingles the choice for the shot was a no brainer. If you have ever seen anyone suffering from Shingles the pain is horrible and can also be disfiguring.

    This shot was made available by the same government the folks above disapprove of trying to keep us healthy. Their blather is disturbing when you consider the facts. Do they think the polio vaccines sponsored by the government in the 1950’s was some kind of a mind control plot?

    The government has done far more right than they have done wrong in the public health arena. If you doubt this look due south to Mexico.

    The United States is the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. It is also the only wealthy nation where people can go bankrupt due to medical bills. Sixty-eight percent of people declaring bankruptcy for medical reasons actually had health insurance. The denials and policy limits pushed them over the edge. I have a friend whos wife had a denial for a broken arm by their insurance company..they said it was not an accident! Do they really think someone breaks an arm on purpose? Just one example of how big insurance is part of the problem.

    The USA ranks 37th in the world for quality of medical care and we spend 16% of our GNP v. 6-8% for countries with Universal Health Care. Nobody goes bankrupt for medical reasons in those countries.
    Yes they pay more in taxes. I for one support medical care reform in the USA. The current system is not sustainable at an annual increase of 12% in costs to business and just plain people who have reached the end of the line with the current system.

  17. In the 1950’s it was a government of the people by the people and for the people… now it’s just us paying them to tell us that because they didn’t get as much of a budget increase as they wanted we need to go somewhere else and pay cash for a vaccine… except the flu vacc which they ran short of… this is not the local folk , they’ve done their best i’m sure…boise is a special place… (don’t tell ACORN) But the whole public system is sick… and now it’s up over $1,000,000,000,000 to fix it so “next year” it will cost less.

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