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IDAHO ICE WORLD: I would really like to know what the hell is going on out at Idaho Ice World. My wife and
daughter were out there today and there was a hockey team out there skating practically naked.
They were in their jock straps, some of them had their asses showing and as far as I know that
was public nudity and indecent exposure, and it’s against the law. This is a city-owned public
facility, a family-friendly environment, and there’s guys skating around out there naked in front of
my six year old daughter. What kind of coach and Ice World management allows this to go on?
Seriously, that coach and that team not only need to be permanently banned from that facility,
they need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I mean that’s just wrong; they belong in
jail. We’ve been long-time customers to that facility for many years and after this we’ll never go
back; I’ll never take my kids out there and expose them to something like this. This is
completely unacceptable, it’s illegal, and I’ll go to every media it takes in town until that coach
and that team is banned from that place and charges are filed against those people. I just
wanted to let you know that and I hope you seriously do something about it. Thank you.

Lon Madrietta
Streetcar: Bieter, it seems to me that we have a crisis in this country according to the liberals
on obesity in the country, and you want to put a train in so people can’t walk 15 blocks, and
spend $61 million on it. Not a very wise decision.
Pete Peterson
6216 W. Lucky Ln.
Boise, ID 83703
Cole School: I have just one comment and one question. I found the Mayor’s statement
through his assistant Kris that he had no standing in the demolition of a historic building like
Cole School, a little disingenuous; the building is over 100 years old and an icon and it’s like the
Mayor saying, “I have no control over anything that happens within the city.” But, be that as it
may, it’s going down, they’ve already started the demolition. My question is – when is Mayor
Bieter up for re-election? Thank you.
Teresa Stein
6624 Ashland Cir.
Boise, ID 83709
VRT: I’m calling about an on-going issue that has been occurring with a ValleyRide bus. There
is a 29 flex bus, apparently needs to be requested. I am a regular bus rider; I requested
frequently and several times in the evening, right now I was waiting for it but I had to call a cab,
they call it in apparently and it just doesn’t show up. It’s Monday evening almost 7:00; I
requested it at 5:20 and the 6:15 bus never did show up. Anyway, this is an on-going problem
that needs to be resolved. I’m hoping that we can figure out why ValleyRide can’t seem to solve
this issue with the flex bus.
Action Taken: contacted
Cody Easom
447-6222 or 321-8362
Towing: I had trailer that I had to tow in order to haul stuff in order to satisfy Code Enforcement.
This trailer was towed because my neighbor lady passed away and her sister came and called
the police and told them she didn’t know whose trailer it was in front of the house, and to tow it.
I was given permission to park it there by my neighbor lady, Kit Landau before she passed
away, which was just days ago. Now the tow company told me I couldn’t pick it up until after
5:00 the first day because of processing time and all this. I pay for that first day of storage plus
the second day if it was time past 5:00 on the first day. I didn’t really have the money to do all
that and I called them and told them I could barely squeeze out the money to get this done. I
asked how much the total was and she told me almost $300 total for the first day for towing my
trailer. She said that if I come by when I have to get it after 5:00, that it will cost me a $50 gate
fee, and every day it’s going to accrue in price of $50. Well now I find out she was supposed to
make it available to me at any time, even before 5:00 on the first day. She was supposed only
supposed to charge a maximum of $25 a day storage; she just gave me information that wasn’t
October 17 – 23, 2009
Page 2
true so she could keep my trailer there so she could eventually own it and sell it. So, Langlands
from the vehicle towing department suggested I call because of what’s happened. Also, a
policeman told me wait until Monday to do anything about it and call and get it reversed
because of what’s happened. Well I call and they told me there’s no such thing as a towing
reversal. Once it goes to the tow company, the police are out if it and the tow company now has
to be paid before I can get my trailer back. I borrowed the trailer from a lady who is now is
diagnosed with cancer; she knew she had cancer but she didn’t know how bad. It was verified
today that she has just a short time so now I’ve got to drag her down to the tow place to get the
trailer out and she just had another biopsy done today. Even Langland said I should try to call
and get something done about this and he’s the one who marked the trailer for towing. He said
I should call the Mayor’s Hotline to see if I can’t get this fixed so I can get the trailer back. If
there’s anything you can do to help me get the trailer out, I would appreciate it. I borrowed the
trailer so I could get this stuff out of my front yard to satisfy Code Enforcement and now I can’t
do that. I just went through filing bankruptcy; I been selling all my personal stuff; I now have a
job and I’m trying to get caught up on all this stuff, but I’m so far behind it’s just not happening.
Now with this trailer thing, I’m not only going to have to get the trailer out so I can get it back to
the owner, but I’m going to have more debt and more debt credit on my hands, so if there’s
anything you can do, please give me a call. Thank you.
Action Taken: left msj
Cathy Snider
Cole School: I voted for the Mayor the first time he ran, but I won’t vote for him again. He is
supposed to be keeping the historical buildings up, and then I hear that you guys have cut holes
in the Cole School to get rid of it. I don’t know what you guys think you are doing but that’s
historical; I went to that when I first was here in Boise in 1945. You tore down the
Administration Building and put condos up which I could never afford to live in except maybe the
rich people who come in here. It’s getting really bad when you guys decide to destroy
something that’s been here for years. I don’t know who you guys think you are or who you think
you, but the people of Boise are getting really tired of you destroying old buildings here. Why
don’t you make a museum so the kids can come, like my son said, see what we went to school
as to what there going to school now? You won’t do what I ask so I don’t know why I’m
bothering to call you. That’s the way I feel and a lot of people are feeling that way. I don’t know
who you guys think you are destroying every old building in Boise, so that’s my opinion. Good
Zack Morris
515 Williams
Boise, ID 83706
Trolley Alternate: I’m just calling because I sent an email earlier about an ultra-capacitor bus,
that sounds kind of strange, but it’s a little like a fly-wheel bus. I thought it would be a good
substitute for a trolley if people are opposed to rail. Anyway all the details are in the email; I just
thought I would let you know about it. Thanks.
October 17 – 23, 2009
Page 3
Pete Peterson
6212 W. Lucky Ln.
Boise, ID 83703
Cole School: I’m calling concerning the destruction of Cole School. I received a letter from
Mayor Bieter today, 10/20/09, and it was dated 10/15/09. It stated that he had sent a letter to
the Boise School Board requesting that they not tear down Cole School. That wasn’t enough;
he could have called Dr. Olson; he could have done any number of things to put the ball back in
the school district’s court and he didn’t. Mayor Bieter didn’t, so I am assembling a group of
people to defeat him the next time he’s up for election. Nothing personal, I just think Mayor
Bieter is an empty suit. Thank you.
Susie Christie
1800 Warm Springs Ave.
Boise, ID 83712
Crosswalk: I’m calling with a concern on the new crosswalk out by the new East Jr. High. I
drive my daughter out there in the mornings and the crosswalk is very dark. There are street
lights not far from it, but there was a kid dressed in black and I did not see him at all crossing
because it’s so dark early in the morning. So, I am asking that either a lighted crosswalk like the
one at the old East Jr. High put in or maybe a street light right above the crosswalk so that you
can see the kids. I am just scared to death that is an accident waiting to happen. So, I
appreciate your time and thank you.
Susan Berry
Trolley: I am calling in regards to the trolley situation. I was just enquiring as to why it has been
taken away from the Front St., which it was approved years ago that that was where the trolley
was going to run and that is why the University of Idaho located their Water Center on Front St.
so that it would be on the trolley line. By doing the trolley line on Front St., you not only serve
Boise State, the University of Idaho, the Convention Center, Bodo, and the future Simplot area.
I would like to know why that street has been changed from its approved location to the new
location. I think you would get more acceptance if you reconsidered and put it back to the Front
St. location. I would appreciate a phone call or any discussion. Thank you.
Action Taken: cece
October 17 – 23, 2009
Page 4
Denise Lyn
616 N. 20th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Leaf Recycle: My concerns are with this Fall Recycle clean-up. I have lived in my residence for
30 years and I know that I speak for a lot of North Enders where it is stated that they will not
pack off their leaves this year if they are in plastic bags, and there are many of us who are
retired or close to retirement who cannot afford to buy those paper recycle bags and have
depended upon those Boise City curb side which they have done so very nicely in the past few
years, to pack away those leaves that we have to package up in the plastic bags. Now that you
have those recycle bins that you have put out, that I might state also is a fiasco because most of
us down here, several of us anyway, don’t even fill up one in a week and as a matter of fact they
don’t even pack them off on a regular basis. But at any rate I barely fill up a regular garbage
can; I mean maybe a third full all the time during the rest of the year and now when we really
need you to come through for us, this is the one time of the year I really depend on you to pack
away those leaves, you’re telling us we no longer have that service either. So, to my way of
thinking, most of these leaves come from your trees because they are in the parking strip and it
doesn’t matter that it takes two straight nine-hour days to rake them all up and bag them all up,
now you will not even pack them all off. Yes, it’s a complaint; I am very upset with the whole
curbside fiasco thing that’s happening right now. I know I speak for a lot of other people and a
lot of North Enders that have depended upon the city to come through to take their own leaves
away. I would appreciate a call back on this and I think during the Fall Cleanup it would really
be nice if you would make some exception to this. You’re probably going to make some
exception when it comes to Christmas trees, which I never have, I might add. At any rate, I
would appreciate you coming through for us North Enders; last year I got 80 35-gallon bags of
leaves out of my yard from your trees. Thank you very much.
Anita McNee
Graffiti: I am calling in regards to graffiti. I called the number 3 weeks ago that you gave me
and it has been reported by me and other neighbors, but it has still not been painted over. It is a
city wall, it is a reoccurring problem, and all of us neighbors want it painted and we want it
painted now. It is the wall on the corner of Bogus Basin Rd. and Winsome Rd. I was told by the
gal at the dispatcher’s office that I called, the number you gave me, that we don’t have a graffiti
hotline any more. Well, that is a bad choice; we need to have a graffiti hotline and we need to
have city employees to get out there and get this graffiti taken care of. Please do it and do it
immediately. Thank you
Action Taken: left msj
Ada County
October 17 – 23, 2009
Page 5
Scott Flynn
Owner of Flynner Homes
208 867-4587
St. Jude’s Dream House: I’m the next builder on the St. Jude’s Dream House here in Boise.
This year the house is going to be a Net Zero Energy house; it will probably be the first house in
Idaho and I was hoping that the Mayor would like to be involved with this. It is cutting edge
building technology that by 2030 I know if the city had their way that every house would be built
to these standards. So I find it very important to the future of Boise and the surrounding
communities. So, if you would please give me a call back.
IIW: I took my daughter ice skating at Idaho Ice World this afternoon and I was totally offended
and disgusted by what I saw. There was hockey team skating practically naked and some of
them were; they were wearing only their jock straps and some of them showing their bare butts.
I cannot believe their coach and the facility manager allows this type of nude skating to go on
and that they condone public nudity and indecent exposure in a city-owned public facility. That
coach and the nude individuals should be banned from there and prosecuted to the full extent of
the law. What they were doing was a crime; I took my six year old daughter there to have fun
not to see naked men. My husband is furious as we are regular customers of Idaho Ice World
and we will not return or spend another dime there due to this and the fact that nothing was
done to stop it. Some serious action needs to be taken against that team and their coach for
committing this illegal and offensive activity. Where was the manager and why was he allowing
this to happen?

Michael Blumenstein
5371 E. Softwood Ct.
Boise, ID
Curb It: I’m calling this morning to lodge a formal complaint against my trash service. I’ve lived
in Boise for 17 years and my main problem is the fact that I feel that you guys have taken
services off the table. You’ve made your jobs more efficient, more streamline, more cost
efficient, and as much as I appreciate that on your end, what you’ve also simultaneously done is
you’ve created more layers of work, confusion, additional stickers that I’ve got to place on my
garbage, 25-30 page guide books on how to put my garbage on the curb. I think that when you
get to the point where I’ve got to put stickers on my garbage for overflow garbage and this and
that and the other thing, I think it’s gotten out of hand. An additional comment I would have for
you is that you have taken additional services off the table by offering recycling pick up only
once every two weeks. You’ve given customers the same size bins, but what about customers
that have more recycling than they do garbage. So now I’m stuck looking out on the curb right
now with a blue bin with more recycling than the lid will close and now the guy won’t take my
recycling. So, then you say put it into an additional bin; well I did that and you took my bins.
The other option is to get an additional bin, one of the blue or tan bins. Well I can’t fit another
bin in my garage so where you used to take recycling once every week, now you only take it
once every two weeks so now you’ve taken services off the table. Having bundled my twigs and
fall refuse into under 60 lb. bundles, 4 ft. in length or lower, my bundles still sit on my curb
because I didn’t have some silly overflow sticker attached to my bundle. Not only do I find that
ridiculous and asinine, but then you also want to charge me for those stickers. You want to
charge me for a sticker to put on my garbage which in by itself is ridiculous. I think that when
you have to put stickers on your garbage that’s just taking it a little bit too far. But, in addition to
that, where over the last 17 years I’ve been able to place these bundles on my curb and you’ve
always picked them up, now you didn’t pick them up because I’ve got to have some fancy
overflow sticker that I’ve got to pay for, which I find ridiculous. So to sum up, your job is more
efficient, your garbage process is more efficient, a lot cheaper I’m sure, efficiency means
cheaper, but what you’ve done is you’ve placed more monetary charges and more work on the
part of the consumer and I find that incredibly troubling and wrong. Thank you for your time.

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  1. Wow! Bieter is even having problems with his political base! When your strongest area is the People’s Republic of the North End, making them angry may not be the best idea. It seems as though his sense of “entitlement” even flows over to all areas of the city.
    Please vote next Tuesday!!!!

  2. Skinny Skating. You will get your’s in the end. Enjoy

  3. I have to confess a bit of envy toward the folks who are all bent about Cole School. (I wish such issues were at the top of my “worry agenda”!!)

    Should it be preserved? Maybe, maybe not. I’m relieved that somebody has the common sense to not spend taxpayer dollars preserving it. (I voted against the school bond, so if I’d had my way, it would still be filled with happy little school kids.)

    I loved what former School Board man Dan Hawk said about the efforts to preserve Cole, Whitney, and Franklin Schools… something to the effect of, “It is marvelous to see the wonderful ideas people can come up with, when they’re spending somebody else’s money.”

  4. Dude needs to take a pill. Or two ambulances, a fire truck and a couple of cops will be outside his front door.

  5. vindication! You loose! In the end you were clearly perceived as a wackjob! and the attention you brought to the junior A team was beneficial. In the end you will get yours as all kids do crazy things and I hope that someone will see your kids misbehaving and blow it completely out of proportion. I actually feel sorry for you! you are pathetic.


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