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TJ Favors Vote Of People On Trolley

Boise City Councilor-elect TJ Thomson told the GUARDIAN Monday he favors a vote of the citizens on Team Dave’s proposal to spend $60,000,000 on a downtown street car. When asked if he favored a vote, Thomson flat out said, “Yes, I support a public vote on the Street Car.” With regard to the petition drive […]

More On “Desire Named Street Car” (sorry)

EDITOR NOTE–We hate to keep beating this Trolley Horse, but the politicos and press just won’t let it die. Team Dave Just won’t quit Pushing this streetcar bit There is no way they can Cover this crazy plan They’ll just put a LID on it! –Poet Paul Both the DAILY PAPER and the BOISE WEEKLY […]

Poet Paul’s Black Friday

Poet Paul stayed on GUARDIAN duty Black Friday and offers two pieces today. Thanksgiving Day is done We all had a lot of fun In my festive mood I ate too much food I feel like I weigh a ton! BONUS VERSE Whenever we were young And could spend as we please We spent money […]

Thanksgiving Wishes From The GUARDIAN

From the entire GUARDIAN staff (1) we wish you all a safe Thanksgiving Weekend. Feel free to share any great adventures, recipes, or ideas with your fellow GUARDIAN readers. Be nice to those relatives and don’t be afraid to tell little white lies about the quality of food if need be! JOKE–What did the turkey […]

Mayor Hotline November 14 to 20

MORE ANTI STREET CAR, WHY CHARGE VETS FOR PARADE?, JESUE LOVES YOU 11/17/09 Bob Boise, ID Consultant: This message is for Dave Bieter. I would like to express my utter distaste for what I read in the Statesman this morning. I cannot believe that someone who I would hope as a public official would be […]

Poll Supports GUARDIAN Transit Plan

According to a poll commissioned by the Daily Paper, 63% of folks in the city of trees agree with the GUARDIAN position that we should upgrade the bus system and forget about the “Desire NAmed Street Car.” OK, they didn’t exactly say they supported the GUARDIAN position, but we have indeed advocated bus improvements over […]

Poet Paul’s Post

On the change of command at Idaho’s transportation Department. Transportation was run by Pam Lowe Otter said she had to go Butch gave the whole mess to a Michiganer named Ness So much for “Buy Idaho”!

Mayor Hotline Nov 7 to 13

HOMELESS YES AND NO Heidi Caye 1934 Division Ave. Boise, ID 83706 921-9309 Homeless Citation: I’m calling in regard to something that I saw last week. I was up on Federal Way and I was watching a police officer ticket a homeless man on the corner of the street with his little cardboard sign and […]

Trolley PR Transparency Not So Clear

FROM POET PAUL– The streetcar bid was Cronin’s wish Now there seems to be something amiss The facts are apparent And may not be transparent But we can certainly see through this! Chalk one up for the DAILY PAPER! Using the public records law and some good old fashioned reporting skills, Cynthia Sewell raises some […]

Internet Pricing Lesson Please

The day job has taken the GUARDIAN editor to Mexico, suck up smog, sun, and more images for the Photolibrary. It isn’t as cheery as a couple years ago–economy is bad, swine flu scare lingers with hand washing fluid everywhere, heavy police presence, drugs. As a result, you can get some pretty good hotel deals, […]

Legislator Wants Tax On Tax

A state rep from Moscow is floating a 5% “surcharge on Idaho taxes” to keep certain state services afloat. You can post here as we know they read the GUARDIAN at the state level too. For starters, we explained to a staffer a couple weeks ago that those of us who are making 50% less […]

BSU Sells “Non-Stock” Corp. Shares For $100

A fund raising campaign by Boise State’s athletic department appears to be a deceptive meaningless promotion at best and a cheap gimmick at worst. In an effort to raise $20,000,000 for athletic programs Boise State has created a non-profit corporation comprised of thin air–we’ve dubbed it “Bronco BLUE SKY.” A ton of questions arise from […]

Homeless-No Solution, No End

FROM POET PAUL– Homeless have decided to sue These folks haven’t a place to sleep From he City we get nary a peep It’s objectionable to some No matter where from But there’s a difference Between Homeless and Bum As we travel around Boise these days, it seems like every corner–and every supermarket–has a homeless […]

Regional Jail Could Solve Crowding Woes

Instead of asking Canyon voters to pony up for a new jail, we would suggest that Sheriff Chris Smith follow his own advice and go for a regional jail somewhere near the Ada-Canyon county line. Smith is an advocate of regional jails and wrote an article for the Idaho Sheriff’s Association Magazine on the subject. […]

Poet Paul’s Post

ON VETS– One thing we should’nt forget We’ll always be in their debt Whether a hawk or a dove If it’s freedom you love Go out and thank a Vet! ADVICE TO TJ– T J Thomson was handily elected Will he see the trolley is rejected? If he follows the mayor He won’t have a […]

Government, WAC, Bend Minds With PR Dollars

The use of Public Relations firms to build support for everything from jails to street cars and now football bowl bids is reaching the level of absurdity. Does anyone really believe ADVERTISING and promotion will influence coaches and sports writers to grant BSU a bowl game bid? The most prominent recent PR exercise was the […]

Boise Is The Best In The World!!

Attention Sports Fans! Here’s some hot news that will shock you. Mayor Dave Bieter is telling folks the #1 Sports Event of 2009 was held right here in Boise! Here is an excerpt from the “Mayor’s Memo” for this week: “…according to readers of SportsTravel, the sports world’s event magazine, the title of 2009 Sports […]

Election Results Send Strong Message

Tuesday’s local election results sent a strong message from voters: NOBODY REALLY CARES! Turnout for Boise was 17% of registered voters–just about what all the experts had predicted. Throughout the Valley incumbents were returned to office and the only close call was the defeat of the Canyon County Jail bond which fell about 8% short […]

Mayor Hotline October 24 to 30

NEARLY TOTAL OPPOSITION TO THE DESIRE NAMED STREETCAR. NO OTHER CALLS EVEN REPORTED ON OTHER TOPICS AND JUST ONE SINGLE FAVORABLE CALLER. 10/23/09 Gary Zimmerman 851 W. Front St. #904 Boise, ID 841-6047 Streetcar; I’m calling to voice a concern with the streetcar that Mayor Dave Bieter is in support of. I am within the […]

Your Vote Counts More Than Ever This Year

With a really small voter turnout predicted this year–no state, federal or mayor race in Boise–your vote counts more than ever. Why? If voter turnout is as low as some predict–in the range of 15% to 20% of eligible voters–and with multiple candidates in some races, a candidate could conceivably win with as few as […]

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