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Nick Brizzi
12105 W. Bowmont St.
Boise, ID 83713
Streetcar: My comment and concern is over your proposal for the streetcar. I personally feel it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars. You had indicated, I heard that it’s free money from the federal government and there’s no such thing as free money. It all comes out of my wallet regardless of whether it’s city, state, county, or federal and I feel that there are better more wiser uses for it. There are other needs that the people of the city have. A streetcar at this time is not one of them; it would benefit hardly anyone; it would be a novelty and we need to spend that money that you propose to put that streetcar in with, put it to a better use. Please don’t even consider a streetcar at this time. Thanks.

Richard Green
Property Taxes: I’m calling to complain about my property values going down and my taxes going sky high. I want to know what the hell is going on. I thought Republicans were for lower taxes and ever since I’ve been in this stupid state for 25 years they’ve been going sky high and I’m getting sick and tired of it during depression food costing a fortune, gas costing a fortune, government raping us, big corporations raping us, and how do we get rid of these corporate politicians. Please call me back and let me know. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

Tony Barrett
5389 Kyle Ave.
Boise, ID 83704
Black Friday: It’s a public safety issue, not a criminal issue. I don’t know if the Fire Department should be involved or the Police Department, but my concern is these Black Friday sales. I’ve seen various news reports where people have been trampled to death or seriously injured at these door openings at the Black Friday sales. I’m just wondering if the city public safety people are doing anything to prevent those, mitigate those, and minimize the chances of that happening. I would just hate to see anybody hurt, it’s just so ridiculous. We have a lot of public safety officials looking at fires, traffic accidents, and public health, and it seems like this is one of those issues where crowds cramming through doors on Black Friday, a holiday of all things, shopping for Christmas, it’s just stupid that people should die or get hurt over such an event. It seems like our public officials should do something to raise awareness to somehow control, to do some pro-active crowd control rather than investigating after the fact. I bet you could get a lot of media play on this; it could be a very positive thing for the Mayor’s office to be proactive about this, get the right folks involved. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted

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  1. Over-taxed? You live in Boise and will pay for the train if you like it or not!

  2. Richard….the folks running the city are NOT republicans and the assessor is a RINO. sorry.

  3. RE: Black Friday stampedes…

    Is Tony Barrett a Communist? How dare he criticize an American tradition?!! Pinko!

    Black Friday is to America what the “Running of the Bulls” is to Spain!!

    Perhaps the “authorities” should insist that all participants be over the age of 18, so they’re all supposedly adults who can make their own choices.

    Other than that… participation is totally voluntary. Those who get involved know full well that they might get trampled, scratched, kicked, or pummeled sadistically about the face and neck by a purse-wielding bargain seeker.

    And if you believe in that Darwin stuff… perhaps the gene pool gets improved ever-so-slightly if we lose a few of those people who get up at 3am to do battle with hordes of humanity at Walmart.

  4. Funny, Walmart changed their policy this year. They allowed people in early. Looks like they changed because of last year and their LAWYERS.

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