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Local Coppers Head For Seattle Funeral

Query from reader: “Have you heard anything about local police (Boise city, ACS, Garden City) sending people or cars at our expense to the service for the four officers shot in Washington? I think it’s early next week. I object for a number of reasons.

Following the tragic execution style killings of four Seattle area coppers, lawmen from throughout the nation will converge on Seattle next week to pay their last respects–including contingents from Boise, Ada County, Garden City, and Meridian.

Boise Chief Mike Masterson told the GUARDIAN his department will send two motorcycle coppers and two honor guards. They will coordinate transportation with Ada County which is sending a couple deputies and Garden City which is also sending two. Meridian PD is also sending a pair of officers.

At least for Boise there will be no overtime, but they will be gone for a total of three paid days.

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  1. So are they taking leave to do this?
    Or are they on the taxpayer clock?

    EDITOR NOTE–At least for Boise they are on the clock, expenses paid, but no overtime as noted in the post. One car, one van and trailer with motorcycles.

  2. Any attendance by Boise City Officers should be at their own expense, on their own time and in their own mode of transportation.

    I am sure we will hear claims that “we are all family”. These claims will be totally ignored when it comes to investigating officer shootings and “relatives” do the investigating and invariably exonerate their “brothers”.

  3. Steve Lewis
    Dec 2, 2009, 8:13 pm

    My god, if a journalist was murdered how many of you would go there while working for a ceremony honoring them. These 4 died in a hail of bullets from a coward, while protecting the lives you have!!! Live with it.

  4. Seems to me that if they want to taker personal leave, fine. If the union wnats to send them, fine. For the city to sent them, lame.

  5. Why not have the union(brothers) pick up part of the cost? The city already expects to pay these officers for these days whether they are here or there. The city already owns the vehicles. Let the union pickup the variable cost- Gas, food and lodging.

  6. I am sorry for their families. I am sorry they are dead. Surely, the shooter is a pathetic piece of dirt.

    However, it is important to keep these things in perspective. They did not die protecting us. They died eating donuts.

    This is the united states. Shootings are part of the background noise. School shootings, movie shootings, drive by shootings, military shootings, drone shootings, shooting shooting shootings, happen constantly.

    The day it happened, Tiger Woods’ crash / infidelity story got higher billing in the news cycle. Sad to say, but shootings are mundane. Our constant resort to violence, as a nation, and as a nation of individuals, has made them so.

    I would be more impressed if the local police showed up at the funerals of local citizen victims. Show some sympathy for public victims, rather than just “their own”.

    Let Boise’s Blue take vacation and let the union pick up the tab.

  7. 1. Steve, journalists are not on the public dime–they can do as they please.

    2. This kind of activity symbolizes an “us vs. them” mentality that pervades law enforcement. Also, it does not help with the public perception that the police have become overly militarized. There will be endless lines of police cars and motorcyles … and I bet little room for citizens. I watched on tv a line of what must have been 30 patrol cars escorting the hearse to the funeral home.

    3. I have a real problem with “spectacle” funerals. I think it cheapens things. Those officers should be honored sincerely by the county they served. They were in fact gunned down while doing a job to protect citizens in that community. Our sending officers does little for their memory.

  8. John Paul Jones
    Dec 3, 2009, 8:25 am

    Personally I have a lot of respect for Boise Peace Officers, however nation wide law enforcement has a mine set of them against the public. For crying out loud, look at all the public money C.C.D.C. has stolen from the taxpayer for years, than a rare event like this happens. This money is for people who put their ass on the line every day. You go coppers and take that Boise pride with you.

  9. Do you people also oppose soldiers traveling on the public dime to see their fellow brothers-in-arms laid to rest?

    Hope you’re nice and comfortable sitting in front of your computer screen.

  10. Well put, erico49… couldn’t agree more!

  11. Keep things in Perspective?

    They were singled out as targets by a psychopath because they were cops.

    They died eating donuts not protecting us?

    A totally unnecessary comment that cheapens their memories. Why don’t you just say the marines that died in the barracks bombing in Lebanon were sleeping and not protecting us either.

    They were out in their area instead of at the station writing their accumulated reports. There is an advantage to doing that as if a call comes up, you are a lot closer to respond instead of having to travel across town to get there. In this profession we call that “faster response time” and “better service to the public”.

    This exemplifies the reason why police officers should not do their paperwork in the field and should return to a secure station where some psychopath can’t just waltz up and shoot you while you are distracted. Yeah sure it means a longer response time but it’s better than being killed unnecessarily by a psycho.

    I’m not going to the funeral, but if I were, I would have no problem taking vacation leave to do it and paying the costs. I’ve done it before and will do it again.

    Oh yeah they were in a coffee shop not a doughnut shop, but I’m sure that cliche never gets old does it.

    MODERATOR COMMENT–Everyone: Try to stay on topic about strangers attending a funeral hundreds of miles away–at taxpayer expense– with the only apparent link being a badge. Let’s all stipulate the murders were unprovoked, tragic, and senseless. No need for coppers to defend coppers and no judgement to be made of the deceased.

  12. Law Enforcement shares a common bond throughout the country. It costs very little to honor that bond and show respect at the funeral of a fallen officer. All agencies work together on a daily basis, so one dying in a neighboring state hits home. They only link isn’t just a badge. It is a job that changes a lifestyle.

    These officers were killed because of what they stood for, not because of something they did. Relate this attack to the two Troopers who were run down for the same reason.

  13. Why are family members of the deceased allowing this to be turned into a media free for all?

    Why are cities and counties contributing to what should be a very private ceremony for the survivors of these folks?

    Why was the killer pardoned by Gov. Huckabee?

  14. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that every law enforcement officer IS a survivor of yet another senseless tragedy. Why do some of us need to “armchair” the process of their farewells. Respect their grieving and support their efforts. Then let’s try to move on.

  15. I can not believe that the BG would allow some of these posts to be posted. First off the fact that you (Dave government watch dog extraordinaire) even posted anything to begin with is insane. All police officers go to work everyday to protect you and I from the idiots who can’t play well with others in society, no doubt some of your readers Dave.

    The slain officers of this discussion were not just eating donuts they were completing paper work. Paper work that yahoos like some of you posters have made necessary by advocating for our jacked up legal system.

    The fact remains that those officers were targeted not because of who they were as individuals but what they represent and what they were sworn to do, protect you and I.

    Now Dave I know you and the BG are saying stay on topic so I will try to get back to that. Why should the Treasure Valley send a contingent of officers and vehicles to honor these officers and their families?

    Oh, that is the answer right there to Honor those officers and their families. To say thank you for paying the price to do your sworn duty. To say, I realize that this could have been me and my family and I hope that someone would do the same for me. Further more the citizens of the Treasure Valley should be more then happy to cover the tab. This is a small token for us to say thank you to the local officers who serve and protect us. To say we understand that your job is hazardous and yet you do it day in and day out for ME and MY FAMILY. To say we are so thankful that this hasn’t happened in my community but we still are reminded that it could and we want you to know that you have our support. I have no idea what it will cost but my guess is somewhere around $500-1000 for the trip cost obviously that doesn’t include wages. That is a small price to pay to say thank you to all of the Treasure Valley officers. I bet the whole cost of the trip could be trimmed out of the street car fund anyways. Please pull your heads out and just feel lucky for what we have.

  16. Steve Lewis
    Dec 4, 2009, 12:47 am

    Spongebob nailed it on the head. Another tid bit for you all. Most of the Boise “coppers” live in Boise and pay city taxes also. So, if you want to throw tax waste around, I guess they pay some of their own wages and will be paying for their own trip. Nuf said.

  17. steve stanford
    Dec 5, 2009, 6:46 am

    Here is what the idiot wrote about heros back in 05 when they went to help public safety officers during the hurricane. I bet he will want them to crave action if he ever needs them. His feelings about public saftey is sumed up by what he said back then: “publicity stunt” what a jerk!!

    The Associated Press reports the well intended publicity stunt on the part of Idaho cops to “help their brothers and sisters” in the hurricane Katrina disaster area were met with a less than enthusiastic reception.

    The GUARDIAN had questioned the wisdom of sending people and products to the area in the context of a story about Rep. Buth Otter’s “no” vote on federal spending without proper forethought.

    The general word from the disaster area was, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Part of the problem comes from cops, firemen, and medics craving action. There simply isn’t enough action to go around. Best to save the efforts for close to home.

  18. A Republican pardoned the cop killer.
    A Republican President wouldn’t let the public honor the dead from the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan. This state must be turning blue.

  19. First sending a few officers to Washington is the lest we can do. Those same city’s county’s and State sent officers to Mark Stall, Linda Huff and many other Officer funeral’s in the area.
    Second David F. when did forget you once was A “copper” as you put it, this the best you can do, or cann’t you Spell Police Officer. Remenber your day’s in Garden City.
    Third the people concerned about the cost I will would be more than willing to give you your tax money back, your cost about .75 cents a year. But I did a rather large donation instead.

    EDITOR NOTE–We note the RCMP sent 1,000 mounties! Did that honor the deceased 100 times as much as 10 would have? Since we ALL truly suffer a loss at a time like this, would you approve of sending for instance, 1 command officer and 4 citizens to represent Boise–at taxpayer expense? Finally, if we accept all the reasoning for sending Boise coppers to Seattle, did we send a squad to Oakland March 24 when 4 of their finest were gunned down?

  20. Jake McGuillicuddy
    Dec 9, 2009, 7:46 pm

    Since the Guardian calls all police officers “Coppers” does that mean he will also call all female Native Americans “Squaws” and all African-Americans “Boy”?

    It’s equally offensive, David. Maybe not to you and maybe not to some others, but “squaw” wasn’t offensive to everyone either.

    Ever since the Guardian became more dependant upon donations to fund his trips to Argentina, Brazil, or Europe, he has used his hatred of Law Enforcement to pad his bank account.

    Also, Mr Guardian, although we will have to disagree on this subject of police traveling to funerals, be it known I would gladly take a bullet for you in the line of duty. But please to not disrepect or dishonor my family or my service with your appearance at my funeral service.

  21. Jake McGuillicuddy
    Dec 9, 2009, 9:53 pm

    Story in the Statesman……..Seems important to a lot of people that the fallen heroes be honored, Mr. Guardian. My wife once told me I would never understand what it is like to be a woman. She is right. My best friend in college told me I would never understand what it was to be black, and he was right. I never will. Same as you will never (and can’t) understand what it means to wear the badge and serve the same men and women who spit upon you as you save their lives.

    You think the only link from our police here to a policeman in Lakewood is a badge?

    Sgt. Mark Renninger or a “copper” as you would call him, is being buried in a town clear across the country. Officers from all over the country are going to his memorial. Officers from Colorado Springs, CO. Officers from NYPD are playing the bagpipes in honor of him.

  22. Jake McGuillicuddy
    Dec 9, 2009, 10:36 pm

    Let me be the first to offer an apology to Mr. Frazier for some of the comments I have made regarding donations to the Guardian.

    He has provided this medium for us to share our differing opinions, and I apologize for being out of line.

    Thank you

  23. Jake McGuillicuddy
    Dec 9, 2009, 11:08 pm

    Mr Logic

    I took a breath. If you notice my last comment. The point I was trying to make actually had no basis in race. It was based on terminology. Times change. What was once freely accepted slang is no longer. “Copper” may have been once widely used, but it is no longer. If you were to use the term cop in Judge Morden’s courtroom after his first warning, it could very well get you a contempt charge. My grandfather fought on Iwo Jima. He has a particularly distasteful term for Japanese people. It was accepted in his days, but not now. I’m just trying to show that times change. “Gay” does not mean joyful like it did at the end of the Flintstones cartoons.

    I appreciate Mr Frazier’s service, and I’ve told him that.

  24. The term Copper used through out all of the BG posting is a direct put down of all law enforcement. I can accept COP a little better but not when writing about officer’s killed in the line of duty. What do we can firemen or military who die in the line of duty. I call them hero’s.
    So what is a COP, well he could be the Chief of Police (COP) or in the late 1700 early 1800 hundreds he was just the Constable on Patrol.

    EDITOR NOTE–HK, You can be an offended victim if you choose to be. If the GUARDIAN wanted to be offensive–which we don’t–we would use truly offensive language. We see “copper” to be just about the same as “jocks” when referring to college athletes or “gun nuts” when referring to shooting enthusiasts, or
    “bikers” when referring to motorcycle riders, or “greenies” when referring to environmentalists, or “newies” when referring to journalists–yes we even make “dope reporter” awards. We also talk about “politicos” when referring to elected officials, and “warriors” when referring to what used to be collectively known as, “GIs.” Some folks shy away from “Mexican,” but have no problem with ” French, Canadian, or Dutch.” HK, the bad connotation is in your mind, not ours. Lighten up and enjoy life AND the GUARDIAN! 🙂

  25. Bill Goodnight
    Dec 14, 2009, 12:26 pm

    I notice that objective “family members” (Nampa Police) will be the formal investigators of the recent shooting of a citizen by Caldwell police. I wonder what the outcome will be??

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